Volumetric mascara - rating of the best

Volumetric mascara is an indispensable “tool” for creating flawless makeup. It can do a lot: it gives expressiveness to the eyes, creates a unique image, covered with mystery and mystery. The effect persists throughout the day. Since this product is produced by various cosmetic brands, it is important to choose the right one.

How does volume mascara work?

It creates the effect of false eyelashes. The secret of such magic lies mainly in the special formula of the remedy. Volumetric mascara contains elastin, silicone polymers and other additives-fixatives. Thanks to its special texture, it gently envelops each eyelash, thickening and lengthening it. After drying, such a product does not crumble, but reliably fixes the effect achieved until the cosmetics are washed off.

How to choose mascara for volume eyelashes?

The right cosmetic product helps to achieve the following result:

  • resistant make-up, looking natural;
  • hairs do not stick together after applying mascara;
  • the look is clear and expressive;
  • volume mascara is easy to apply;
  • as part of a quality product there are special components that restore the structure of eyelashes and stimulate their growth.

To achieve such a result, you need to pay special attention to the choice of decorative cosmetics. For this, the following points are taken into account:

  1. The composition of the tool. All products can be conditionally divided into two groups. Representatives of the first contain exclusively chemical components. Means from the second group are enriched with natural substances, for example, flax pomace, beeswax. The eyes are a sensitive area. More often, natural components provoke the development of an allergic reaction, manifested by redness, swelling. In some cases, even the mascara, which consists entirely of chemicals, can also cause irritation. For this reason, before buying it, it is advisable to purchase a probe.
  2. Consistency. Too thick mascara is not the best option. She will lay down in layers on the eyelashes, while creating the effect of doll eyes.
  3. Tassel. Makeup artists recommend giving preference to the form in the form of a brush. This brush is good for thick thick lashes.
  4. Color spectrum. Mascara for volume can be black, chestnut, bluish or another color. In such a variety, any woman will find a suitable remedy for herself.

Volumizing mascara – rating

Among the presented set of decorative cosmetic products, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right option, because you can easily get confused because of such an abundance of offers. To choose the right mascara for the volume of eyelashes, the rating was compiled. When developing it, the quality indicators of products and feedback from women who used it were taken into account.

Volumizing & curling mascara

mascara volume and curl

A cosmetic product with a similar effect is often equipped with a slightly curved long brush, with which you can easily paint over every hair, even the thinnest. After using such a mascara, the look acquires a special coquetry. Still, twisted long hairs framing the eyes – it looks amazing!

Mascara volume and curl – the rating of the best products is as follows:

  1. “Million eyelashes” from l’Oreal Paris.
  2. Diorshow by Dior.
  3. Sky High Curves by Maybelline.
  4. Triple Mascara by Covergirl.
  5. “Exciting bend” is the brainchild of the Faberlic company.

A lengthening & volumizing mascara

lengthening & volumizing mascara

This cosmetic product is an indispensable assistant for ladies who naturally have short, thin hairs. Volume mascara with a lengthening effect in its composition has microscopic silk or synthetic fibers. These special components “build up” the hairs and thicken them.

To figure out which is the best voluminous mascara with a lengthening effect, this rating will help:

  1. Cabaret by Vivienne Sabo.
  2. “Royal Volume” is the brainchild of the Belita-Viteks brand.
  3. XXXL Extreme Exciting Exclusive Luxury by Relouis.
  4. l’Oreal Telescopic.
  5. Max Factor Masterpiece.
  6. Lancome Hypnose.

Volumizing heat-washable mascara

This makeup product has the following benefits:

  • suitable for use at any time of the year, including in the hot season;
  • thermal mascara is an ideal solution for travel lovers who always strive to look perfect;
  • Having made up, you can safely swim in the pool or in the sea.

To figure out which is the best mascara for volume eyelashes with a heat-resistant effect, this rating will help:

  1. Sensai 38C is a product of the Japanese company Kanebo.
  2. Clinique Lash Power.
  3. Nature Republic Botanical Wonder by Mascara.
  4. Double Needs Pangpang Mascara.
  5. TonyMoly Cat’s Wink 3Go Mascara.
  6. Divag Tube your lashes.

Volumizing waterproof mascara

Such cosmetic products are considered the most popular among girls, and this is a completely understandable phenomenon, because it helps to look luxurious in any situation. This product is resistant to moisture, so special washes will be required to remove it. The best mascara for volume with a waterproof effect contains mineral or natural wax, fixative polymers and other components that create a protective film on the surface of the eyelashes. Many brands produce products that provide a similar effect.

volumizing waterproof mascara

This rating will help you choose the best voluminous waterproof mascara for eyelashes:

  1. False Lash Effect by Max Factor.
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.
  3. Lancome Hypnose.
  4. Eyes to Kill is the brainchild of Giorgio Armani.
  5. Iconic Extreme by Dior.
  6. Cannonball Ultra is a product of Urban Decay.

How to apply mascara?

how to apply mascara

Buying a quality cosmetic product is only half the battle. You also need to apply it correctly, otherwise even the best voluminous mascara for weakened eyelashes will disappoint. To avoid such “surprises”, it is important to take into account the recommendations of makeup artists.

Volume mascara is applied to the maximum as follows:

  1. Carefully remove the brush from the vial.
  2. Excess mascara is wiped on the edges of the tube.
  3. It is more convenient to paint cilia when the gaze is directed upwards. In addition, it is recommended to slightly open your mouth: this measure will protect against involuntary blinking.
  4. With a brush, a coloring matter is applied along the entire length of the eyelashes, gently pulling their tips. You need to paint over those hairs that grow in the corners. If you cover only the cilia growing in the middle with mascara, this will visually reduce the size of the eyes.
  5. Before applying the second layer, you need to wait a bit until the first one dries.