Manicure with kamifubiki - 40 design options for fashionable nail art

Some novelties in nail art greatly simplify and speed up its implementation, so they are quickly gaining popularity. The kamifubiki design instantly won over a lot of fans, especially among newcomers to manicure. It is easy to do even without experience and special skills, but it looks stylish and impressive.

What are kamifubiki for nails?

The name of this type of manicure is of Japanese origin. To better understand what kamifubiki is, the translation of an unfamiliar word helps – a paper storm or confetti. For design, a special decor is used, which is flat thin plates (sequins without a hole) made of foil, plastic, metal or plastic. They are produced in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Kamifubiki – types

The described accessories can be chosen for any manicure, base shade and style. The most versatile are rhombus and circle kamifubiki. It is convenient to lay these geometric shapes in different patterns, create mosaics and complex compositions from them, and cover the entire nail plate. Kamifubiki stars, hearts, crescents, unicorns and butterflies can serve as independent design decorations. Such forms of decor are suitable for home use or beginners in nail art. Experienced craftsmen prefer simple confetti:

  • triangles;
  • squares;
  • hexagons;
  • circles of different diameters;
  • rectangles;
  • diamonds;
  • stripes;
  • ovals;
  • corners and others.

How to glue kamifubiki?

The application of sequins involves a gel base. Colored confetti or transparent holographic sequins are attached to a sticky layer of varnish or top. The correct overlay technique is to lightly drown the decor in the gel. Due to this, the plates are firmly fixed and do not fall off during wearing. A manicure with kamifubiki is as stable as possible if they are glued to a flat surface of the nail. When nail art requires fastening confetti in the area of ​​u200bu200bbends, it is better to slightly crumple, deform the decorations in advance.

It is convenient to place sequins on nails with a special tool – a dots soaked in water. In the absence of such a device, you can use any of its substitutes:

  • thick needle;
  • paperclip;
  • hairpin;
  • toothpick;
  • body of a ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil;
  • cotton swab.

Nail design with kamifubiki

Nail design with kamifubiki

The main advantage of the described manicure is its versatility. Any design with kamifubiki is suitable for decorating both short and long nail plates. Saturated, pastel or transparent confetti refresh everyday nail art, successfully complement business style and emphasize evening looks. Kamifubiki will appeal to both fans of discreet manicure and those who like to attract attention. “Paper storm” does not require significant time costs and the development of complex skills; you can decorate the coating beautifully on your own at home.

Design with kamifubiki for short nails

It is better to decorate small surfaces with small confetti, geometric shapes look especially good – rhombuses, squares, triangles and circles. Large kamifubiki on short nails will look pretentious and visually reduce the plates. Neat sequins will emphasize the elegance of the design, visually make the hands and fingers more refined.

Manicure for short nails with kamifubiki is often combined with any nail art techniques – gradient, french, matte finish and others. With the help of confetti, it is easy to place spectacular accents on 1-2 fingers, mainly the middle and ring fingers. “Paper storm” does not exclude the use of various additional decor:

Design with kamifubiki for short nailsDesign with kamifubiki for short nails twoDesign with kamifubiki for short nails threeDesign with kamifubiki for short nails fourDesign with kamifubiki for short nails five

Design with kamifubiki for long nails

Having space for creativity, you should not limit your imagination, it is better to create real masterpieces. Manicure with kamifubiki on medium and long nails is also often done with accents, confetti can be placed over the entire surface of the plate or highlight areas near the cuticle, side ridges, only the ends, lay them out with a strip or a beautiful pattern.

Fans of unusual nail art will appreciate complex compositions, for example, images of space using sequins in the form of stars and crescents, fabulous landscapes with unicorn sparkles. On long nails, it is easy to do a themed manicure with kamifubiki, you can come up with a design for a specific event – birthday, wedding, New Year, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Confetti is laid out in geometric patterns, flowers, imitates fish scales or snake skin, water drops.

Design with kamifubiki for long nailsDesign with kamifubiki for long nails twoDesign with kamifubiki for long nails threeDesign with kamifubiki for long nails fourDesign with kamifubiki for long nails five

Ideas with kamifubiki

Even randomly arranged particles of the “paper storm” look interesting and decorate nail art. Colored or transparent iridescent plates create an accent, give elegance to nails, emphasize individual style. Original manicure ideas with kamifubiki can be invented on your own or inspired by existing designs. Each of them is easy to improve, add a “zest” to the tone of your image.

French with kamifubiki

The most popular version of French nail art with confetti is the focus on one finger, mostly the ring finger. You can completely cover the plate with sequins, in such cases geometric shapes are better suited, or lay out some kind of pattern with them, complement the pattern. Often, kamifubiki on nails are placed along the smile line or holes, decorating all fingers.

For everyday wear, women prefer discreet or pastel shades of “paper storm”, transparent holographic plates. For festive events, it is recommended to perform a brighter and more extravagant manicure with kamifubiki, the design, photos and examples of which are presented below, is selected depending on the outfit, makeup and the nature of the event. A colored jacket with contrasting sequins looks very impressive.

French with kamifubiki onceFrench with kamifubiki twoFrench with kamifubiki threeFrench with kamifubiki fourFrench with kamifubiki five

Red manicure with kamifubiki

Saturated shades of varnishes are perfectly emphasized by shining plates, but it is important not to overdo it with accents. The best choice is transparent holographic glitter for nails. They will not change the base color of nail art, they will give it charm and beautiful, changing overflows under different lighting and viewing angles. You can glue sequins on 1-2 fingers or create patterns on all plates, cover your nails completely with them.

A contrasting manicure with kamifubiki looks interesting. Red goes well with white, gold and black confetti. From circles, rhombuses, triangles and squares of different sizes, complex patterns are easily laid out, similar to stained glass windows, geometric shapes, ethnic patterns. With the help of sequins, naturalistic compositions are also created, for example, fire from red round confetti looks spectacular.

Red manicure with kamifubiki timesRed manicure with kamifubiki twoRed manicure with kamifubiki threeRed manicure with kamifubiki fourRed manicure with kamifubiki five

Pink manicure with kamifubiki

Delicate polish colors look fresher and more interesting with contrasting rich scales. Bright kamifubiki rhombuses, circles or triangles, laid out in stripes and patterns, will decorate both everyday and evening nail art, and will help to focus on nails. The following shades of sequins are combined with a pale pink base:

  • lilac;
  • violet;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • black;
  • golden;
  • blue;
  • ultramarine;
  • silver;
  • turquoise;
  • light green;
  • white.

If the juicy or acid color of the varnish is taken as the basis, it is better to make a spectacular manicure with transparent kamifubiki. Rainbow confetti will make the shade even richer and will definitely attract attention. You can stick them on 1-2 nails, or decorate all fingers, covering the plates completely. This disco-style nail art is perfect for going to a nightclub and a party.

Pink manicure with kamifubiki timesPink manicure with kamifubiki twoPink manicure with kamifubiki threePink manicure with kamifubiki fourPink manicure with kamifubiki five

Black manicure with kamifubiki

Deep and noble dark color looks luxurious with sequins of any shades. Black gel polish goes well with kamifubiki in red, golden, metallic, light colors. The contrast creates the right accent and emphasizes the extravagant nail art. If the basic design is monophonic, confetti can be attached only to individual fingers or glued to all nails.

A multi-colored manicure with kamifubi and a predominance of black is ideal for evening events. The saturation of the base color and bright combinations in sequin patterns will complement the festive look. “Paper Storm” is in harmony with other elegant accessories – rhinestones, imitation pearls, mirror rubbing and small sparkles.

Black manicure with kamifubiki timesBlack manicure with kamifubiki twoBlack manicure with kamifubiki threeBlack manicure with kamifubiki fourBlack manicure with kamifubiki five

White manicure with kamifubiki

A light clean base also looks good with any colors and shapes of confetti. For everyday life, women choose a modest and discreet manicure with gel polish with kamifubiki. A monochromatic coating can be decorated in places with translucent shiny scales, holographic, white and beige sequins. To add a “zest” to nail art, emphasis is placed on 1-2 nails with the help of contrasting decor – black, red, blue and other juicy shades.

For a date, a holiday, a party, going to a nightclub, a brighter design is better. Kamifubiki hearts, crescents, butterflies, stars look beautiful on a white background. Figured sequins of saturated colors can be laid out with geometric and ethnic patterns, stripes. Acrylic drawings, voluminous jewelry and rhinestone compositions can be supplemented with shining scales.

White manicure with kamifubiki timesWhite manicure with kamifubiki twoWhite manicure with kamifubiki threeWhite manicure with kamifubiki fourWhite manicure with kamifubiki five

Beige manicure with kamifubiki

Nude nail art is easy to freshen up by attaching a few round multi-colored confetti to your ring finger. Pastel manicure with bright kamifubiki is universal. It can be worn to work, school and formal events. Beige lacquer pairs perfectly with turquoise, blue, red, gold and black. The nude matte manicure with kamifubiki looks original. It is discreet and at the same time spectacular, looks gentle, elegant and feminine. Accents in this case are arranged to taste:

  • along the smile line;
  • on 1-2 nails;
  • along the hole;
  • diagonally;
  • color transitions (gradient).

Beige manicure with kamifubiki timesBeige manicure with kamifubiki twoBeige manicure with kamifubiki threeBeige manicure with kamifubiki fourBeige manicure with kamifubiki fivehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG5blFay_nc