Tattoos on the back for girls - 55 ideas to decorate your body

The curves of the female body are an excellent “canvas” for masters of permanent drawing on the skin. Girls often order small tattoos on the shoulder blades and at the base of the neck, but there are also large sketches on the entire back that look neat and beautiful. It is important to choose a suitable pattern that emphasizes natural shapes and lines.

What kind of tattoo can be done on the back?

When permanent drawings ceased to be associated with imprisonment, any restrictions on the choice of patterns disappeared. Modern tattoos on the back for girls can be performed in different themes and styles:

  • geometry;
  • ethnicity;
  • floral ornaments;
  • animalism;
  • religion;
  • watercolor;
  • graphic arts;
  • Maori;
  • Polynesia;
  • chicano;
  • biomechanics;
  • trash polka;
  • realism;
  • new school;
  • sketch;
  • lettering (inscriptions) and others.

The meaning of the tattoo on the back

If you ask any owner of permanent drawings on the body, what is their meaning, a small number of people clearly answer. The tattoo is done mainly for aesthetic reasons, for beauty. Finding out the meaning of tattoos for girls on the back is an optional condition to get them stuffed. You can simply choose a spectacular sketch that you like and decorate the body. Some lovers of permanent drawings themselves give them meaning, making the patterns a reflection of the personality, the inner world.

Butterfly tattoos on the back

The insect in question is often interpreted negatively as a symbol, but its meaning in most cultures is positive and even sacred. A tattoo on the back in the form of a butterfly testifies to the desire for home comfort, well-being and happiness in personal life. In Japan, winged insects symbolize beauty, creative inspiration, femininity and sophistication.

Other cultures endow butterflies with a mystical meaning. Tattoos for girls on the back with such an image can speak of love of freedom, independence, the desire to gain immortality, faith in rebirth. Butterflies are sometimes given the following meanings:

  • Eternal youth;
  • ardent love;
  • daydreaming;
  • frivolity;
  • playful attitude towards life.

Butterfly tattoos on the backButterfly tattoos on the back twoButterfly tattoos on back threeButterfly tattoos on back fourButterfly tattoos on back five

bird tattoo on back

Birds are always associated with the element of air, heavenly expanses. Tattoos on the back in the form of individual birds or a flock are preferred by girls who value their freedom, love travel and new sensations, are not afraid to take risks and “start over”. Each owner of such a permanent drawing stuffs it for personal reasons. Depending on the depicted birds, their number and even color, the tattoo takes on different meanings:

  • life force;
  • aspiration upward;
  • distant or unattainable dreams;
  • connection with the spiritual principle;
  • pride;
  • loyalty;
  • immortality;
  • wisdom;
  • secret knowledge;
  • hope for the best;
  • courage;
  • loneliness;
  • innocence;
  • revival;
  • endless love and others.

bird tattoo on backbird tattoo on back twobird tattoo on back threeBird tattoo on back fourbird tattoo on back five

animal tattoo on back

Animalism remains one of the most sought-after areas in the field of permanent drawing art. Female tattoos on the back depicting animals are less and less amenable to clear understanding and analysis. Girls stuff them either because of personal preferences, or associate themselves with the chosen “hero”. TAtu on the back can be of any size, so the animals are drawn differently:

  • fox – playfulness, cunning, sexuality, wit;
  • panda – kindness, confidence, peace, friendship;
  • lizard – renewal, mind, logic, rebirth;
  • cat – mystery, independence, dexterity, beauty;
  • wolf – courage, perseverance, strength, nobility;
  • bat – insight, luck, vigilance, danger;
  • lion – power, power, greatness, wisdom;
  • turtle – calmness, security, longevity, independence;
  • deer – immortality, beauty, strength, nobility;
  • dog – devotion, courage, friendship, amulet;
  • leopard – grace, wealth, success, swiftness;
  • elephant – will, peace, intelligence, strength;
  • horse – freedom, sophistication, elegance, fortune;
  • dragonfly – speed, lightness, determination, endurance;
  • snake – wisdom, mysticism, power, danger;
  • bear – ferocity, responsibility, stamina, fertility;
  • ladybug – fun, cheerfulness, summer, good luck;
  • tiger – passion, wisdom, rage, strength;
  • spider – modesty, witchcraft, wealth, cunning;
  • scorpio – pain, justice, loneliness, death and others.

Animal tattoo on the backAnimal tattoo on the back twoAnimal tattoo on the back threeAnimal tattoo on the back fourAnimal tattoo on the back five

flower tattoo on back

Organic is the most versatile option for decorating and decorating the body. A flower tattoo on the back looks feminine and aesthetically pleasing, emphasizing the curves. Such a drawing may not symbolize anything, but stuffed just for beauty. There are many floral sketches available in different sizes and styles, from minimalistic monochrome designs to large, colorful and detailed images. Popular back tattoo variations with meanings:

  • lilies – a strong union, purity, innocence, spirituality;
  • roses – beauty, love, hope, pain (with thorns);
  • sakura – the transience of life, youth, rebirth, tenderness;
  • peonies – wealth, love, luck, self-esteem;
  • chrysanthemums – perfection, power, confidence, success;
  • lotus – spiritual enlightenment, purity, knowledge, sacredness;
  • sunflowers – simplicity, desire for the sun, openness, morality;
  • chamomile – purity, lightness, warmth, love;
  • tulips – charm, charisma, awakening, secrecy;
  • orchids – mystery, magic, immunity, nobility;
  • saffron – sexuality, passion, speed, fearlessness;
  • violets – modesty, fidelity, friendship, gentleness;
  • irises – courage, courage, militancy, immortality;
  • clover – luck, hope, risk, eternal soul;
  • dandelion – lightness, sadness, uniqueness, mortality;
  • poppy – youth, the border between life and death, carelessness, spring and others.

flower tattoo on backFlowers tattoo on the back twoflower tattoo on back threeflower tattoo on back fourflower tattoo on back five

Tattoo symbols on the back

There are patterns that have a specific and generally accepted meaning. Knowing what a tattoo on your back means, you can express your worldview, demonstrate character traits, personality traits, even religious views. Most popular characters:

  • dream Catcher;
  • crosses;
  • triangles;
  • barcode;
  • stars;
  • hearts;
  • zodiac signs;
  • circles;
  • arrows;
  • infinity;
  • yin and yang;
  • golden section;
  • crown;
  • a snake eating its own tail;
  • diamond;
  • anarchy badge;
  • world;
  • radiation;
  • crescent;
  • runes (Slavic, Scandinavian);
  • all-seeing eye and others.

Tattoo symbols on the backTattoo symbols on the back twoTattoo symbols on the back threeTattoo symbols on the back fourTattoo symbols on the back five

Tattoo inscription on the back

Lettering is a very common request in salons, especially among girls. Women’s tattoos on the back in the form of inscriptions are a simple, beautiful and neat way not only to decorate the body, but also to give an individual meaning to a permanent drawing. With the help of lettering, girls demonstrate warm feelings, a life position. The tattoo inscription on the back can have many decodings:

  • the name of a loved one, relative, child;
  • memorable date;
  • geographical coordinates;
  • motto, life credo;
  • important quote;
  • aphorism and others.

Tattoo inscription on the backTattoo inscription on the back twoTattoo inscription on the back threeTattoo inscription on the back fourTattoo inscription five on the back

wings tattoo on back

The history of this symbol begins in ancient Egypt. The tattoo of wings on the back meant power, greatness, belonging to the royal family of its owner. The modern overtones of this design have changed, sometimes it is stuffed just for beauty. Wings are mostly large tattoos on the back with meaning. Often they take place from the top of the shoulder blades to the waist, located symmetrically. The meanings of the described symbol:

  • love for freedom;
  • creative person;
  • striving for the spiritual;
  • innocence;
  • speed, movement;
  • superiority;
  • divine purity (angel tattoo on the back);
  • longing for loved ones (one wing);
  • victory over death (combined with a skull);
  • defenselessness (butterfly wings);
  • bitterness, pain (damaged) and others.

Wings tattoo on the backWings tattoo on the back twoWings tattoo on the back threeWings tattoo on the back fourWings tattoo on the back five

Beautiful tattoos on the back

Each person has a special concept of aesthetics, therefore masters of permanent painting on the body offer different options for patterns. There are tiny, minimalistic back tattoo sketches, monochrome and sketchy drawings. They look neat and gentle, emphasize the sophistication of nature, natural lines, body curves. There are also large, detailed tattoos with fine detail, color, with large areas to fill. Such drawings look spectacular, demonstrate a creative, bold disposition, express the individuality of their owner.

small tattoos on the back

Thumbnail pictures are an ideal choice if you do not want to attract too much attention, with a low pain threshold. Small tattoos for girls on the back are a neat and feminine body decoration. They look gentle, discreet, easily hidden under clothing if necessary. small back tattoos

  • feather;
  • cross;
  • star;
  • flower;
  • dream Catcher;
  • crescent;
  • hieroglyph;
  • martin;
  • butterfly;
  • rune;
  • letter;
  • leaf;
  • geometric figure;
  • yin and yang;
  • Buddhist symbol;
  • ethnic pattern;
  • constellation or planet;
  • wings;
  • bow;
  • Zodiac sign;
  • twig;
  • sun;
  • wave;
  • arrow;
  • eye;
  • heart;
  • inscription and others.

small tattoos on the backSmall tattoos on the backsmall tattoos on the backSmall tattoos on the backsmall tattoos on the back

Large back tattoos

Large drawings are chosen by courageous women, freedom-loving and creative natures. The most popular request is a tattoo of wings on the back of girls, starting from the shoulder blades and ending in the lumbar region, flowering trees and pagan symbols, flying birds. There are also more original ideas:

  • Indian painting;
  • landscapes;
  • dragons;
  • flame;
  • animals;
  • floral weaving;
  • firebirds (phoenixes);
  • inscriptions;
  • abstraction;
  • black work;
  • geometric graphics;
  • watercolor and others.

Big tattoos on the backLarge back tattoosLarge back tattoosLarge tattoos on the back fourLarge tattoos on the back five

Monochrome back tattoos

The classics of permanent body decoration are black and white sketches. They are concise, more “readable”. These are not only beautiful tattoos on the back, but also practical. Monochrome images fade more slowly, require correction less often, and look clearer. The black and white lotus tattoo on the back remains very popular. It can be done in a minimalist style, drawing only outlines, or decorated with additional elements – Buddhist symbols, floral patterns, hieroglyphs. In monochrome, any tattoo on the back looks spectacular:

  • tribal;
  • insects;
  • biomechanics;
  • birds;
  • black work;
  • animalism;
  • Celtic patterns;
  • Maori;
  • old school;
  • steampunk;
  • oriental and others.

Monochrome back tattooMonochrome tattoos on the back twoMonochrome back tattoos threeMonochrome back tattoos fourMonochrome back tattoo five

Color tattoos on the back

Colorful drawings on the body always attract a lot of attention. They want to consider, to delve into the details. Colored back tattoos for girls are a good choice when you have the opportunity to update them regularly. Bright images with rich colors and transitions of shades look great on the female body, emphasizing its natural beauty. Colored tattoos can be both minimalistic and large, with many small elements. Popular style sketches:

  • animalism;
  • bioorganics (flowers, trees);
  • trash polka;
  • new school;
  • linework;
  • watercolor;
  • Japanese philosophy;
  • traditional;
  • Polynesia;
  • Chicano and others.

Colored tattoos on the backColor tattoos on the backColor tattoos on the back threeColor tattoos on the back fourColored back tattoo fivehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2L5_4Xp4Gc