saggy chest

The opinions of men about the beauty of the female breast differ significantly: some consider lush rounded shapes attractive, while others like a small, neat bust. However, everyone agrees that a woman’s breasts are beautiful if they are tall and firm, and no one will be delighted with the sight of saggy breasts. Therefore, if a woman’s breasts are very sagging, which often happens after losing weight and breastfeeding, this entails a lot of uncomfortable sensations and psychological complexes. Consider why the chest sags, and what to do in such a situation.

Why does the chest sag?

The female breast consists of glandular tissue, which is responsible for the production of milk and is attached through connective tissue to the muscles of the chest. From above, the glandular tissue is covered with a fatty layer and skin. In different women, the amount of glandular and adipose tissue in the breast can vary significantly, while the shape of the breast is determined precisely by soft tissues, which are very sensitive to various external and internal influences.

The main factors that can lead to ugly sagging breasts in a woman are:

  • hormonal changes in the body (menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, taking hormonal drugs, etc.), in which the glandular tissue increases sharply in volume and weight, which leads to stretching of the soft tissues;
  • a significant decrease in body weight, leading to a decrease in the fat layer of the bust, and a decrease in the volume of glandular tissue after the end of lactation, in which there remains an excess of “unfilled” skin tissue;
  • skin aging leading to flaccidity and stretching;
  • incorrect position of the child during breastfeeding – incomplete capture of the nipple, pinching of the breast, etc., which leads to bust deformation.

How to tighten sagging breasts?

Fortunately, it is possible to return the original appearance of sagging breasts at least partially, especially if this problem is dealt with in a timely manner. Various methods are used for this:

  1. External funds (ointments, creams, lotions, etc.), the action of which is aimed at increasing the tone and elasticity of the skin, as well as local preparations with hormones in the composition, causing an increase in the volume of the glandular breast tissue. It is worth noting that the former are able to help only with slight sagging and, rather, are intended to prevent this problem, while the latter show an effect only during the period of their use.
  2. Medicines for oral administration, which contain either hormones or substances that stimulate their production, thereby causing an increase in breast size and tightening the contours. Such drugs also cannot be used for a long time, and after their cancellation, the reverse process will occur.
  3. Physical exercise and massageaimed at strengthening the muscular frame of the chest, normalizing posture, improving skin condition. These methods cannot help to noticeably tighten the chest, but thanks to them, you can improve the shape of the bust.
  4. Breast correction through mesotherapy with the use of drugs that tighten the skin of the breast, stimulating the production of its own collagen and elastin.
  5. Hardware cosmetology (microwave therapy, thermolifting, etc.) – the use of physiotherapeutic methods, also aimed at improving the condition of skin tissues and partially strengthening muscle tissue.
  6. how to tighten sagging breasts

  7. Breast lift with threads (polypropylene, gold, platinum, etc.), which involves the introduction of special threads into the soft tissues of the bust to lift it.
  8. Mastopexy – Surgical breast lift. This is the most effective and radical method, which provides for various surgical techniques, but is dangerous for the development of complications.

How exactly to tighten the chest, if it sagged, which method to give preference to, only an experienced specialist can recommend. Therefore, it is best to start solving the problem with a medical consultation.