Tattoo on the arm - 76 interesting and beautiful options for girls

Wearable drawings have long become commonplace, ceasing to be part of magical rites or a sign of belonging to subcultures. Arm tattoos are a fun way to show off your personality and personal philosophy to those around you. Girls prefer neat and delicate patterns that emphasize femininity and character.

How to choose a place for a tattoo?

The selection of the location of the picture depends on the lifestyle, profession and style. If a woman is not ready for constant attention to her person, does not strive to be extravagant and look defiant, it is better to choose an inconspicuous and small tattoo on her arm for girls that is easy to hide. For bold individuals who always want to demonstrate their individuality, bright and large permanent pictures or inscriptions on open areas are suitable.

Tattoo on the forearm

The indicated area can only be hidden with a long sleeve, so in the hot season the pattern will be constantly visible. It is not too painful to apply a tattoo on the arm in the area under consideration, and this place often becomes a “canvas” for applying different images. Most women choose neat, medium-sized pictures that are stuffed on the inside of the forearm. Less often, large patterns are applied that completely cover the presented area (in a circle).

Forearm tattoos for girls can be done in monochrome or color, according to personal preferences, the general idea of ​​​​a permanent drawing. Most popular sketches:

  • abstract pattern;
  • mandalas;
  • images of animals, birds and snakes;
  • geometric figures;
  • flowers, climbing plants;
  • inscriptions;
  • Indian symbols, dream keepers;
  • stars, planets;
  • landscapes;
  • ethnic patterns;
  • national symbols.

Tattoo on the forearmTattoo on the forearm twoTattoo on the forearm threeTattoo on the forearm fourTattoo on the forearm fiveTattoo on the forearm six

Tattoo on the wrist

In the described zone, there are many nerve endings and there is practically no fat layer, so it hurts to hammer it. Tattoos for girls on the arm in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe brush are mostly small and thin, the needle is not inserted deeply. Such drawings will often have to be updated, visiting the master every 5-10 months, but timely correction is performed quickly and is less painful than the first application of the picture.

The most popular tattoo bracelet on the arm. It can be done in a realistic style to make the drawing look like a piece of jewelry. If you want a more unusual option, the bracelet is stuffed in the form of plant stems, barbed wire, abstract patterns or geometric shapes. Other popular sketches for a tattoo on a brush:

  • feather;
  • star;
  • treble clef;
  • birds;
  • inscription;
  • crown;
  • tree of life;
  • butterfly;
  • musical instruments (guitar, violin);
  • Rose of Wind;
  • compass;
  • hieroglyph;
  • animals, insects;
  • mandalas;
  • Indian patterns in the style of mehendi;
  • symbols of secret communities;
  • wings;
  • heart.

Tattoo on the wristTattoo on the wrist twoTattoo on the wrist threeTattoo on the wrist fourTattoo on the wrist fiveTattoo on the wrist six

finger tattoo

This is one of the most painful areas for permanent drawing, but it won’t take long. Masters fill only small tattoos on the arm in the indicated part, a large drawing simply does not fit on a graceful female finger. The most popular option is the inscription in English on the side. You can put one word or inscription, for example, a life motto, favorite aphorism or quote.

Another common finger tattoo for girls is a small drawing or symbol:

  • diamond;
  • crown;
  • heart;
  • star;
  • flower;
  • musical notes;
  • treble clef;
  • pin;
  • dragonfly;
  • feather;
  • butterfly;
  • muzzle, mouth of an animal;
  • bird;
  • sign “yin and yang”;
  • infinity;
  • important numbers;
  • crescent;
  • wing;
  • anchor;
  • religious symbols;
  • ethnic patterns;
  • revolver.

In the salons, paired tattoos on the fingers in the form of wedding rings are also in great demand. They can be stuffed in the classic style, with one solid line, or in other ways:

  • ornament;
  • date (on a circle);
  • abstract, geometric symbols;
  • floral patterns, weaves;
  • inscription, the name of the beloved.

Tattoo on the fingerfinger tattoo twoTattoo on finger threefinger tattoo fourtattoo on finger fivefinger tattoo six

Sleeve tattoo

This type of permanent drawing is a bold decision for a woman. A large tattoo on the arm, covering the entire skin from the shoulder to the wrist, will hide only the long sleeve, in most summer clothes it will be clearly visible. Such images are chosen by creative individuals independent of the opinion of society, people with a non-standard view of the world and their own philosophy of life.

Sleeve tattoo for girls can be done in any available styles with different patterns:

  • black work;
  • flowers;
  • portraits of people and animals;
  • mandalas;
  • Indian paintings;
  • comics;
  • landscapes;
  • ethnic ornaments;
  • abstraction;
  • birds, wings;
  • old school;
  • polka trash;
  • watercolor;
  • biomechanics and others.

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The meaning of tattoos for girls on the arm

Most permanent drawings are chosen simply according to individual taste. Some girls prefer beautiful, feminine and delicate tattoos on their arms, emphasizing romance and sexuality. Others choose brutal, shocking or frightening images, symbolizing the reflection of a complex inner world or a strong, strong-willed character. You can use pictures on the body as an unusual decoration, or put a special, sacred meaning into them.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm

Words and phrases to punch into the skin are rarely chosen by chance. Women order a tattoo on their arm with inscriptions that can mean:

  • motto in life;
  • quote, aphorism;
  • a reminder of some event;
  • important name, date;
  • connection with the profession;
  • favorite city, country.

Popular tattoo inscriptions on the arm:

  • Love (love);
  • Per aspera ad astra (through the thorns to the stars);
  • listen to your heart (listen to your heart);
  • Never give up (never give up);
  • Veni Vidi Vici (came, saw, conquered);
  • Believe in yourself (believe in yourself);
  • Esto fortis (be strong);
  • Forever young (always young);
  • carpe diem (live the present).

Tattoo inscriptions on the armTattoo lettering on arm twoTattoo inscriptions on the arm threeTattoo lettering on arm fourFive hand lettering tattootattoo lettering on arm six

Tattoo patterns

Abstract drawings on the body, even without a semantic load, look beautiful and mysterious, but many of their owners put a special meaning into each turn of the picture. Tattoo patterns on the arm are performed in several basic styles:

  1. Indian. Native American ornaments symbolize strength, agility, speed, wisdom, and other qualities.
  2. Biomechanics. The patterns look like a 3D drawing, an optical illusion.
  3. Ethno. Khokhloma painting, Ukrainian, Belarusian embroidery and other national motifs are chosen by people who value their “roots”.
  4. Polynesian. Such patterns were used in the religious rites of the ancient tribes from the Pacific Islands. According to beliefs, they have magical powers, can protect the owner and bring him good luck.
  5. Tribal. Tattoos on the arm with sharp ends are gradually going out of fashion, they are applied only by devoted adherents of the style.
  6. Celtic. Especially in demand are crosses and knots, symbolizing spiritual development and the unity of the body and spirit.
  7. Indian. Mandalas are responsible for the development and operation of different chakras, the exchange of energy with the Universe.
  8. Asian. Lotus flowers, dragons, carps and other attributes of this culture have spiritual significance, help the owner to achieve enlightenment faster, improve karma and break out of the wheel of samsara.
  9. Black work. A technique that involves the complete clogging of certain areas with black paint. The meaning of blackwork patterns is determined personally by each of their owners.
  10. Geometry. One of the trendiest modern styles. There is no special meaning in such images, but they look impressive and futuristic.

Tattoo patterns timesTattoo patterns twoTattoo patterns threeTattoo patterns fourTattoo patterns fiveTattoo patterns six

Tattoo symbols

This type of body decoration is suitable for lovers of concise small drawings. Symbolic female tattoos on the arm are often done in monochrome, less often they are made in color. Girls approach the choice of such permanent images thoughtfully, finding patterns that correspond to their character, outlook on the world and personal philosophy. Popular symbols for arm tattoos:

  • Scandinavian, Slavic runes;
  • zodiac signs;
  • hieroglyphs;
  • Egyptian signs;
  • clover (luck);
  • world;
  • Kolovrat (strength, power);
  • infinity;
  • serpent Ouroboros (rebirth, eternal life);
  • lotus flower (enlightenment, spirituality);
  • star (amulet);
  • zen circle (enso – reincarnation);
  • wings (freedom);
  • heart (love);
  • pen (lightness, ease) and others.

Tattoo symbols timesTattoo symbols twoTattoo symbols threeTattoo symbols fourTattoo symbols fiveTattoo symbols six

flower tattoos

Most women choose the described pictures, guided by personal preferences and the beauty of the sketch. Small tattoos for girls on the arm in the form of a neat flower look very gentle. They decorate the body, but do not look vulgar, suitable for any style. Some women are more serious about choosing a pattern, having previously studied its meaning. Tattoos for girls on the arm of flowers can have the following meaning:

  • lily – nobility, purity of blood;
  • rose – passion, love (red), chastity, purity (white), sadness (black);
  • clover – fortune, success;
  • lotus – resurrection and immortality, spirit and matter;
  • sakura – the transience of life, purity;
  • sunflower – eternal love, fidelity;
  • orchid – fertility, beauty, sophistication;
  • poppy – loneliness;
  • dandelion – cyclicality, rebirth;
  • violet – modesty;
  • lily of the valley – family values.

Tattoo flowers timesTattoo flowers twoTattoo flowers threeTattoo flowers fourTattoo flowers fiveTattoo flowers six

bird tattoos

Images associated with the element of air symbolize flight, the lightness of being and the desire for freedom. Beautiful tattoos for girls on the arm with birds can carry a deeper meaning, depending on the main “hero” of the picture:

  • falcon, hawk – courage, nobility;
  • dove – peace, fidelity, amulet from evil;
  • swan – devoted love;
  • eagle – power, greatness;
  • swallow – hope, good luck;
  • flamingos – dreaminess, romance;
  • owl – wisdom, magic;
  • raven – longevity, intelligence;
  • phoenix – eternity, immortality;
  • peacock – royalty, beauty;
  • seagull – freedom, independence.

bird tattoosBird tattoo twoBird tattoo threeBird tattoo fourBird tattoo fiveBird tattoo six

animal tattoos

Girls often associate themselves with representatives of the fauna, so the topic under consideration for permanent drawings is very popular. Beautiful tattoos on the arm can be done both in monochrome and in color. The trendy style is graphics, it is characterized by an abundance of clear straight lines, symmetry, and the absence of areas filled with paint. The animal tattoo on the arm in this technique is considered the most fashionable and modern.

Meanings of different images:

  • wolf – loyalty, strength, leadership;
  • snake – cunning, deceit, wisdom;
  • cat – independence, mystery, dexterity;
  • tiger – passion, rage, strength;
  • bear – resurrection, stamina, courage;
  • panther – femininity, cunning;
  • dragon – eternity, power;
  • bat – vigilance, attentiveness;
  • panda – peace, tranquility;
  • horse – nobility, freedom;
  • lion – courage, greatness;
  • deer – beauty, strength, magic;
  • fox – playfulness, sexuality.

Tattoo animal timesTattoo animals twoAnimal tattoos threeAnimal tattoos fourAnimal tattoos fiveTattoo animals six

Insect tattoos

For a long time, the butterfly has held leadership in the specified subject of wearable images. She just likes most women, especially fans of colored permanent drawings. The meaning of the butterfly is the immortality of the soul, rebirth and resurrection. The white moth is the spirit of the deceased, it is stuffed in memory of a dear departed person. Other tattoos for girls on the arm with a meaning on the theme of insects:

  • spider – modesty, wisdom;
  • ladybug – eternal summer, joy;
  • dragonfly – mysticism, speed, lightness;
  • bee – morality, selflessness;
  • scarab beetle – immortality, spirituality;
  • ant – hard work, dedication;
  • praying mantis – skill, magic;
  • grasshopper – freedom, elusiveness;
  • wasp – danger, rage.

Insect tattoosTattoo insects twoTattoo insects threeTattoo insects fourTattoo insects fiveInsect tattoos six

The most beautiful tattoos for girls on the arm

It is difficult to choose the ideal sketch among the many interesting drawings. First you need to carefully consider the ideas of tattoos for girls on the arm, imagine yourself with the images you like. An alternative option is to ask the master to create an individual pattern that will match the character and worldview.

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