straight bangs with long hair

The last few seasons in hairdressing have given preference to long, well-groomed strands. This gives the image a maximum of naturalness and romance, youthful freshness. To date, straight bangs with long hair is considered the most relevant and versatile hairstyle that suits any age and style.

Long bob with straight bangs

There are three ways to perform the haircut in question:

Straight bangs are suitable only for the first type of hairstyle, since for the other two it should be either oblique or absent altogether.

It should be noted that the classic elongated caret involves perfectly straight hair. Therefore, bangs must be styled with an iron. At the same time, its length should reach the upper line of eyebrow growth.

Cascade with straight bangs

This structural haircut gives the strands volume and airy lightness. The styling of the bangs should also match this style. Hairdressers advise cutting this part of the hairstyle somewhat elongated, and while drying the hair, lift it up, dividing it into separate thin strands. It is worth remembering that not very thick and lush bangs are suitable for the cascade, so as not to burden the overall impression of the haircut.

Braids with straight bangs

As a rule, any variations of hair weaves do not imply the presence of a bang, because it stands out too much, and against its background, the hairstyle loses its effectiveness.

The only exception is the combination of neat braids with a headband or ribbon. In this case, thick, long straight bangs, slightly covering the eyebrows, are perfect. It is important that it lies in a continuous strand without delamination and is perfectly even. The ribbon or headband should be placed at the base of the bangs.