wen on eyelids how to get rid

Lipomas grow from connective tissue. These are benign neoplasms. Since they greatly spoil the appearance, you want to get rid of wen on your eyelids as soon as possible. There are many ways to treat them. Some of the fair sex even learned how to fix the problem at home.

How to remove a wen on the eyelid?

The reasons for the appearance of wen are not fully understood. It is assumed that lipomas can form due to impaired metabolism, diseases of the endocrine system, diabetes mellitus and genetic predisposition.

Lipomas can develop in any part of the body. As a rule, the back has to suffer, a little less often neoplasms are found on the limbs. It also happens that wen appear on the eyelids. They can be quite small, but sometimes reach impressive sizes.

Be that as it may, it is better to entrust the removal of wen on the eyelids to cosmetologists. Treatment methods have already been developed enough. So even those patients who are afraid that after the operation they will have a scar on their face will be able to choose the right procedure:

  1. After the intervention of traditional surgery, the scar will indeed remain. Therefore, they resort to this method of therapy very rarely – only in cases where the lipoma becomes too large.
  2. The best way to get rid of a wen on the upper eyelid is with the help of laser surgery. This method is expensive, but completely bloodless, painless and leaves no traces behind.
  3. Medium-sized growths can be sucked out during liposuction. The procedure involves preliminary softening of the lipoma.
  4. By analogy with liposuction, it is treated with special chemicals. The latter are simply injected into the fat capsule. And after a while, the melted fat is sucked off with a tube.
  5. how to remove a wen on the eyelid

How to remove a wen on the eyelid of the eye at home?

If you can not contact a specialist, you can remove the wen yourself. The main thing is to prepare very carefully for the procedure: treat all the instruments with an antiseptic, wash your hands, clean the skin over the lipoma.

To remove, you will need a thin, sharp needle. With a quick movement, pierce the neoplasm and gently squeeze out its contents. Do not pick at the wound or apply too much pressure to the lipoma. Immediately after the operation, once again treat the skin over the wen.