leg tattoo

Decorating the body with permanent drawings has already ceased to be a sign of belonging to informal subcultures. Beautiful and sophisticated tattoos emphasize graceful and slender female legs, pay more attention to them. With their help, you can express your worldview, focus on certain character traits and a unique style.

Tattoos for girls on the leg – inscriptions

This version of the permanent image serves as a kind of way to inform others about their own life principles, motto or individual characteristics. The tattoo inscription on the leg can be done in color or filled with monochrome, use any desired language. The most trendy are the sayings of philosophers or famous personalities, quotes from books, hieroglyphs are no longer in fashion. Masters are more often asked to apply Latin aphorisms with a deep meaning:

  • meliora spero – I hope only for the best;
  • finis vitae, sed non amoris – everything ends, except for love;
  • carpe diem – live today (seize the moment);
  • amor vincit omnia – love conquers all;
  • fortunam suam quisque parat – everyone alone finds his own way (fate), and other words.

Some independently develop sketches of a tattoo on the leg for girls – you can come up with inscriptions for yourself. They will reflect the individual facets of character or serve as a reminder of some event, life principle. If desired, such a unique phrase can be easily translated into any language and beautifully designed by discussing with the master the style of writing and the size of the letters, variations in their spelling and additions with details.

  for girls on the leg inscriptions on the front  for girls on the leg inscriptions on the back  for girls on the leg inscriptions on the foot

Tattoos for girls on the leg – patterns

Abstractions are well suited if you don’t want to put a deep meaning into a permanent drawing, and it is just a decoration. The considered tattoo on the leg for girls is sometimes part of the individual image and style of clothing. For glamorous women, masters offer images with monograms and openwork weaves, similar to elegant lace. Refined natures striving for spiritual enlightenment will like Buddhist tattoos on their legs in the form of a mandala. Bold and outrageous girls can choose avant-garde patterns:

  • biomechanics;
  • Celtic, Polynesian and Egyptian ornaments;
  • blackwork;
  • geometry;
  • Maori;
  • tribal;
  • old school;
  • dotwork;
  • cubism and other trends.

  for girls on the leg patterns on the side