What new beauty services do salon masters earn?

The beauty industry is constantly changing, more and more new beauty services appear, fashion trends in makeup, body care, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes do not cease to excite. In this article, we will discuss current beauty trends in beauty services, how salon masters can adapt to the new needs of their clients.

New procedures in the beauty industry

Conventionally, all services in the field of beauty can be divided into three types: medical, image, relaxing. All directions are actively changing, new procedures appear or long-forgotten services are gaining popularity. Ecole Academy experts https://ecolespb.ru/ analyzed new areas of beauty services that will help masters to be in demand by professionals with high incomes.

Emphasis on the eyes

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In 2020, 2021, when masks cover half of our face everywhere, the eyes remain the main part that can be emphasized. Manufacturers of cosmetic products began to develop more drugs, methods and protocols for the care of the eyes and the area around them.

Many of the fair sex begin to follow the healthy and natural look of their eyelashes. And instead of popular extensions, more and more women prefer lamination. This procedure effectively emphasizes eyelashes, while nourishing and healing them. The service has been on the market for only a couple of years, but the demand for it has already formed.

The cost of training and consumables will cost the master from 2000 to 7500 thousand rubles. The price of lamination is from 1200 to 3500 rubles. To maintain the effect, the procedure is recommended to be performed once a month.

A new type of service that will be popular in 2022 is eyebrow lamination. The new procedure has been in existence for only a year. Lamination gives the eyebrows a beautiful shape and keeps it for a long time. The recommended frequency of the procedure is every 4-8 weeks. Both an experienced master and anyone from scratch can learn a new technique, the cost of the course is from 2000 to 9000 rubles. The cost of the service varies from 1500 to 4000 rubles.

Another popular procedure is microblading. It is resorted to by girls who do not want to color their eyebrows every month. Such persistent staining lasts from six months and will cost from 8,000 to 12,000 rubles. And you can learn it for 15,000 rubles.

Getting rid of stress is a priority

In 2022, it is expected that the concept of a healthy lifestyle will not only affect the wellness industry, but will increasingly penetrate into other areas of life. So, in the beauty segment, a phenomenon called mood beauty is gaining popularity – products and services that help maintain and stimulate emotional well-being come to the fore.

One of the procedures that helps relieve accumulated fatigue and tension is a relaxing massage. Medical education is not required to provide services in this area. The price of training varies from 4000 to 15000 rubles. One massage will cost from 1000 to 2500 rubles. For a noticeable effect, you need at least 5 sessions within a month.

Relaxation and SPA during a manicure

Manicures and pedicures are lengthy and exhausting procedures. A sitting position for several hours, an uncomfortable position – all this turns the care procedure literally into hard labor. Modern beauty salons have found a way to help the client relax and pass the time pleasantly in the armchair – they combined hand and foot care with meditation.

Another way to relax a client is a spa treatment. Paraffin therapy is gaining the greatest popularity. A great addition to any nail service that will provide additional income. The service in the salon is provided for 300-500 rubles, and the cost of materials for the service is 50-67 rubles. It is successful to combine paraffin therapy with hand and foot massage. It will cost 390-490 rubles.

The increased demand for today also has a disk or smart pedicure. This technology with the help of the device and special nozzles allows to reduce the processing time of the feet to 10-20 minutes, which is 2-3 times faster than usual. You can master new equipment in just a couple of days, the cost of the course is from 6000 rubles. New skills will help you improve your own competitiveness and increase revenue by serving more customers.

Non-surgical facelift in half an hour

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Another positive trend is that the threshold of age when people begin to monitor the health and maintain youthful skin has decreased. The main factor in rejuvenation is the removal of muscle spasms. At the peak of popularity is aesthetic taping. Instead of the good old Botox, more and more women return youth with the help of teips. These are elastic bands that redistribute tension in the upper layers of the skin, removing wrinkles and sagging.

Approximately for 1500-2000 rubles, the client, in half an hour of applying teips, will establish the work of the lymphatic drainage system, restore muscle tone. In order for the result to be noticeable, it is worth repeating the procedure at least 2-8 times. You can learn this technique and provide your taping services without medical education. The cost of the course varies from 5000 to 15000 rubles.

How clients find their beauty master

Today, people do not seek to purchase all the services in one beauty salon, women look for and carefully choose “their” master and follow him to any place where he does not work. Therefore, experts are actively developing their pages in the social. networks and it is there that they gain a client base.

In recent years, the market for training in the beauty industry has grown significantly, with more and more beauty schools opening up. However, organizations that are only interested in training worker technicians produce specialists without understanding where to look for clients and how to properly “sell” their services. Those masters who choose comprehensive training, which includes not only mastering highly specialized techniques, but also the basics of promotion, gain a base faster and increase the average bill. Work on building a personal brand is an important component of becoming a master of beauty.

The secret of effective investments of a beauty master is a workplace

The format of cooperation with beauty salons is also changing, experienced craftsmen do not want to sit on a salary, they work from home, or rent part of the premises. This format is not very convenient, because you have to pay for downtime when customers do not sign up or cancel the procedure. In this regard, co-working spaces in the beauty industry are gaining more and more popularity.

Coworking is a modern workspace for masters of all types of services in the beauty industry. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail: equipped workplaces for such procedures as haircut, coloring, manicure, massage, eyelash extensions; consumables – masks, cotton swabs, cotton pads, disinfectants, disposable brushes, etc.

Such a beauty space is the most successful place to work not only for experienced masters, but also for those who have just started their careers. You can always use the Coworking equipment if you haven’t bought your own, and more experienced colleagues will prompt you in some difficult moments of your work.