New Year's makeup

Many of us, like children, believe in miracles on New Year’s Eve. Paying attention to every detail on the festive night, we try not to miss anything so that the coming year will bring only good luck. Therefore, for women, an important component of the celebration is New Year’s makeup, which will make you feel confident and attractive all night.

What makeup to do for the New Year?

Approaching the issue extremely scrupulously, it is worth considering not only the style of New Year’s makeup and colors, but also providing for all the nuances so that the cosmetics last on the face as long as possible and do not require constant touch-ups. Therefore, it is better to give preference to high-quality and durable products from trusted brands that will not let you down at the most crucial moment.

It is also important to consider what kind of lighting is in the room where the meeting of the coming year will be held, because artificial light often distorts the shades of decorative cosmetics. Therefore, it is desirable to apply make-up in such lighting. Choosing what kind of makeup can be done for the New Year, we must not forget that it must be in harmony with the outfit and hairstyle.

Light make-up for the New Year

If you have already prepared a festive wardrobe, and this is far from being a modest dress, but, on the contrary, a bright and extravagant outfit, there is no need to be too “full” of cosmetics. In this case, it is better to choose a simpler, more restrained, close to natural make-up for the New Year, with a minimum of cosmetics. It is important to pay more attention to the correction of existing skin imperfections. An accent can be created on the lips, eyes or eyebrows, and when choosing the third option, you need to remember that wide dark eyebrows of a natural shape are now in trend.

light makeup for new yearlight makeup for new yearlight makeup for the new year

Bright New Year’s makeup

Women who in everyday life cannot afford bright strokes in their appearance, this night should finally forget about modesty, stand out from the crowd and surprise loved ones in an unusual, eccentric way. To create a really beautiful and spectacular evening make-up for the New Year, and not get a vulgar or comical look, it is better to take a little time before the holiday date and make a couple of trial make-up options. Experimenting with shades, their saturation, application technique, you can choose a good version.

bright new year makeupbright new year makeupbright new year makeup

New Year’s makeup with sparkles

One of the most winning and versatile options for a festive night is a shining New Year’s make-up using sparkles. To do this, it is recommended to use various means:

  1. A liquid eyeliner with shimmery particles – you can simply draw arrows along the lash line with it.
  2. Glitter, shimmer shadows for application on the entire moving eyelid, on the area under the eyebrows, under the eyes, on the skin at the outer corners of the eyes.
  3. Powder with a slight sparkling or iridescent sheen – applied to the entire face or to its individual areas.
  4. Glitter or lipstick with shining particles.
  5. Loose glitter – applied over liquid shadows, lipstick, transparent base, glued to the area around the eyes, cheekbones, eyebrows (using cosmetic glue or petroleum jelly).
  6. Glitter mascara – some manufacturers produce similar products that can be applied to cilia, eyebrows, and strands of hair.

Alternatively, when performing a brilliant New Year’s make-up, you can attach several rhinestones along the lash line, at the outer corner of the eyes, at the outer edge of the eyebrow, or lay out a small pattern from them. The main thing is to be guided by a sense of proportion, not to overdo it and choose the right shades of products with shining particles.

New Year's makeup with sparkles1New Year's makeup with sparkles2New Year's makeup with sparkles

New Year’s eye makeup

As with the use of cosmetics before any other solemn occasion, a combination of lip and eye makeup plays an essential role in creating a harmonious attractive image. It is worth highlighting only one part of the face, and more often the emphasis is on the eyes. Thanks to well-chosen cosmetics, you can emphasize the beauty of the eyes, give the look expressiveness, mystery and freshness.

When choosing decorative cosmetics for the eyes, experts recommend taking into account what kind of event is planned for the New Year. That is, makeup for a New Year’s corporate party, a theme party, a masquerade, a disco, a celebration in the family circle, a romantic meeting, etc. may have different meanings and be performed in different ways. At the same time, we do not forget that this gala evening is the most special of the year, therefore, no matter where and with whom you spend it, you need to look irresistible. To do this, you can apply one of the following eye makeup techniques:

  • smoky eyes;
  • “cat’s eye”;
  • “double arrow”;
  • “wing”;
  • “glare”;
  • “banana”;
  • make-up with false eyelashes.

New Year’s makeup for green eyes

The selected New Year’s makeup must certainly be performed taking into account the color of the eyes. So, make-up for green eyes for the New Year, in order to emphasize this natural gift, is recommended to be done using burgundy, olive, lilac, reddish-brown and copper shades. In this case, the hay-blue palette is strictly prohibited. In order not to create the effect of “tearful eyes”, you should make a thin black or dark brown edging with a contour pencil or liquid eyeliner. A more open look will make an overlay of white shadows under the eyebrows.

Christmas makeup for green eyesChristmas makeup for green eyesChristmas makeup for green eyes

New Year’s makeup for brown eyes

You can make brown eyes even more attractive by applying the following shades of shadows: gold, bronze, amber, mustard, olive, dark green, chocolate. When creating makeup for brown eyes for the New Year, brunettes should experiment with blue and aquamarine tones if they do not cause dissonance with the color scheme of the outfit. It is advisable for fair-haired people to give preference to calm tones, try sand and pink shades. Gray, silver, terracotta tones are taboo. Oriental-style makeup will look advantageous with this eye color.

new year makeup for brown eyesnew year makeup for brown eyesNew Year's makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for blue eyes for the New Year

The heavenly shade of the iris is a rarity, so it should definitely be emphasized with decorative cosmetics, trying to make the look even deeper, clearer and more fascinating. New Year’s makeup for blue eyes is recommended to be performed using contrasting shades of shadows: bronze, violet, peach, orange, lavender, milk chocolate, silver, steel, sandy gold. It is worth refusing from deep dark tones that give a tired look. A beautiful New Year’s make-up can be easily created by applying retro-style arrows.

Christmas makeup for blue eyesChristmas makeup for blue eyesChristmas makeup for blue eyes

New Year’s makeup for gray eyes

Gray-eyed girls are allowed to use a wide variety of colors of cosmetics, depending on what image is planned to be created on a festive night. In this case, many makeup artists recommend shadows with a slight metallic sheen, but the main thing is that the chosen tone does not repeat the color of the eyes. You should be careful with too catchy, as well as with warm reddish and terracotta shades. Creating a beautiful make-up for the New Year, gray-eyed seductresses should pay special attention to the contour of the eyes, which can be gray, brown, black.

New Year's makeup for gray eyesNew Year's makeup for gray eyesNew Year's makeup for gray eyes

How to do makeup for the New Year?

When thinking about how to do New Year’s makeup, it is important not only to listen to fashion trends and the recommendations of the masters, but also be guided by personal preferences. You need to choose only what you like, the selected make-up should be comfortable and delight its owner every time you look in the mirror. Here are a few general highlights that it is advisable to consider when performing New Year’s makeup:

  1. Before applying makeup, the skin should be perfectly prepared – it does not hurt to peel 2-3 days before the holiday, and immediately before using decorative cosmetics, thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the face, make a mask in accordance with the type and needs of the skin.
  2. To give the face an even and healthy tone, the foundation should be selected exactly according to the skin tone, and when applying it, do not forget to shade a small amount on the neck.
  3. An important touch of high-quality makeup is blush, the choice of shade of which is determined by the color of the skin and hair. Apply this tool should be on the parts of the cheeks that protrude when smiling.
  4. If the emphasis in makeup is on the eyes, it is better to use light colors to decorate the lips, you can use mother of pearl.

Master class – New Year’s makeup

As an example, consider how to make New Year’s makeup with sparkles step by step:

  1. We apply cream.
  2. how to make up for new year

  3. Shade the corrector on problem areas.
  4. how to make up for new year

  5. As a base tone, apply sandy shades on the upper eyelid and the area under the eyebrow.
  6. how to do makeup for new year

  7. We use the second shade – caramel, with which we shade a wide strip along the crease of the eyelid, starting from the middle and darkening more at the outer edge of the eye.
  8. how to make up for new year

  9. Applying black shadows, draw an arrow along the moving eyelid, blending well with a brush.
  10. how to make up for new year

  11. On the upper eyelid, apply a white base or creamy shadows.
  12. how to make up for new year

  13. From above we apply silver shadows, grab the inner corner of the eye and move the brush along the lower eyelid to the middle of the eye.
  14. how to do makeup for new year

  15. Having previously applied the base under the sparkles, gently cover the upper eyelid with them.
  16. how to do makeup for new year

  17. With black eyeliner, we highlight the edge lines from below and above, after which we apply black shadows along the lash line from below.
  18. how to make up for new year

  19. Coloring eyelashes.
  20. how to do makeup for new year

  21. Apply bronzer or blush.
  22. how to do makeup for the new year11

  23. Having summed up the contours, we apply a translucent gloss with shimmering particles to the lips.
  24. how to do makeup for new year

  25. Festive image is ready!
  26. how to do makeup for the new year13