Waterproof mascara - rating of the best products

Waterproof mascara is one of the most popular cosmetic products. She is a real lifesaver. She is not afraid of either a blizzard or heavy rain. And besides, after using it, you can fearlessly go to the pool or to the sea beach: the applied makeup will not “float”, and therefore nothing will spoil the beauty.

What is waterproof mascara for?

This cosmetic product helps create flawless makeup and keep it that way until the end of the day. This mascara is for the summer, because most of the girls during this period go to rest on the sea coast or take refreshing water treatments in the pool. Non-waterproof makeup products do not withstand contact with a humid environment. As a result, the make-up “floats” and there is no trace of the created beauty. To avoid such disappointment, waterproof mascara is used. She will pass any test with flying colours.

How to choose the right mascara?

The issue of acquiring such a cosmetic product must be approached with all responsibility. To date, waterproof mascara is presented in a huge assortment. It is produced by both popular brands and little-known cosmetic companies. Waterproof mascaras come in different price categories, so a lady with any income can afford a cosmetic product with a similar effect.

When choosing a “beauty tool”, attention should be paid to the following factors:

  • type of carcass;
  • its composition;
  • brush features.

Waterproof mascara – types

Taking into account the intensity of protection, the following two groups of funds are distinguished:

  1. Series Waterrong>Proof. The products present in this line have water-repellent properties. Such mascara can be removed with a standard make-up remover or even plain water.
  2. Moisturerong>Proof line. Each such mascara provides maximum protection against moisture. After applying it, you can fearlessly dive: makeup will remain flawless.

Waterproof mascaras are of the following types:

  • increasing volume;
  • with twisting effect;
  • ordinary (waterproof classic);
  • lengthening.

The best waterproof mascara comes in a variety of colors. Carcasses are produced in the following shades:

  • black;
  • brown;
  • plum;
  • dark blue and so on.

Waterproof mascara – composition

To cope with the task, such a tool must be equipped with special components. More often, waterproof decorative mascara contains these ingredients:

  • wax, enveloping every hair;
  • keratin, which restores damaged rods;
  • liquid paraffin, sealing hairs;
  • a filter that provides protection from ultraviolet rays;
  • viscose, lengthening hairs;
  • water, moisturizing cilia;
  • fragrances and dyes.

It is important to figure out how to choose the right mascara. The composition of a high-quality cosmetic product should not contain hazardous substances. These are bronidox, bronopol, mercury and other similar components. In addition, before buying a cosmetic product, it is important to make sure that the ingredients present in it will not provoke an allergic reaction.

Waterproof mascara – how to choose a brush?

waterproof mascara how to choose a brush

The effect of using a cosmetic product is affected by how it is applied. For this reason, which waterproof mascara is best depends on the expectations placed on it. In this, not the last value is given to the brush, which is equipped with a bottle. There are such brushes:

  • classic – emphasizes a beautiful cut of the eyes;
  • conical – characterized by dense bristles, which helps to separate the hairs and color them with high quality;
  • silicone – has a lengthening effect;
  • spiral – creates a beautiful bend.

Waterproof mascaras – rating

Based on consumer feedback, a list of the most popular cosmetics has been compiled. The TOP of waterproof mascaras includes high-quality products of various price segments. Having carefully read it, it will be easier for women to make the right choice. Waterproof mascara – which one is better, this rating will help you figure it out:

  1. Le 2 de Guerlain – choice of make-up artists. This mascara has two brushes. With a large brush, a coloring substance is applied to the hairs, and with a small brush, the tips of the cilia and other hard-to-reach places are painted over.
  2. waterproof mascara types

  3. Hypnose Doll Eyes – the brainchild of Lancome Hypnose. The composition of the decorative agent contains nylon powder, which gives volume to the cilia. In addition, it combines two types of wax, securely fixing the bend of the hairs.
  4. mascara for summer

  5. cosmetic Blackstar by Terry released in four shades. The composition of the carcass contains keratin, which increases the volume and length of the hairs.
  6. waterproof mascaras

  7. ink Yves Saint Laurent Beaute. This coating creates the effect of false cilia.
  8. waterproof mascara rating

  9. Brand products Urban Decay. This product contains microcrystalline particles. Thanks to this miracle component, the hairs are evenly stained and lengthened.
  10. What is waterproof mascara for?

  11. Phenomen Eyes by Givenchy – a product equipped with a spherical brush. Such a brush helps to paint over the hairs well.
  12. waterproof mascara

  13. ink Chanel Inimitable – a product equipped with an elastomer brush that gives the lashes a dizzying bounce.

top waterproof mascara

How to remove waterproof mascara?

This coating is not easy to remove from lashes. The usual waterproof mascara remover is not suitable (the exception is products with a water-repellent effect). In addition, foams for washing, and even more so foaming products, will not cope with this task. The latter are not safe to use, since they contain surfactants. Such components dry out the skin too much and contribute to its premature aging.

How to wash off waterproof mascara at home:

  • two-phase composition;
  • hydrophilic oil;
  • vegetable oil (linseed, olive or sesame).