Remedy for cracked heels - the best pharmacy and folk medicines

An attempt to find the best remedy for cracked heels is familiar to many, this problem is especially typical for summer residents, when the foot has a heavy load, and the skin instantly coarsens with frequent contact with the ground. Through the gaps it is easy to infect the infection, so the treatment of such unpleasant manifestations becomes an urgent issue.

Why does the skin on the soles of the feet crack?

Before choosing a remedy for cracked heels, you should pay attention to the reasons why the skin of the feet may crack. Cracks can be both longitudinal, along the foot, and transverse, which is less common. The first and main cause of such an ailment is called dry skin of the legs, which is more often manifested in the summer, and when walking barefoot it is greatly aggravated.

The reasons why deep cracks on the heels appear are different. There are frequent cases when such manifestations are the result of metabolic disorders, diabetes, lack of vitamins.

But there are others, more characteristic:

  • shoes that are tight or unsuitable for the weather;
  • long stay on the legs;
  • abuse of peeling;
  • synthetic things;
  • walking barefoot on hard surfaces.

How to cure cracked heels?

how to heal cracked heels

If such a problem bothers you constantly, you should contact a specialist to undergo an examination. After all, diseases can also provoke such manifestations, and they worsen over time. But if the causes are only external, a quality remedy for cracked heels can help. There are drugs that fight the cause and that eliminate the symptoms, so it is worthwhile to study the possibilities of the medicine before buying.

Tips on how to get rid of cracked heels:

  1. Drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid to remove dehydration and dry skin.
  2. Apply the selected remedy 2-3 times a day.
  3. Do therapeutic baths once a week.

Pharmacy remedy for cracked heels

remedy for cracked heels

It is difficult to determine which is the best remedy for cracked heels, the pharmacy offers many remedies, and each of them has its pros and cons. It is not at all necessary to buy the most expensive, it is important that the composition is suitable for the body, often quite budgetary funds can cope with the problem. It is recommended to immediately purchase a cream that nourishes the skin, it is applied after baths.

What is the medicine for cracked heels in a pharmacy:

  1. Petrolatum. Heals and moisturizes the skin, you need to apply a layer of 1-2 mm, use the product every day, until the problem is solved.
  2. Zinc ointment. Removes dryness, itching, destroys infection and unpleasant odor, restores tissues. It must be applied 2 times a day.
  3. Cream Dexeryl. Includes glycerin, which retains moisture well and moisturizes the skin. Apply 1-2 times a day.

Cracked heel cream

The most effective cream for cracked heels with urea is considered, this substance penetrates deep into the skin, protects against dehydration. There are several such mixtures, they act more gently than ointments, do not leave marks on clothes. In the plus – the natural composition and a good result, in the minus – they do not act instantly, the cumulative effect works here.

Recommended from a series of creams for cracked heels:

  1. Evo with urea. The additive is 10%, protects cells, and softens the skin with coconut and olive oils.
  2. Natura Siberica. Contains extracts of Siberian herbs, the cream is supplemented with white wax and vitamin A.
  3. Urea doctor. It also contains tea tree oil, vitamin E, celandine and oak bark extract.

Ointment for cracked heels

cracked heel ointment

Very effective and such a remedy for severe cracks on the heels, like ointments, there are also a lot of them. The only negative is that they heal wounds, but do not remove the cause, they do not nourish dry skin, they do not protect from sun exposure. The composition should contain antiseptics or any other healing substances.

What ointments are the most effective:

  1. Radevit. Strengthens the protection of the skin, you need to apply 1-2 times a day, until recovery.
  2. Levomekol – from cracked heels also helps, although it is designed for wound healing. You need to spread it 2 times a day, in a thin layer, then lie down so that the mixture is absorbed.
  3. Salicylic ointment. Before use, you need to soak your feet in a bath with sea salt, spread thickly, wrap with a film, put on socks, hold for 2 hours. Then rinse and smear with cream.

Solution for cracked heels

If the crack formed suddenly and causes pain, and there are no necessary funds at hand, treatment with hydrogen peroxide will help to overcome cracks in the heels. This mixture is available in every first aid kit, it not only heals wounds and destroys bacteria, but also softens rough skin, even relieves calluses, heel spurs and corns. Masks work more effectively.

Cracked heel mask recipe


  • hydrogen peroxide – 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • vinegar 9% – 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • glycerin – 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Preparation, application

  1. Mix the ingredients, smear cracks.
  2. Hold for 15-20 min.
  3. Then rinse and lubricate the skin with cream.

Treatment of cracked heels with folk remedies

home remedies for cracked heels

If the skin on the feet often cracks due to dryness, it is worth trying folk recipes. They are convenient in that they can be used constantly, without risk to health, mixtures are made from vegetables. Onions help well, they grind it and spread it on sore spots, wrap it with a film on top and put on socks. The compress is best left overnight.

Other well-known folk remedies for cracked heels:

  1. Oatmeal. Boil thick porridge, season with linseed oil, arrange in bags. Hold the feet for 2 hours, then rinse.
  2. Honey. The easiest way is to steam your legs, spread with honey, wrap with a cabbage leaf, and secure with a bandage. Do at night, wash off in the morning.
  3. Glycerol, from cracked heels helps complete with 9% vinegar. Portions are mixed in half, the legs should be steamed, put a compress, wrap in a bag, put on socks. Wash off after 3-4 hours.

Herbs for cracked heels

You can also effectively treat cracked heels at home with the help of herbs, decoctions are used for compresses and lotions. Apply still infusions and lotions for wiping. Aloe decoction is considered the best, finely chopped leaves are poured with hot water, after the mixture boils, it is turned off and infused for 3-4 hours. Then the decoction is diluted with 2 liters of water and the feet are soared.

The best herbal remedies:

  1. Aloe leaves. They are first kept in the cold for 5 days, then ground, mixed with 5 tbsp. spoons of honey and 2 yolks. Apply to the heels, wrap with polyethylene, put on socks. It is better to do at night, wash off in the morning. The course is designed for 10 procedures.
  2. Collection of herbs from chamomile, sage, calendula, string and oak bark. According to 2 tbsp. mix spoons of dry raw materials, brew 500 ml of water, hold in the bath for half an hour. Add to the bath for procedures, keep the legs for 20 minutes.
  3. Leaves coltsfoot. Pour dry or fresh leaves with milk, hold for a couple, fresh – half an hour, dry – 1 hour, then squeeze a little and apply to the heels. Secure with bags and socks, remove after 1 hour.

Oils for cracked heels

oils for cracked heels

Well treat cracks and restore dry skin oils. They recommend linseed, castor, olive, coconut, but sea buckthorn oil is considered the most effective for cracked heels. It not only heals wounds and removes dry skin, but also restores its acid-base balance. If the concentrated mixture burns, you can dilute it 1 to 2 with olive oil.

How to apply sea buckthorn oil from cracks:

  1. Steam legs, wipe, treat with pumice.
  2. Apply oil to the affected area, cover with gauze.
  3. Wrap with foil, put on socks.
  4. Hold for 2-3 hours, rinse with warm water.
  5. The course of procedures is designed for a week.

Homemade recipes for cracked heels

They cope well with the problem of the bath, for cracked heels this is a remedy that has been proven over the years. They are made on decoctions of herbs, powders, the water should be hot, but not scalding. It is better to spend in the evening, before going to bed, it additionally calms and relaxes. After the procedure, the feet should be greased with a fat cream and put on socks.

Baths are recommended:

  1. With apple cider vinegar. Prevents peeling, removes cracks. Dilute to 1 liter of water 2-3 tbsp. spoons, hold legs for 20 minutes. Then treated with pumice and smeared with cream.
  2. Salt. You only need iodized or sea salt, dilute 100 g per 1.5 liters of hot water. Keep it for 10-15 minutes, then treat the skin with cream. Well heals and nourishes the epidermis.
  3. With starch. Dissolve 1 tbsp. a spoonful of powder per 1 liter of water, you need to keep your feet for half an hour, then treat with pumice.