Tattoo old school - the meaning of drawings and 80 ideas in sketches

Permanent drawings on the body are performed in different genres, some of them amaze the imagination with their realism or volume, but the classics always remain fashionable. Tattoos in the old school genre have been around for over 200 years without losing popularity. One of the most universal areas of underwear painting is suitable for both men and women.

Tattoo old school – what is it?

Any style of permanent drawings has characteristic features that make it recognizable. Old school tattoos are bright tattoos made in rich colors with a thick black border. The body painting in question does not look realistic or voluminous. The images are sketchy and simple, a bit cartoony, without detailing, piling up unnecessary elements. The main thing about old school tattoos is their message. Each owner of such a tattoo chooses drawings that are personally significant for him, related to important people, events or life principles.

Tattoo old school – history

Navigators of the 19th century became the pioneers of underwear painting in civilized Europe and America. Exploring the islands of the Pacific Ocean and Polynesia, they saw tattoos from local residents and were imbued with this method of decorating the body. The earliest old school tattoos were stuffed as amulets for sailors, reminders of relatives and lovers, important events (crossing the equator, traveling around the world, winning a fight).

Later, the art of permanent drawing spread to other segments of the population. Tattoos in the old school style were liked by theater and circus artists, musical performers and dancers. Modern tattoos in the old school genre have lost their specificity and often do not carry any semantic load, but have remained one of the most popular and versatile options for decorating the body.

Font old school tattoo

The inscriptions are stuffed in accordance with the distinctive features of the style itself. Letters and numbers are well readable, large, printed, without monograms. Old school tattoos with dates or words are displayed in bold black outline, sometimes double. Some masters, especially from the countries of the former CIS, also use the script. The font is neat and readable, but deliberately careless, as if written by a child’s hand.

Font old school tattoo timesFont old school tattoo twoFont old school tattoo three

The meaning of old school tattoo

A tattoo can also be stuffed for an aesthetic purpose, just as an adornment of the body, without carrying any meaning. More often, the elements of old school tattoos are thought out or selected individually, symbolizing certain events, important and close people. Sometimes a permanent drawing reflects the worldview, life position or motto of a person, goals and aspirations.

Old school tattoos for men

Representatives of the stronger sex prefer brutal compositions that are close in plot to authentic old-school tattoos. The old school wolf tattoo remains trendy, mainly the head of a predator with a grin. It will suit strong and self-confident men who are faithful and able to defend their views and principles. Old school rose tattoo is a symbol of a beloved woman, strong, sincere feelings. She reminded the sailors that they were valued and expected at home, helped to survive difficult times.

Often a rose on the brush ends with an extensive old school tattoo sleeve. It may contain other characteristic symbols and drawings:

  • anchor – strength, confidence, salvation;
  • swallow – good luck, a successful return home;
  • heart – love, devotion;
  • cross – protection, faith;
  • wind rose – compass, the right way;
  • mermaid – beloved woman, passion, desire;
  • money, cards, dice – personal hobbies;
  • dove – hope for happiness and peace;
  • ship, sea – commitment to the elements;
  • the skull is a reminder of the transience of life;
  • blade, sword, sword, knife – courage, courage, readiness to go into battle;
  • ribbons – communication with relatives, between land and sea;
  • angel – faith in the protection of higher powers, amulet;
  • stars – freedom, youth, luck.

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Women’s old school tattoo

This is not the most common style of tattoos among the beautiful half of humanity, but there are also his devoted fans. Old school tattoos for girls are often borrowed from male body painting. The direction of the old school is considered universal (unisex), without a clear gender division. The most popular female choice remains the old school heart tattoo. It traditionally means sincere love, depending on the surrounding elements (flowers, arrows, a knife, and others) it can symbolize happiness and fidelity, or mental suffering from unrequited feelings.

Girls often stuff animalistic images. Especially in demand is the old school tattoo of a snake in the claws of an eagle. Such a tattoo reflects the victory of nobility and morality over depravity and temptation. Other female tattoos in the old school style:

  • roses – love, passion;
  • hourglass – the transience of time;
  • revolver – stamina, the ability to stand up for oneself;
  • panther – rapacity, danger;
  • swallow – good luck, hope;
  • compass – search for yourself, your path;
  • inscriptions – about love, life motto, goal;
  • blade – justice, truth;
  • hawk – nobility;
  • owl – wisdom;
  • deer – eternity, sacred knowledge;
  • anchor – stability, fidelity;
  • dove – peace, friendliness;
  • cross – protection of higher powers;
  • skull, bones – a reminder of mortality.

Women's old school tattoo timesFemale old school tattoo twoFemale old school tattoo threeFemale old school tattoo fourFemale old school tattoo fiveFemale old school tattoo six

Old school tattoo – sketches

The seeming simplicity of the described permanent drawings hides the scrupulous and filigree work of the master. Old school tattoos are distinguished by clear contours and bright colors, so it is important to entrust their application to an experienced professional. The image can be selected from existing options, or based on the basic symbols and old-school fonts, create individual patterns.

Black and white sketches of old school tattoo

The considered genre of underwear painting is rarely performed in monochrome. In such cases, the old school tattoo should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible, with an easy to read plot. The contours of the tattoos are made bold and clear, some areas are filled with paint. Black and white old school tattoos look discreet, but stylish. They are suitable for calm and restrained people who want to emphasize their individuality.

Black and white sketches of old school tattoo timesBlack and white sketches of old school tattoo twoBlack and white sketches of tattoo old school threeBlack and white sketches of old school tattoo fourBlack and white sketches of tattoo old school fiveBlack and white sketches of tattoo old school six

Color tattoo sketches old school

The classic old-school style of permanent drawing involves the use of rich colors. Old school tattoos look like a frame from a cartoon. They are cheerful and bright, immediately attract attention and cause a desire to consider them. Most masters have ready-made old school tattoos, sketches can be selected from the catalog or adjusted to your liking. If desired, a specialist in underwear painting will create an individual drawing on a given topic.

Colored tattoo sketches old school timesColor tattoo sketches old school twoColored tattoo sketches old school threeColor tattoo sketches old school fourColored tattoo sketches old school fiveColor tattoo sketches old school six

Small old school tattoos

Girls often ask the masters in the salon to fill a small pattern that will look neat and feminine. Previously, it was difficult to find such tattoos, the old school provides for sweeping and large patterns that bring together a person’s life path, his views and aspirations. The modern vision of the genre has changed, and among the sketches, small tattoos are increasingly appearing that can even fit on a finger. Tiny old school tattoos are easy to invent yourself using templates.

Small old school tattoo timesSmall old school tattoo twoSmall old school tattoo threeSmall old school tattoo fourSmall old school tattoo fiveSmall old school tattoo six