Powder eyebrows - features and techniques for performing a new tattoo

Modern techniques in cosmetology help women achieve the desired appearance without the effect of artificiality. The powder technique of permanent makeup is the best choice if you want to emphasize the eyebrows, but keep them natural. The arcs look bright and natural, do not need daily tinting.

Eyebrow powder – what is it?

The described design method is also called nano-, dot, pixel tattooing and shading. In most salons, it is offered as powder eyebrows, what kind of technique is hidden behind the listed options, any progressive cosmetologist will tell. This technique has long gained popularity, in parallel with microblading. Powder tattooing is often used as a supplement, but some women have appreciated nano-spraying as an independent procedure. It is not suitable for everyone, so it is important to first get advice from an experienced cosmetologist.

Eyebrow tattoo – powder technique

Manipulation is the introduction of pigment under the skin to a shallow depth, about 0.3 mm. Powder eyebrow tattoo is not like any other permanent makeup. It provides a feathering effect without clear contours and borders. The arcs seem to be neatly tinted with shadows, they look thick, well-groomed, perfectly symmetrical. Even with a close study, powdery eyebrows look very natural, photos before and after the final correction are presented below. They show that this technique gives the desired shape and color, density, but without graphics and unnatural lines.

Eyebrow tattoo powder techniqueEyebrow tattoo powder technique twoEyebrow tattoo powder technique threeEyebrow tattoo powder technique fourEyebrow tattoo powder technique five

Powder coating and microblading – differences

The considered techniques are designed for specific purposes and each provides a specific effect. Powder eyebrows are a good choice when you need to slightly adjust the density and shape of the arches, fill in the voids between the hairs, and achieve symmetry. Pixel spraying is performed pointwise, without drawing, and the paint is injected to a minimum depth.

Microblading is optimal in “advanced” cases. It is suitable for women who have few own hairs or too short, thin eyebrows. Microblading involves drawing lines with subcutaneous pigment injection. The master draws additional hairs, taking into account the direction of their growth, thickness and shades. This is a more complex technique that requires jewelry precision.

Signing up for a procedure at the salon, many women cannot decide whether to do eyebrow microblading or powder spraying, which is better for the client, the cosmetologist should advise, based on the existing characteristics of the arches (shade, length, density). Often, masters recommend combining the described techniques in order to get the most natural and stable result.

How are powder brows made?

The presented manipulation is considered one of the fastest and painless procedures in the field of permanent makeup. Powder coating refers to tattooing, but the discomfort from the introduction of pigment is minimal. Thanks to the point technique of driving paint under the skin, and a shallow depth, many women do not even feel a tingle during the session.

Powder eyebrows – procedure

The visit to the master will take about an hour. During this time, the specialist will perform the following actions:

  1. Client consultation. It is important to understand that permanent eyebrow makeup is being carried out, powder coating is a shallow tattoo that will last a long time. It is necessary to explain in great detail to the beautician what width, length, color and shape you want to get as a result.
  2. Outline definition. The master corrects the arcs, plucks out excess hairs.
  3. Shade selection. Experienced brows use several colors to achieve maximum naturalness.
  4. Cleaning and disinfection processing zones.
  5. Pre-drawing. The specialist marks the boundaries and shape, coordinates them with the client.
  6. Application of anesthesia. Powder eyebrows are an almost painless procedure, but most cosmetologists use a “freezing” cream.
  7. Tattoo. In the process, the master fills many small dots of varying degrees of saturation using a special pen with a bunch of needles at the end.
  8. Antiseptic treatment and healing agent.

How to make powder eyebrows

Powder eyebrows – healing

Immediately after the manipulation, the arcs look a bit graphic, have a clear shape and high pigment saturation. This is temporary, because powder coating of eyebrows is a tattoo, and not all paint will “take root” during the restoration process. Masters deliberately make the color brighter (by 1.5-2 tones), knowing that after skin regeneration it will turn pale. On the first day, the epidermis swells slightly and turns red due to local damage, blood may be released. These symptoms disappear within 24-72 hours. How powder eyebrows heal (photo):

  • residual swelling on the 3rd day;

Powder eyebrows healing third day

  • formation of crusts in a week;

Powder eyebrows healing eighth day

  • peeling rejection after 14 days;

Powder eyebrows healing 14 day

  • full recovery of the skin after 3 weeks.

Powder eyebrows healing after crusts

The last photo shows that the powder eyebrows are still too faded after the first procedure, so a correction is always necessary for the desired result. How the pigment is “taken” depends on several individual skin characteristics:

  • fat content;
  • pore width;
  • thickness;
  • natural shade;
  • cell renewal rate.

Powder coating of eyebrows – care

Both the intermediate and the final result of the described manipulation will worsen if the recommendations of the cosmetologist are not followed.

It is important to properly handle the eyebrow tattoo, the powder effect will be perfect and long-lasting if the following rules are followed:

  1. Before the formation of the first crusts, you can not fully wash your face. Make-up removal and skin cleansing is carried out with cotton pads moistened with micellar water, without touching the eyebrow area.
  2. Treated areas should be disinfected with Chlorhexidine. A cotton swab is impregnated with the solution and applied to the epidermis. Do not rub, do not press.
  3. Several times a day, the eyebrows are lubricated with a healing cream or ointment – Bepanten, Dexpanthenol, D-Panthenol and analogues.
  4. After the formation of crusts, it is allowed to wash with water (not hot), avoiding rough effects on the arcs (friction, pressure). You can’t wipe your face yet, just apply a soft towel or paper napkin to it.
  5. It is forbidden to remove the crusts, tear them off. Peeling should go away on its own.

Throughout the healing period, you will have to avoid:

  • tanning, including solarium;
  • hot air (hair dryer, sauna, bath);
  • eyebrow makeup;
  • water procedures (bathing in reservoirs, pools);
  • peeling and scrubbing;
  • hardware procedures for the face.

Powder eyebrow correction

If all the crusts have safely gone away, and the skin has healed, you can sign up for a second session with the master. The specialist will perform a second tattoo of the eyebrows, powder coating in this case is carried out similarly to the starting procedure, but is faster. At the stage of correction, the arcs already have the desired shape and contours, it remains only to fill in the paint again and eliminate the shortcomings. The second manipulation is usually prescribed 1-1.5 months after the primary one, but no later than 60 days from the starting visit to the master.

How long does powdered brows last?

The stability of the results obtained in all women is individual. Some require several additional corrections a year, others wear powder eyebrows for 12-18 months, how long the tattoo lasts depends on such factors:

  • age;
  • oily skin;
  • the rate of renewal of the epidermis;
  • frequency of peels;
  • skin susceptibility to pigment;
  • immune activity;
  • exposure to the sun or solarium.

Consequences of powder eyebrow tattoo

The spraying technique is considered the most gentle in the field of permanent makeup, so it rarely causes complications. For most women, eyebrows after a powder tattoo heal quickly and look natural. When the regeneration process is accompanied by alarming symptoms, special treatment will be required. If powder permanent eyebrows start to fester, a lot of ichor is released, there is a strong swelling and inflammation, it is important to immediately visit a dermatologist. Negative consequences can arise only because of such nuances:

  • paint allergy;
  • improper care;
  • master errors.

Powder coating – pros and cons

This tattoo option has a lot of advantages. The main advantage is the most natural and imperceptible permanent makeup, powder eyebrows look natural, even if they are closely examined.

Other positive features:

  • painlessness;
  • long-term preservation of the effect;
  • microblading compatibility;
  • the ability to change the shade during a second visit to the master.

When signing up for this procedure with a cosmetologist, it is important to remember the disadvantages of manipulation:

  • powder eyebrows before and after healing are almost identical, correction is always needed;
  • long-term skin restoration (1-1.5 months);
  • unpleasant appearance at the stage of formation and rejection of crusts;
  • many restrictions and prohibitions in the healing process;
  • the risk of an allergic reaction.