Moisturizing face cream - how to choose the best product for any skin type?

Experts say that no matter what type of skin a woman has, she needs hydration anyway. Water is the basis of all life on earth, because the human body itself is 80% water. A moisturizing face cream should be in the arsenal of anyone who wants to maintain beauty and youth for many years.

How to choose the right moisturizer for your face?

The face is daily exposed to the negative influence of the environment. In summer, the skin is affected by the sun’s rays, the heat of the day, and in winter, the prickly wind, snow, and frost sting her cheeks. All this leads to drying of the epidermis, loss of moisture, premature aging. You can prevent all these unpleasant and undesirable consequences if you know how to choose a moisturizer. Experts recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

  1. Compound. A moisturizing face cream must contain components that can create the thinnest film on the surface of the epidermis, preventing the evaporation of moisture and thereby protecting it from destructive influences from the outside. These include emollients and humectants.
  2. The presence of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts. They can enhance the action of the main components and complement it. For example, vitamin A is able to prevent the occurrence of age spots, which is very important in the summer. Minerals enrich the skin, nourish it, stimulate the production of lipids in the stratum corneum, activate the renewal of epidermal cells.
  3. Age. A young woman does not need any anti-age components in the composition of the cream, but for aging skin they are simply necessary.
  4. Day Night. Of great importance is what time of day it is planned to use the tool. For example, a moisturizer with an SPF factor, designed to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight, is suitable for daylight hours, and night care may not contain such filters in the composition.
  5. Frequency of use. This refers to how often a woman plans to use this tool. A regular facial moisturizer can be applied to the skin every day, but medical cosmetics are used in courses. This applies to anti-wrinkle, acne, as well as moisturizing serums of various kinds. They have a cumulative effect and are designed for a certain period.
  6. Brand. There are no specific recommendations here. One brand is suitable for someone, and another brand is suitable for someone. Much depends on the financial situation of the buyer.

The composition of the moisturizer

How to choose the right moisturizer for your face

As already mentioned, a cream for intensive moisturizing of the skin of the face should include emollients and humectants. The former give the skin smoothness and elasticity, while the latter retain moisture in it. Those who are interested in how to choose a moisturizer for the face should pay attention to the presence in it:

  • natural antioxidant vitamins;
  • urea;
  • hyaluronic acid and its derivatives;
  • vegetable oils;
  • amino acids;
  • panthenol.

Humectants include glycerin. This is one of the strongest humidifiers, able to “pull” water from everything that surrounds it. Therefore, it is actively included in the composition of such cosmetics. Moisturizing day cream for the face with glycerin stabilizes cell membranes and well saturates the cells of the epidermis with moisture. Lecithin is another frequent component of cosmetic care products. It fights the thinning of the upper layer of the dermis, eliminates the feeling of tightness and peeling.

Types of Moisturizing Face Creams

All face care products are divided into three large groups, differing in:

A moisturizer for dry skin is not the same as a cream for oily skin. They will differ significantly in composition and principle of action. As for the purpose, a moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid will restore the synthesis of collagen and elastin, maintain turgor and elasticity of the epidermis, and anti-aging will fight wrinkles. The last remedy is already the third – the age group of cosmetic preparations. Separately, it is worth highlighting protective, nourishing, anti-inflammatory creams.

Moisturizer rating.

There are many brands that are popular with women. Among them are:

  1. Aqualia Thermal Vichy. This is the best face moisturizer. Judging by the reviews, it perfectly fights dehydration, a feeling of tightness, itching and flaking. The manufacturer positions it as a hypoallergenic product, free from parabens and other unwanted chemical additives.rating of Aqualia Thermal Vichy moisturizers
  2. Natura Siberica bio night face cream. It consists of plant components – an extract of the Altai sea buckthorn. Ceramides, polypeptides, hyaluronic acid – all these components are included in this brand’s moisturizing face cream. rating of moisturizing creams Natura Siberica
  3. Garnier “Revitalizing Moisturizing”. You can find products of this brand for a variety of skin types, created for daily use. Includes herbal ingredients, moisturizing emulsions, fruit extracts and vitamins. Absorbs well without leaving a sticky feeling. rating of moisturizing creams Garnier Life-giving moisturizing

Moisturizer for dry skin

Dry skin is a punishment for a woman and her pain, because, deprived of moisture, she ages much faster than oily skin. In the cold season, it peels off so much that it creates obstacles when applying makeup, and after washing, there is a feeling of tightness. Moisturizing cream for dry skin of the face aims to eliminate all these imperfections, restore the hydro-lipid mantle and create a protective film on the surface. Well, if the composition will include:

  • panthenol, used to moisturize and treat various skin conditions;
  • a complex of vitamins;
  • ceramides;
  • hyaluron.

Moisturizer for dry skin

Moisturizer for oily skin

The purpose of such cosmetics is to provide the skin with moisture and at the same time mattify it. Do not clog pores, do not provoke inflammation and do not leave a greasy sheen. Eucalyptus extract and zinc, known for its drying properties, will help create the perfect velvety tone. Cream for moisturizing the skin of the face can be in the form of an emulsion or fluid. They are distinguished by lightness, they will not overload the dermis, provoking the appearance of greasy shine. It is good if the composition of such cosmetics contains niacinamide with an anti-pellagric effect. This is a great solution for beriberi.

Moisturizer for oily skin

Moisturizing cream for normal skin

Few people can boast of this type of skin. She is devoid of any problems and is ready to absorb all the best that skin care cosmetics can give her. The best moisturizer in this case is a basic one with SPF filters, plant extracts, and vitamins. Hydro fixatives, for example, thermal water, algae extracts, will not interfere in the composition of the product. Antioxidants will protect the epidermis from oxidation and prolong its youth, just like resveratrol. Light, non-greasy textures are what the face needs in summer, and in winter you can pick up a denser cream.

Moisturizing cream for normal skin

Moisturizer for combination skin

Most people have mixed skin type – dry on the cheekbones and cheeks and oily in the T-zone. It is inconvenient to use two products for care at once, which is why women are looking for a universal cream that can matte the epidermis and at the same time fight dryness and flaking. Extracts of plants and herbs do an excellent job with this task, especially linden, sage, plantain, geranium, yarrow. A moisturizer for combination skin should be light in texture so it doesn’t clog oily pores while still meeting the needs of dry areas.

Moisturizer for combination skin

Moisturizing cream for problem skin

As a rule, oily skin is called problematic, but dry epidermis is also prone to acne and other cosmetic problems and imperfections. Experts recommend using care products that gently eliminate excess sebum without irritating or overdrying the skin. If the elements of inflammation are single, and the epidermis itself is prone to peeling, then experts recommend using spot-on corrective agents. Cream for moisturizing problematic skin should be marked “non-comedogenic”.

Moisturizing cream for problem skin

Moisturizer for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is skin prone to allergic reactions. Anything can cause them, from fragrances to preservatives, but the so-called “organic” cosmetics with a completely natural composition may not suit the owner of this type of skin. It is good if the composition contains a minimum of chemical additives. Such a cream for moisturizing sensitive skin, as a rule, comes in sealed tubes that dispense a portion of the product at the touch of a finger on the cap.

Moisturizer for sensitive skin

How to apply the cream on the face correctly?

Experts recommend applying the product along massage lines:

  1. From the center of the forehead in an arc, move towards the temples.
  2. Moisturizing cream around the eyes is applied with fingertips in a driving motion. At the same time, along the upper eyelid, move from the inner corner to the outer, and along the lower one, vice versa – towards the bridge of the nose.
  3. From it slide to the wings of the nose and head further towards the ears. Here’s how to apply the cream on your face.
  4. From the chin, distribute the product further down the cheeks.
  5. You can fight flabbiness and sagging if all movements are performed from the bottom up. In order to avoid a double chin, it is recommended to apply the product on it and the neck with light strokes of the back of the fingers, as Anfisa did in the movie “Girls”.