Waterproof eyeliner - how to choose and use it correctly?

In many women’s cosmetic bags you can find waterproof eyeliner. This tool allows you to create a persistent make-up, not afraid of tears, sweat, rain, snow, splashes of water when swimming in a pool or open water, or accidental touches with hands or clothes.

How to choose a waterproof pencil?

A high-quality waterproof pencil is suitable not only for drawing arrows, but also for drawing eyebrows, eye contour. Permanent makeup can survive many trials and remain unchanged, but waterproof eyeliner still has a serious drawback – the chemical composition. To achieve the desired durability, manufacturers use aggressive ingredients that can dry the delicate skin of the eyelids, clog pores, cause allergies – because of this, persistent cosmetics are not recommended for daily use, they are only suitable for special cases.

In order for the use of a waterproof pencil to bring only positive emotions, it must be correctly selected:

  • the pencil lead must be free of inclusions, plaque and stains;
  • the cap should fit snugly on the pencil;
  • with a probe, you need to draw a line on the wrist – it should be even;
  • the stylus should not scratch the skin;
  • the final choice can be made after a few hours, assessing how well the trial line has survived.

waterproof pencil

Waterproof eyeliner – types:

  • soft (kayal) – have a greasy texture that does not scratch the skin, suitable for creating smokey ice makeup;
  • medium hard (contour) – designed for drawing arrows by beginners, drawing eyes along the lash line, easily retouched;
  • solid – designed to draw clear and thin eyeliner lines;
  • liner – this is a pencil eyeliner, similar to a felt-tip pen, helps to draw thin and clear lines;
  • shadow pencil – designed for drawing and subsequent shading.

Waterproof eyeliner

The best option for getting a beautiful, bright and clear line is a waterproof eyeliner pencil for the eye contour. Such an eyeliner will hold all day and will not smear, the color of the line is even, saturated, the arrow is traced. Another plus is that a waterproof eyeliner pencil does not injure the eyelid, unlike a sharply sharpened hard pencil. Yes, and using an eyeliner pencil is simple – even a beginner quickly masters the technique.

Waterproof eye pencil

Water-resistant pencils designed for the mucous membrane of the eye are the softest and most gentle, since touching the mucous membrane can be painful and traumatic. The ideal waterproof mucus pencil draws a clear line the first time, lays down evenly and without bald spots, lasts at least 12 hours and is easily washed off without leaving dark marks. White eyeliner, which is used on the mucous membrane of the inner eyelid, is designed to create an expressive look.

Waterproof gel eyeliner

The gel eyeliner category is designed to create clear contours with a characteristic glossy sheen. Gel pencils lay down softly and evenly, because they have a very delicate structure, and thanks to water resistance, makeup remains unchanged even after bathing. Pencils from this category are produced in a variety of colors – from classic black, gray, brown to bright and exotic.

Automatic waterproof eyeliner

In an automatic waterproof eyeliner, the ink stick is inside a plastic case and extends when you turn it. This is very convenient and economical, since the length of the rod can be controlled. On the opposite side of the pencil, there is often an applicator for blending. Automatic waterproof black eyeliner is one of the best-selling decorative cosmetics. It is very convenient – the soft lead glides easily over the skin, the line can be corrected or shaded.

waterproof black eyeliner

Waterproof eyeliner – rating of the best

To choose the best waterproof eyeliner, you need to familiarize yourself with the copies offered by leading cosmetic companies:

  1. Avon Glimmerstick Waterproof Eyeliner – an inexpensive waterproof eyeliner in the form of a retractable (automatic) pencil, in a palette of 7 primary colors, the line, regardless of the shade, is clear and even, holding throughout the day.
  2. Essence Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof – Italian-made gel pencil with a shimmer, easy to apply, durable, in the line of 6 colors – from classic to bright.
  3. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof – according to customer reviews, this is the most waterproof eyeliner, but at the same time it is soft and draws a very rich line, and although the pencil is presented in a retractable format, it has a sharpener so that you can draw a very thin arrow, the only drawback is the high price.
  4. Dior Eyeliner Waterproof – a classic waterproof pencil with an applicator and a sharpener, soft, fits well, easily blends and lasts a long time, expensive, but worth it.
  5. Maybelline New York Colossal Kaja – an excellent pencil for the mucous membrane of the eye, draws a clear line, lasts a long time and is washed off without streaks.
  6. Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof – ideal for bright makeup and smokey ice, very soft, the pencil contains cotton and jojoba oils, which minimizes the shortcomings of a long-lasting product.
  7. ArtDeco Soft Eye Liner Waterproof – an inexpensive, but high-quality waterproof pencil, shades with a slight shimmer, which helps to create a romantic make-up, the composition of the product includes antioxidants and vitamin E, which nourish the skin of the eyelids.

Waterproof pencil – how to use?

Using a pencil of a different shade is a sign of bad taste, the right choice of color is the most important condition for beautiful makeup:

  • black eyeliner pencil is not suitable for fair-skinned blondes, it is better for them to choose sand, brown or gray shades;
  • black, blue, olive, plum colors are suitable for brunettes;
  • brown-haired women should choose brick, yellow, green, brown or red shades.

pencil eyeliner

How to apply waterproof eyeliner?

Applying eyeliner requires knowledge of technique and practice.

The biggest difficulty is the arrows – it is difficult to draw them evenly:

  1. Gel pencil, eyeliner pencil are great for creating arrows.
  2. To make the line even, the drawing hand must have a solid support.
  3. First, it is better to draw very thin lines – they are easier to correct, professionals use a tonal tool for this. If the arrows turned out to be smooth and beautiful, the lines can be made clearer.
  4. Before applying the shading pencil, you should put a special foundation or powder on the eyelids so that the pencil does not roll.
  5. For beginners, it is better not to use black – all the errors are visible on it, it is better to take more natural shades – brown, gray, beige.
  6. You need to bring the eyelid from the outer edge of the eye to the inner.
  7. After application, the pencil needs to be shaded so that the makeup is natural.

How to wash off waterproof eyeliner?

For those who have never used waterproof products, the question may arise – how to wash off waterproof eyeliner. To remove persistent makeup, you need special tools – tonic or milk, water and soap in this case will not help. If you don’t have a waterproof makeup remover on hand, you can try cosmetic oil or a greasy cream.