Nose piercing - who suits, how they do it, what jewelry to choose?

People have adorned themselves since antiquity, trying to gain the favor of the gods, emphasize social status or demonstrate martial skills. During the heyday of hippie culture, piercing became a symbol of youth, freedom and departure from stereotypes. Modern lovers of different earrings wear them for personal reasons or just for beauty.

Types of nose piercing

When mentioning said piercing, most people think of the stud in the wing fold. This earring in the nose (nostril) is the most popular, especially among girls. She looks neat, feminine and gentle, not too extravagant, combined with different styles of clothing. Nostril – a universal puncture, instead of a carnation, you can insert a ring into the hole. It looks stylish, a little rebellious, and will successfully emphasize a grunge or punk look. In addition to the classic piercings, there are non-traditional ways to decorate the nose (the location is shown in the picture):

Types of nose piercing

  • bridge (rod, microbanan);

Bridge nose piercing types

  • septum (ring and half ring);

Types of septum nose piercing

  • nazallang (arrow or rod);

Nasallang nose piercing types

  • rhinoceros (microbanana).

Rhino Nose Piercing Types

Nose ring piercing

The jewelry in question is produced in different diameters and shapes. More often with its help make out the piercing of the septum of the nose. You can insert a small, neat and smooth ring. It will successfully complement the image, emphasize the dreamy and free nature. Large, embossed rings with openwork surfaces immediately attract attention. They are preferred by courageous and creative people striving for self-expression. The ring may not close, the semicircle also looks great in the septum.

Nose ring piercing timesNose piercing ring twoNose piercing ring three

The same decoration looks spectacular in the side version of wearing. Nose wing ring piercing also exists in different diameters, thicknesses and colors. Some girls complement it with miniature pendants or chains, pebbles, beads. Often there are several thin rings together. They can fit in the same hole or be located next to each other, in adjacent punctures.

Nose piercing ring fournose piercing ring fiveNose piercing ring six

Stud nose piercing

Studs are the most sought after jewelry. The stud nose earring is universal. It looks good on any wings, goes well with all styles, and is almost invisible if desired. The stud is easy to install, there is never a problem how to insert a piercing into the nose or remove it for sanitization. The range of studs is huge, so it is easy to choose an accessory for all available outfits.

Nose piercing stud timesNose piercing studs twoNose piercing studs threeNose piercing studs fourNose piercing stud fiveNose piercing studs six

Who gets a nose piercing?

People who decorate their faces rarely think about whether it suits them or not. You don’t have to worry about who is going to get the wing of the nose, septum and other parts of it pierced. The main thing is that the wearing of the accessory should please its owner, and bring a sense of satisfaction with their own appearance. Nose piercing is both a decoration and a demonstration of freedom of spirit, getting rid of prejudices and stereotypes. If desired, it can always be removed, the tissues in the described area heal very quickly.

Nose piercing – contraindications

There are no strict prohibitions on standard procedure techniques. No serious problems can provoke a puncture of the septum and piercing of the wing of the nose, contraindications are limited to age under 18 years and a tendency to form keloid scars. In the presence of chronic recurrent pathologies, it is better to first consult with your doctor. Sometimes a nose piercing is refused for pregnant and lactating mothers. A puncture can cause stress, and this negatively affects gestation and milk production.

How is a nose piercing done?

Professional craftsmen pierce only with a special needle. Nose piercing with a gun is not advisable. The tissues are too dense, the device may not “finish”, but damage the skin and cartilage structures. Even the nose wing piercing, as the thinnest part, should not be done with a gun. An experienced master will make a needle puncture quickly, painlessly, efficiently and safely.

The nose piercing technique is simple:

  • disinfection of the puncture area;
  • antiseptic treatment of the instrument;
  • marking the future hole with a marker;
  • puncture;
  • washing with an antiseptic;
  • installation of earrings made of hypoallergenic medical alloy.

Nose piercing jewelry

Accessories are sold for every “pocket” and taste. Immediately after the puncture, the master will put an earring made of medical alloy. When the hole is formed, you can replace the decoration. To avoid allergies, it is better to buy an accessory made of precious metal, titanium or leave a medical alloy. Silver or gold nose piercings are mostly non-irritating and non-purulent. Individual intolerance even to these materials, including rhodium-plated jewelry, is rare. Particularly fastidious people will like a nose piercing with a diamond or other valuable inserts.

If there is no tendency to allergic reactions, you can wear any accessories. Barbells, bananas, and nose piercings are made from a variety of materials, including organic options:

  • plastic;
  • titanium;
  • horn;
  • ceramics;
  • acrylic;
  • wood;
  • bioplast;
  • bone;
  • teflon;
  • jewelry alloys (they also make a magnetic piercing snag on the nose) and others.