Oblique bangs with long hair

A variety of bangs are now a very fashionable trend, because they fit almost any hairstyle and perfectly emphasize facial features. Oblique bangs with long hair is the trend of this season, which is based on the romanticism and airiness of the image, the cultivation of natural female beauty.

Long hair with side bangs

The most stylish hairstyle is now recognized as a simple even cut of hair. It is believed that long well-groomed hair of natural color without graduation is the ideal of femininity. Moreover, such a hairstyle perfectly hides minor flaws in the face, imperfections in its shape.

Oblique bangs with an even cut should be either very elongated or very short. The middle option will not work well, because it will give the oval of the face a round shape. Please note: thick oblique bangs allow you to create many styling options. It can be combed up and to the side, braided and braided, twisted into bundles.

Long cascade with oblique bangs

The cascade loved by most women is always relevant. This haircut is universally suitable for any type of face, therefore it has a huge number of variations.

An elongated cascade goes well with oblique bangs, because the hairstyle detail in question is a kind of addition to graduated strands. It is also worth noting that the bangs in combination with the described haircut visually increase the volume and density of the strands, easily and quickly fit.

Professional hairdressers recommend highlighting or coloring hair to add shine, shimmer and shimmer to a hairstyle with oblique bangs.

Long square with oblique bangs

The proposed haircut, especially in the asymmetric version, goes well with side bangs. It is advisable to wear a similar hairstyle for women with a wide face, because a long bob visually stretches the oval of the face.

Oblique bangs can be picked up in one of the following styles:

  • graduated;
  • short;
  • long;
  • asymmetric.

It looks very impressive if several large strands are painted in a bright color (red, orange, blue, purple).

No less good with a square looks and torn oblique long bangs. It is only worth remembering that this way of performing a haircut requires thick and healthy strands so that the hair does not look too “liquid”.

How to style long oblique bangs?

Depending on the type of haircut chosen, styling may include the following actions:

  1. Gently straighten the bangs with an iron.
  2. With the help of a styler, create large romantic curls.
  3. When drying with a hairdryer, lay the bangs on their side and back so that they freely fall on the face in a wave.
  4. Twist into a tight bundle or braid a braid (French, Greek, fishtail, from 4 strands or spikelets), fix the ends with a hairpin, a small elastic band.
  5. Make a pile and create a neat, even cook on top (looks great with a ponytail on straight hair).
  6. Give the bangs volume so that it covers the forehead and slightly descends over one eye.
  7. Comb the strands evenly back, fix with plenty of varnish.
  8. Finely wind the bangs along with the main volume of hair.
  9. Tie into a small ponytail at the crown.
  10. Stab invisibility on the side.
  11. Secure with a headband or pretty ribbon.

Naturally, these are not all methods to lay oblique elongated bangs, because no one requires you to limit your imagination. Experiment with images and accessories, coloring with tonic, paint or crayons, the main thing is that the hairstyle reflects your personality and you personally like it.