Small tattoos - 66 cool ideas for girls

When choosing permanent designs on the body, most women prefer neat patterns. Small tattoos look aesthetically pleasing and elegant, and if necessary, they can be easily hidden under clothing or accessories. They are not only an adornment of the body, but also a way of expressing individuality, demonstrating character and philosophy of life.

Where is the best place to get a small tattoo?

The location of a permanent picture or pattern should be selected based on personal preferences. Small tattoos look good on any part of the body, the most popular options for choosing a place for a tattoo:

  • hands and fingers;
  • legs, feet;
  • neck, behind the ear;
  • area under the breast, ribs;
  • clavicle.

small tattoos on arm

Hands, forearms, wrists and fingers are the most popular areas for applying permanent drawings. Small tattoos on the arm for girls are the best choice if you want the patterns to be visible to others, but do not seem too extravagant or informal. Tiny drawings made in watercolor or minimal style look especially gentle. Small tattoos on the wrist look beautiful in the form of a thin bracelet or a small symbol, a geometric figure.

Hand pattern options:

  • flowers;
  • branches of plants or trees;
  • birds;
  • stars;
  • images of the planets;
  • hearts;
  • inscriptions, letters;
  • infinity symbol;
  • diamond;
  • crown;
  • animals;
  • insects;
  • bow;
  • feather;
  • Zodiac sign;
  • crescent;
  • treble clef;
  • pin and others.

small tattoos on armsmall tattoos on armsmall tattoos on armsmall tattoos on arm foursmall tattoos on arm fivesmall tattoos on arm six

small tattoos on leg

Most of the patterns in the presented area are stuffed around the ankles or feet. Some small tattoos on the leg look good on the calves and thighs, under the knee bend (behind). Such permanent drawings are easy to care for – they heal quickly after application and are easily corrected. If necessary, small tattoos on the legs can simply be hidden under clothes or shoes.

In the area under consideration, it is popular to fill the following images:

  • Rose of Wind;
  • branches with flowers;
  • thin bracelet;
  • feather;
  • martin;
  • pigeon
  • stars;
  • geometric figures;
  • ethnic patterns;
  • Indian mandalas;
  • abstraction;
  • cherries;
  • inscriptions;
  • dates
  • animal silhouettes;
  • Bow and arrows;
  • yin and yang symbol;
  • butterfly;
  • spider;
  • molecules of chemical compounds and others.

small tattoos on legsmall leg tattoossmall leg tattoossmall tattoos on leg foursmall tattoos on leg fivesmall tattoos on leg six

Small tattoos on the neck

The specified zone is also a frequent “canvas” for the master of permanent drawing. Small tattoos on the neck can be located in different areas:

  • behind, under the hairline;
  • behind the ear;
  • side;
  • in a hollow (hollow) in front;
  • above the collarbone.

Such tattoos emphasize the graceful lines of the neck, draw attention to the face. They are clearly visible to others, but are easily hidden with loose hair or a scarf. Small tattoos in the described area are painful to stuff, the skin on the neck is thin and sensitive, it contains many nerve endings and blood vessels. Correction will have to be done often due to the rapid renewal of the epidermis in this area and constant friction during washing, wearing clothes and accessories.

Options for small tattoos for the neck:

  • moth, butterfly;
  • branch of lavender;
  • flower;
  • bird or flock;
  • crown;
  • diamond;
  • inscription;
  • space bodies, constellations;
  • image of an animal;
  • letters, numbers;
  • abstract pattern;
  • ethnic drawings;
  • minimalism (points, lines);
  • geometric figures;
  • infinity symbol;
  • zodiac sign;
  • feather;
  • dream catcher and others.

small tattoos on the necksmall tattoos on the necksmall neck tattoossmall neck tattoos foursmall neck tattoossmall neck tattoos

Small tattoos under the breast

In the area of ​​u200bu200bthe ribs, stuffing patterns is very painful. In this area, there is practically no fat layer, which serves as a buffer for the introduction of a needle with paint. Women prefer neat and small chest tattoos without filling. To create them, a minimum of time is required and the pain will not have to be endured for too long, and such drawings look very gentle and erotic. These tattoos refer to intimate body decorations that are visible only if the girl herself shows them.

Popular images for the underbust area:

  • bird;
  • inscription;
  • feather;
  • flower;
  • a branch of a plant;
  • abstract pattern;
  • sea ​​wave;
  • clover leaf;
  • wing;
  • tree of life;
  • revolver;
  • cardiogram (under the left breast);
  • heart;
  • stars;
  • infinity symbol;
  • Zodiac sign;
  • important date;
  • name;
  • geometric figure;
  • cross;
  • snake;
  • dandelion;
  • hourglass;
  • fern leaf;
  • lotus;
  • sakura and others.

small tattoos under breastsmall tattoos under breastssmall tattoos under breastssmall tattoos under breasts foursmall tattoos under bust fivesmall tattoos under breasts six

small tattoo on collarbone

This part of the body is especially attractive to men. Neat or tiny drawings on the collarbones look very sexy and touching, they emphasize the fragility and sensuality of a woman, the lines of her neck and shoulders. Small tattoos for girls in the indicated area are painful to fill. The zone is located close to the bone, so there is a thin layer of fat under the skin.

Popular clavicle tattoo designs:

  • inscriptions;
  • birds;
  • hearts;
  • flowers;
  • arrows;
  • stars;
  • abstract patterns;
  • biomechanics;
  • minimalism;
  • geometric figures;
  • magic symbols;
  • branches of plants or trees;
  • butterflies;
  • religious symbols (cross, star of David);
  • constellations;
  • serpent Ouroboros;
  • cardiogram;
  • schematic images of animals and others.

small tattoo on collarbonesmall tattoo on collarbonesmall tattoo on collarbonesmall tattoo on collarbone foursmall tattoo on collarbonesmall tattoo on collarbone

The meaning of small tattoos

The era when permanent drawings on the body were given a special meaning is already in the past. Small tattoos for girls often serve just as a decoration, a way to express their essence, to stand out from others. Sometimes they are stuffed to mask a scar or scar, birthmark, and similar skin imperfections. Rarely small tattoos have any meaning:

  • star – eternal youth, immortality;
  • The sun – fertility, life, warmth;
  • swallow – hope, fidelity, constancy;
  • yin and yang – the union of opposites, the beginning and the end;
  • Moon – fulfillment of desires;
  • dove – peace, freedom, devotion;
  • bee – diligence, responsibility, family values;
  • lavender – balance, calmness;
  • Mercury – good luck in business, wealth;
  • lotus – perfection, divinity;
  • spider – danger, cunning;
  • Saturn – wisdom, spirituality;
  • wind rose – search for oneself, isolation from society;
  • crane – a happy long life;
  • cat – mystery, loneliness;
  • Venus – success in love affairs;
  • rose – passion, tenderness;
  • hummingbird – intuition, change for the better;
  • revolver – determination, danger;
  • Mars – audacity, assertiveness;
  • seagull – travel, love of the sea;
  • a flock of birds – the desire for freedom, free spirit;
  • clover – fortune;
  • arrow – dexterity, determination, desire to find a partner;
  • infinity – eternal life, love;
  • owl – intelligence, wisdom;
  • butterfly, moth – rebirth, the beginning “from scratch”;
  • constellation – faith in cosmic forces, good luck;
  • bow – innocence, infantilism;
  • heart – love;
  • anchor – stability, fidelity;
  • Christian cross – faith in God, humility.

This is a short list of the most sought after small tattoos. Girls stuff other symbols belonging to different cultures (Polynesian, Indian, Chinese, Celtic). Any patterns are selected individually, depending on personal preferences and views. A permanent drawing on the body will remain forever, so you need to choose it carefully.

small tattoo ideas

Among the many designs and styles, it is difficult to choose a specific image or pattern. You can ask the master to show ready-made beautiful small tattoos (sketches), or jointly create a new unique drawing. Such pictures will cost more, but they will help to emphasize individuality and character, to demonstrate their own view of the world.

Small flower tattoos

small flower tattoossmall flower tattoos twosmall flower tattoos threesmall flower tattoos foursmall flower tattoo fivesmall flower tattoos six

Plant theme is the most popular among women. Young girls stuff small tattoos with their favorite or consonant with the name of a flower (lily, rose, daisy and the like). At a more conscious age, a woman chooses a drawing with meaning, symbolizing her personal philosophy, life goals and views. In modern design, tiny tattoos in color or monochrome, up to 3-4 cm in size, are considered a trend. They are almost invisible at a cursory glance, but successfully complement any image, add “zest” and uniqueness to it.

small bird tattoos

small bird tattoossmall bird tattoos twosmall bird tattoos threesmall bird tattoo foursmall bird tattoo fivesmall bird tattoos six

The generalized meaning of all images with birds is freedom, aspiration upward, flight, connection with the sky. One bird can symbolize something specific, depending on its type, or speak of loneliness, introversion, a deep and complex inner world. Tiny tattoos for girls in the form of a flock of birds report dreaminess of nature, love of adventure and travel. Such drawings look interesting in the plural, when several birds rush up.

Small tattoo inscriptions

small tattoo lettering timessmall tattoo lettering twosmall tattoo lettering threesmall tattoo lettering foursmall tattoo lettering fivesmall tattoo lettering six

The presented design option is the easiest way to tell others about yourself or fix some memorable event, express feelings. Small inscription tattoos always have a specific meaning:

  • life motto;
  • favorite aphorism or quote;
  • important date;
  • the name of a loved one;
  • reminder.

Previously fashionable hieroglyphs are already considered bad manners in the tattoo world. Preferred languages ​​to write in:

  • English;
  • Latin;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Greek;
  • native language;
  • Morse code.

geometric small tattoos

geometric small fold tattoosgeometric small tattoos twogeometric small tattoos threegeometric small tattoos fourgeometric small tattoo fivegeometric small tattoos six

The described direction in the field of permanent drawing is a novelty, it is rapidly developing and gaining popularity. Small graphic tattoos are stylish and modern. An experienced craftsman can create a unique geometric design from any sketch. Most of these images have no hidden meaning, they just look spectacular and beautiful. If you wish, you can pick up small tattoos with meaning in the style of graphics:

  • triangle – masculine (top up) or feminine (top down) beginning;
  • circle – infinity, perfection;
  • rhombus – sophistication, harmony;
  • square – a difficult path, willpower;
  • oval – mystery, rich inner world.

Small minimalist tattoos

small minimalist tattoossmall tattoos in the style of minimalism twosmall tattoos in the style of minimalism threesmall minimalist tattoos foursmall minimalist tattoos fivesmall tattoos in the style of minimalism six

This type of drawings and patterns is done in monochrome, without filling in the internal areas. Minimalistic tiny tattoos look like a sketch or sketch, but they look very neat and elegant. Such images are chosen by simple and open people who value directness and conciseness. Most designs are stuffed based on personal preferences, sometimes they have a deep meaning.

Small tattoos for two

small tattoos for twosmall tattoos for twosmall tattoos for two threesmall tattoos for two foursmall tattoos for two fivesmall tattoos for two six

Paired permanent drawings are performed in 2 versions – identical and opposite. Small simple tattoos for two loving people:

  • Moon and sun;
  • card designations of the king and lady;
  • lock and key;
  • yin and yang;
  • halves of the heart;
  • matching pieces of the puzzle;
  • cardiogram (whole when combining 2 tattoos);
  • hands reaching out to each other;
  • silhouettes of a boy and a girl;
  • birds (the beginning of the flock is with one person, the continuation is with another);
  • cross and zero;
  • Cupid’s arrows;
  • star (planet) and rocket;
  • a schematic representation of an angel (wings, halo) and a demon (horns, tail);
  • the first letters of the name and others.

Among the newlyweds, small tattoos on the fingers are in demand instead of wedding rings or in addition to them. The drawing can be filled in different ways:

  • a symbol of infinity as eternal love;
  • anchor;
  • simple shaded line;
  • pattern;
  • partner’s name around the circumference of the finger;
  • date of marriage or acquaintance;
  • hearts and similar images.