Toothpaste - types and selection rules

Hundreds of years ago, people tried brushing their teeth with powders made from sand, chalk, and herbal kits. Today, these substances have proven their effectiveness, so they are often included in various cleaning mixtures. High-quality toothpaste not only destroys germs, but also helps to treat various pathologies of the oral mucosa.

Types of toothpastes

If you brush your teeth twice a day, it is quite possible to protect yourself from caries. After all, a toothbrush removes plaque and food particles, improves blood circulation in tissues, and improves metabolic processes in mucous membranes. For these purposes, daily toothpaste is separated, which does not exfoliate the enamel, and one-time, where there are many therapeutic components.

What are the types of toothpaste?

  • hygienic;
  • fluorine-containing;
  • with calcium content;
  • bleaching;
  • therapeutic and prophylactic.

There is an opinion that when buying, you need to focus on the labeling of the tube, green means an environmentally friendly product, blue means synthetic components. But actually it is not. Dentists explain what stripes on toothpaste mean. These are just markers for the conveyor, so that the sensors of the machines “see” the place where you need to cut and solder the tubes.

Hygienic toothpastes

hygienic toothpastes

The most famous toothpaste for teeth is hygienic, they are classified as first-generation products. They are designed to neutralize plaque, pieces of food, eliminate unpleasant breath. The composition was developed for healthy teeth and oral mucosa, but it is difficult to find a pure hygienic paste. Since a large proportion of buyers have additional dental problems, the demand for a purely hygienic product is much lower.

Recommended best toothpaste in this series:

  1. BioRepair Total Protection Plus. Does not contain parabens, fluorine and antiseptics, a lot of calcium and magnesium chloride.
  2. Bionics. In the composition – extracts of herbs licorice thyme, kelp, calcium glycerophosphate.

Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpastes

The second generation of products already includes therapeutic toothpastes, which, in addition to cleaning, guarantee a healing effect. Most of them were developed for inflammation of the gums, carious lesions, enamel hypersensitivity. At the same time, the mixture whitens teeth well, destroys bacteria on the mucous membrane.

What is included in the composition of therapeutic toothpaste:

  • plant extracts and oils – relieve inflammation;
  • natural supplements – restore tissues;
  • minerals – increase the outflow of blood from the gums, remove plaque;
  • fluoride – strengthens teeth.

Of the recommended drugs:

  1. Asepta Parodontal – based on herbs, with pyrophosphates, which block the appearance of tartar. Xylitol protects against caries.
  2. Lacalut Aktiv – includes herbs and aluminum lactate, which gives a viscous effect. How chlorhexidine works as an antiseptic, chamomile, myrrh and star anise relieve pain in the gums.
  3. Ajona Stomaticum – is part of mint and menthol, destroys microbes eucalyptus.

Complex toothpastes

Almost every toothpaste, regardless of the manufacturer, includes different components: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, enamel strengthening. Therapeutic formulations are more saturated, but refreshing ones can be limited only to antimicrobial and flavoring elements.

What are the components of toothpaste:

  • phosphates, salt complexes – saturate the enamel;
  • herbal extracts, mineral salts – relieve inflammation of the gums;
  • abrasive elements, pyrophosphates – block tartar;
  • compounds of potassium and strontium, formalin – reduce the sensitivity of the enamel;
  • abrasives, peroxide compounds – whiten teeth.

Professional toothpaste

There are also professional toothpastes that are used as directed by a doctor. They differ in that they contain amine fluoride – a substance containing fluorine, which does not dissolve in saliva and covers the surface of the teeth with a homogeneous layer. The use of toothpaste is due to very weak enamel, which needs to be strengthened.

There are also such types of toothpaste without abrasive:

  1. With papain and bromelain – destroys bacteria.
  2. Oxygen – break down even strong pollution, but they are allowed to be used for a short time, and strictly for their intended purpose.

How to choose toothpaste?

With a huge selection of products, buyers are often lost: which toothpaste is better? It is recommended to choose compositions with soft abrasives that do not damage the enamel. You can not constantly use pastes with chlorhexidine and fluorine, with an excess of these substances become dangerous for the teeth. It is necessary to carefully monitor that the composition does not contain harmful sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens. Dentists advise giving preference to pastes with aloe oil, oak bark, chamomile or calendula.

Tips on how to choose a medicated toothpaste:

  1. For sensitive teeth, you need a mixture with fluorine or potassium salts, strontium chloride, they strengthen the enamel. On such packages, the RDA index is affixed at least 75.
  2. For darkened teeth, whitening pastes are taken, but only if the enamel is strong, otherwise there will be more harm than good. Such mixtures can be used no more than 3 times a week.
  3. With frequent inflammation of the oral mucosa, it is worth trying antiseptic formulations. They help to cleanse the mouth of bacteria more thoroughly.
  4. Anti-caries. Include aminofluorides, calcium glycerophosphate, but the amount of fluorine should not be large.

Composition of toothpaste

When developing a recipe for toothpaste, the main properties are taken into account – to clean enamel and freshen breath. Mixtures that easily cope with the first task contain more abrasive substances, their index ranges from 25 to 100 units. A pleasant aftertaste not only freshens the breath, but also enhances cleaning of the mouth, these properties are possessed by limonene, menthol, thymol, carvacrol.

What is toothpaste made of?

  • foaming agents – sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • abrasive particles – calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, silicon dioxide;
  • flavoring additives;
  • glycerin, sorbitol, polyethylene glycol;
  • thickeners – sodium alginate, starch, hydrocolloids;
  • preservatives – methyl paraben, propyl prabene, sodium benzoate;
  • antibacterial additives – triclosan, chlorhexidine;
  • fluorine compounds.

Sometimes dentists recommend using fluoride-free toothpaste. On the one hand, this substance retains calcium, on the other hand, it can provoke fluorosis when an excess of fluorine accumulates. Such an additive has a negative effect on the condition of diabetics. Recommended formulations without fluoride:

  1. President Unique.
  2. Asepta sensitive.
  3. SPLAT – “Biocalcium”.

Abrasiveness of toothpaste

Very important is the quality of the paste as abrasiveness – saturation with elements that soften tartar, brighten enamel, and strengthen teeth. But for sensitive enamel, solid particles are dangerous, so the percentage of such substances should be taken into account. If there are a lot of fillings in the mouth, it is not recommended to buy a paste with abrasives.

What is the harm of toothpaste with abrasive substances:

  • enamel is thinning;
  • microcracks appear on the teeth;
  • increased sensitivity.

Toothpaste brands

On sale you can see dozens of brands of toothpastes, which are produced both in Russia and abroad. Far from always a high price guarantees the best quality, there are many domestic products that are not inferior to European ones. Of the largest and most trusted companies – Splat Cosmetics, where the product combines quality and price.

Famous names of toothpastes that you should pay attention to:

  1. President White – contains crystalline silica and Irish moss extract.
  2. Splat Extreme White – high content of minerals and carbamide granules.
  3. Blendamed 3D White contains hydrated silica, enhanced with pyrophosphates.
  4. Thorn Cosmetic – produces therapeutic pastes “Cedar Balm”, “32 Pearls”.

Whitening toothpaste

whitening toothpaste

Many women choose to buy a whitening toothpaste that keeps their teeth white. As a rule, these mixtures are abrasive, the box should be marked “RDA”, the highest degree is 100. But such compositions also have a minus – they destroy the enamel. Pastes with enzymes work softer, which dissolve plaque without damaging the teeth. Polydon has the same effect.

What is the best whitening toothpaste:

  1. ROCS Sensitive “Restoration and whitening”.
  2. SPLAT Professional Whitening Plus.
  3. BlancX White Shock Power White Treatment.
  4. Biorepair Pro White.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

For many people, high sensitivity becomes a tangible problem, when a sharp pain occurs from hot or cold food. Here you need a paste for sensitive teeth, which strengthens the enamel. Such compounds may include fluorine or calcium, but these substances cannot be combined at the same time, since they cancel each other out. Doctors advise brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste in the morning and with calcium supplements in the evening.

Recommended pastes from this series:

  1. Biorepair Sensitive Teeth.
  2. President Sensitive.
  3. Sensodyne Instant effect.
  4. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.

Toothpaste for caries

If the teeth are quickly destroyed, and the dentist recommends careful monitoring of the oral cavity, it is worth purchasing special anti-caries toothpastes. Such mixtures contain fluoride or calcium to strengthen teeth, help get rid of tartar. Caries prevention formulations contain 1000 ppm fluoride, but a dentist should be consulted before use. He also determines the timing of how long you can use such a paste.

The following products are recommended:

  1. Colgate® Duraphat – restores even destroyed enamel.
  2. Elmex – contains aminofluoride, acts faster than sodium fluoride.
  3. “President Unique” – includes 2 calcium compounds, plus – xylitol and papain, which remove plaque.

Toothpaste for periodontal disease

A special toothpaste is required for gums affected by periodontal disease. This is a dystrophic lesion, both of the gums and the bones around the tooth, when the blood supply is disturbed. If left untreated, over time, the bone begins to thin, reaching the bare roots. In the early stages, properly selected toothpaste can remove inflammation and strengthen the gums. You also need brushes that provide gentle cleaning.

What toothpastes are recommended for periodontal disease:

  1. “Forest balm”. Includes 20 medicinal plants: fir, needles, oak bark, this composition kills bacteria, reduces gum bleeding.
  2. “Extra”. Contains coniferous extracts that work as an antiseptic, with wound healing and increased immunity.
  3. “Pomorina”. Made on the basis of brine from the Pomorie Sea, with algae, minerals, vitamins and biostimulants. Relieves inflammation, restores and deodorizes.

Tartar Toothpaste

A lot of problems are caused by tartar, it is formed from a mixture of pieces of food and bactericidal deposits that accumulate on the teeth in the form of a film. An abundance of bacteria break down carbohydrates in the remains of food, and then acids are formed that damage the enamel. If you pick up a toothpaste in time, there is a chance to remove plaque in time and prevent tartar from crystallizing.

What pastes should be used:

  1. Sea Frash. Based on Dead Sea minerals, algae, aloe vera.
  2. Radont. Made with Tibetan herbs that kill bacteria and remove deposits. There are evening and morning views.
  3. Royal Denta Silver. Developed on gold and silver ions, it quickly restores the color of teeth, crushes the stone, and eliminates unpleasant odors.

Toothpaste for tooth enamel

Damage to the enamel can have unpleasant consequences, there are many reasons for such manifestations. These are chronic illnesses, and heredity, and smoking. Matt whitish spots appear on the teeth, the enamel loses its luster and beautiful appearance. Toothpaste with calcium can help, there are options with the addition of medicinal extracts.

Well restore enamel paste:

  1. SPLAT Biocalcium. Includes hydroxyapatite – for strengthening, calcis – for filling microcracks, papin – for the destruction of microbes.
  2. President Unique. In addition to hydroxyapatite and papain, it contains aloe and vitamin E, they are supported by spherulites from the juice of Senegalese acacia.
  3. ROCS Active Calcium. It is based on hydroxyapatite and xylitol, which quickly restore enamel.

Toothpaste for braces

braces toothpaste

Despite the novelties of dentistry, braces are still in demand, which are placed to align teeth. Most often they are worn by children and teenagers. The design is effective, but inconvenient, between the elements and in the places of grinding to the teeth, pieces of food that are difficult to get are stuck. For strong enamel protection, you need a natural toothpaste, where there is a lot of calcium, options with fluoride are also suitable. But the mixture cannot be used with abrasive particles, they harm the teeth.

Recommended toothpastes for braces:

  1. Biorepair Junior Mint. Contains zinc ions and hydroxyapatite, they are embedded in the enamel, strengthening it. The paste also works as an antiseptic.
  2. Dentaid VITIS Orthodontic. Contains a high “charge” of sodium fluoride and cetylpyridinium chloride, which reduces inflammation and destroys bacteria. Complements the composition of aloe vera.
  3. Green Ice Micro Granules. Contains fluorine and silicon dioxide to remove plaque. Eucalyptus and mint oils fight bacteria.

toothpaste rating

It is difficult to answer the question of how toothpaste is the best, according to dentists, each development has its pros and cons. It is recommended to select the composition taking into account the existing problems with the teeth, the emphasis should be on the presence of the necessary substances. According to surveys, more than one rating of dentifrice products has been compiled, where strengths and weaknesses are taken into account.

Suggested TOP toothpastes for the current year:

  1. President Classic. Of the best – for oral care, protects against caries, strengthens teeth. Based on silicic acid, xylitol, titanium dioxide, sodium fluoride.
  2. President Classic

  3. Biorepair Intensive Night Repair. Contains healing minerals that fill cracks, smooth the surface of the teeth. After cleaning, a thin film is formed that protects the enamel. Well removes plaque, blocks the formation of tartar.
  4. Biorepair Intensive Night Repair

  5. Himalaya Herbals Total White. Whitens quickly, but in an enamel-friendly mode, thanks to pineapple and papaya extracts. Neutralizes dark stains on teeth from coffee and tea. Additionally reduces inflammation of the gums, freshens breath due to menthol, cinnamon essential oil copes with bacteria.
  6. Himalaya Herbals Total White