Smokey ice - 25 options for always up-to-date makeup

The smoky eyes technique is an analogue of the little black dress in the field of makeup. This way of designing the eyes is considered a classic that is universally suitable for all women and can be combined with any outfit. Properly executed make-up makes the look intent, seductive and alluring.

Smokey eye makeup – what is it?

The translation of the phrase in question sounds like “smoky eyes”. This make-up technique was invented in the distant 20s for the stars of silent films. Smokey (smoky) ice (eyes) gave the look of drama and depth, outrageous. The main feature of the make-up is the careful shading of the shadows, which creates the effect of haze around the eyes with a soft transition from a dense saturated color to a barely noticeable shade.

The classic smokey ice makeup is done in black and gray, but you can use any palette of cosmetics if you wish. Haze looks good even in rich colors, the main thing is to choose them correctly for the iris. The main advantage of smoky eyes is its versatility. Using the described technique, you can correct the incision, shape and size of the eyes, hide eyelid defects and asymmetry.

How to make smokey ice?

If the presented make-up is performed incorrectly, a “panda effect” is created – just black circles around the eyes, similar to the muzzle of the animal of the same name. To avoid such a comical result, you need to know exactly how to make smokey ice correctly, and master all the subtleties of this technique. It is important to practice in applying cosmetics, “fill your hand.”

What do you need for smokey ice makeup?

The starting set before making the eyes depends on the chosen palette of the entire make-up. Smokey ice is a gradation between two very close shades, one of which is much darker than the other and almost goes black. Having determined the range of make-up, it is necessary to prepare dry matte shadows of the corresponding tone. Smokey ice eye makeup refers to pencil make-up techniques, so you need 2 types of such a cosmetic product – hard and soft (kayal). Additional brushes needed:

  • hard beveled;
  • shading;
  • soft.

Smokey ice technique

In order to perfectly perform the makeup in question in any shades, it is better to learn how to do it in the classic version. Black smokey ice is the basic technique. Based on her methods, it is easy to create other types of make-up, including light daytime. Standard smokey ice step by step:

Smokey ice technique

  1. With a hard pencil, bring the movable and lower eyelids without connecting the lines on the outer corner. The arrow should be dense, light spaces between the eyelashes are excluded, so it is desirable to work out the upper mucosa as well. The bottom line does not run into the inner corner, it ends approximately at the border of the iris.
  2. Smokey ice technique

  3. With a smokey ice kayal, extend the arrow and connect it to the bottom line. Leave a small light gap in the outer corner, it will significantly enlarge the eye. With a soft pencil, slightly raise the arrow, directing it to the temple, draw the fold of the moving eyelid. You can do this inaccurate, jerky movements.
  4. Smokey ice technique two

  5. Shade the borders of the kayala. It is important not to smear the pencil on the skin, but to “stretch” it easily, trying not to tear the brush away from the eyelid. No clear boundaries should be visible.
  6. Smokey ice three technique

  7. On the same brush, pick up black shadows, lightly shake or blow them off. Draw pencil lines on the upper eyelid.
  8. Smokey ice technique four

  9. Use a soft brush to blend the shadows, not reaching them to the eyebrows. Direct the outer corner to the temple.
  10. Smokey ice five technique

  11. Pick up black shadows on a beveled brush and expand the eyeliner of the lower eyelid. Darkening stops at the border of the iris.
  12. Smokey ice technique six

  13. Blend the bottom lines in the same way as the top ones.
  14. Smokey ice seven

  15. On a soft brush, pick up the minimum amount of shadows, blow off, fill the remaining space of the moving eyelid. The color should be gray, not black.
  16. Smokey ice eight technique

  17. Apply a little highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows. Correct defects, if any.
  18. Smokey ice technique nine

  19. Make up eyelashes abundantly, you can glue bunches or false hairs.

Smokey ice ten technique

Smokey ice for the impending century

The basic makeup technique does not change depending on the shape, size and shape of the eye. In Smokey Ice, the main thing is high-quality shading and volume preservation. The make-up is not only suitable for women with the problem under consideration, but is also used by professional stylists to correct the overhanging eyelid. With this drawback, both classic and colored smokey ice are suitable, the step-by-step instructions from the previous paragraph remain relevant. It’s just that the fold is drawn a little higher (5-8 mm) than the natural line. This technique helps to open the eye and visually lift the eyelid.

Smokey ice for the impending century timesSmokey ice for impending century twoSmokey ice for impending century threeSmokey ice for impending century fourSmokey ice for impending century five

Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas

Since the invention of the “smoke”, the technique of applying cosmetics has been constantly improved, and therefore smoky eyes have changed. In the classic version, this makeup is only suitable for evening events, but there are also light smokey types that can be worn during the day. There are no prohibitions on any shades for the described visage. Makeup looks good in any color, looks great with matte, wet, creamy and shiny textures.

Smokey eyes for brown eyes

Women with a dark iris are suitable for any variation of the presented visage. The only caveat is that the range of shadows should not ideally match the color of the eyes. You can make light everyday smokey ice, the photos below show how unobtrusively and restrained it looks, or a bright evening type of make-up. In the latter case, both black classics and colored types of “haze” are suitable. Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes looks good in the following shades:

  • violet;
  • red;
  • pink;
  • brown;
  • gray (silver);
  • green;
  • blue;
  • lavender;
  • burgundy.

Smokey ice for brown eyesSmokey eyes for brown eyes 2Smokey ice for brown eyes threeSmokey eyes for brown eyes fourSmokey eyes for brown eyes five

Smokey ice for green eyes

Owners of a “herbal” iris are recommended contrasting types of visage. The best choice is brown smoky ice. Warm “haze” perfectly sets off the natural color of the eyes, emphasizes it and makes it brighter. If the iris is light and saturated, close to an emerald, a black classic will do. Beautiful evening smokey ice makeup for green eyes can be created using these shadows:

  • copper;
  • golden;
  • Marsala;
  • lilac;
  • dark green;
  • red-orange;
  • graphite;
  • turquoise;
  • blue.

Smokey ice for green eyesSmokey ice for green eyes twoSmokey ice for green eyes threeSmokey ice for green eyes fourSmokey ice for green eyes five

Smokey ice for blue eyes

Almost all shades of the presented make-up are suitable for women with “heavenly” eyes. Smokey eyes for blue eyes look good in a classic variation due to the contrast with black. If you want to make the image lighter and more romantic, you can perform a less intense look of makeup, for example, silver-gray smoky ice. Other suitable shades:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • azure blue;
  • brown;
  • violet;
  • lilac;
  • golden chocolate;
  • turquoise.

Smokey ice for blue eyesSmokey ice for blue eyes twoSmokey ice for blue eyes threeSmokey ice for blue eyes fourSmokey ice for blue eyes five

Smokey ice for gray eyes

It is important for girls with “chameleon” irises to be more careful when choosing shadows. If their color exactly matches the natural tone of the eyes, the look will become dull and cloudy. Smoky eyes makeup is contrasting, it should be either lighter or darker than the iris. Stylists recommend the classic version or graphite gray shading, close to the color of wet asphalt. Another successful type of visage is green smokey ice. It gives gray eyes a marine tint, makes them richer and brighter. Other suitable types of shadows:

  • purple;
  • blue;
  • bronze;
  • lilac;
  • mint;
  • red;
  • pink;
  • dark blue;
  • turquoise;
  • golden brown;
  • copper.

Smokey ice for gray eyesSmokey ice for gray eyes twoSmokey ice for gray eyes threeSmokey ice for gray eyes fourSmokey ice for gray eyes five