Thinning bangs

Bang – this is an element of a hairstyle that gives the whole image of a woman mystery, playfulness and a complete look. It is a well-known fact that shortening and thinning bangs is done much more often than the main haircut. This leads to constant trips to the hairdresser, a waste of time and money. However, there is a real opportunity to make thinning bangs at home.

Where to begin?

We do not argue that this idea requires certain skills, but you can still get them. So, tips on how to make thinning bangs with your own hands without resorting to the services of a hairdresser:

  1. First you need to wash and dry your hair, since curls tend to “bounce” and you can become the owner of an awkwardly short bang.
  2. Thinning bangs with ordinary scissors somewhat complicates the whole process, they must be very sharp and long. If you regularly do such manipulations at home, then it is better to purchase special thinning scissors.
  3. Separate the bangs from the main haircut and pin up the interfering hair.
  4. If the curls are curly, it is advisable to leave a margin of a couple of centimeters.
  5. Straight bangs with thinning need to be cut, holding the tool at an angle of 45 degrees and in small strands.

How to make bangs thinning?

  1. Separated from the main body of hair, lightly dampen the curls for the bangs and comb so that they cover the forehead.
  2. How to make thinning bangs 1

  3. Divide the strands into three parts and start cutting from the center. This will make it possible to make the level of the entire bang the same. This rule applies to the case when you need to make a long bang with light thinning, and it should be straight.
  4. How to make thinning bangs 2

  5. To make thinning, again divide the bangs into three parts and, alternately twisting them into flagella, cut the edges deep into the hair, while holding the scissors strictly vertically.
  6. How to make thinning bangs 3

  7. If you need to make an oblique bang with thinning, then in the central part of the bang you need to designate the angle of inclination, and cut the right and left parts in accordance with it.
  8. How to make thinning bangs 4

By following these simple rules, as well as stocking up on patience and accuracy, you can achieve amazing results. The main thing is not to rush, and do not cut all the hair at once to the desired length. This will make it possible to adjust the length and thinning of the bangs in the right direction and the end result will surely please you.

Having mastered this technique, you can save a significant amount of free time that is spent on constant visits to the hairdresser and a certain amount of money, and such savings will in no way affect your appearance.