Makeup brushes - learning to distinguish between tools and creating the necessary set

If you want to update your makeup bag and buy new makeup brushes, you should consider the many factors that affect the quality of applying a cosmetic product. After all, what kind of pile the brush is made of, how tightly the villi are fitted in it and how it lies in the hand, the mood of the beautician and the result of his work depend.

Types of makeup brushes

Once in a cosmetics store, and seeing numerous makeup brushes, it is difficult to make a choice, because the eyes run up from the variety. There are those that are sold individually and those that come in large and small sets. Both options have the right to exist, because sometimes there is no need for a large number of brushes for high-quality makeup for an incomprehensible purpose, when you need only one for powder. In addition, one should take into account the fact that well-known brands that produce quality products almost never make sets that are too large. If you have one in front of you, then most likely it is a fake.

Professional makeup artists divide all makeup brushes into several main groups, each of which has small subgroups. Here are the kitties:

  • for tonal means;
  • for powder;
  • for shadows;
  • for blush;
  • for contour drawing.

Makeup brushes – which one for what?

makeup brushes what for what

Understanding the purpose of a makeup brush, which one is for what, is very simple. Sometimes you can understand this by the shape of the pile alone. But it is difficult for a non-professional to distinguish between a powder brush and, for example, a liquid foundation brush. Therefore, if you are going to become a home make-up artist, you should study all types of tools for creating an image. Here are the makeup brushes you need:

one. Tone brush. Seeing the largest brush with a slightly elongated and rounded edge, you can be sure that it is intended for applying tonal foundation. With the help of it, a foundation is applied for makeup, tone, and even facial contouring is carried out. It is better if it is made of synthetics – this material does not leave streaks.

for tone

2. Correction brush. This is a miniature copy of the tone brush. Such dimensions are due to the purpose – it is required in small areas of the face.

corrector brush

3. Powder brushes. It is better if they are natural. Such brushes depend on the preference of the master and can be:

  • round (voluminous and fluffy);
  • fan-shaped, flat (kabuki);
  • fan voluminous.

round powder brush

four. Blush brush. This tool has a beveled edge for ease of use, and it is better if the pile is natural, although it is difficult to maintain.

for blush

5. Correction brush for the nose. Every professional has such a brush. Thanks to its medium size and bevelled edge, it is easy to lighten and darken the necessary areas.

for the nose

6. Shadow brushes. Such tools can be singled out in a separate set, because there are many of them and they all have their own purpose, size and shape of the pile. There are such eye makeup brushes as:

  • for shading;
  • for the main color;
  • for accents;
  • to draw an outline.

for shadows

7. Eyeliner brush. Without this brush, a full-fledged make-up will not be possible, because with its help the eyes and lips acquire expressiveness. There are three types of instrument:

  • flat beveled;
  • round sharp;
  • thin sharp.

for eyeliner

eight. Eyebrow brush. The beveled edge brush gives the desired shape to the brow line.

for eyebrows

9. Brush for eyelashes and eyebrows. It can be one- or two-sided. The brush is used to separate sticky lashes and give the eyebrows the perfect shape.

eyebrow brush

ten. Lip brush. It is flat and made of natural pile.

for lips

Makeup brushes – brands

professional makeup brushes

Professional makeup brushes specially designed by well-known brands are highly valued. This should be taken into account when buying a set. Here are the brands preferred by makeup artists:

  • Zoeva;
  • Sigma;
  • Mac;
  • Bobby Brown
  • hakuhodo.

How to choose makeup brushes?

Buying a set of makeup brushes is easy, knowing the basics of choosing. You need to buy brushes from a certified seller. But even this can sometimes not guarantee the highest quality. When examining the brushes, you need to look at the pile – does it fall out, does the handle hold tightly, does the packaging look like consumer goods. If there is no need for professional makeup, you should not buy a large and expensive set – you need to buy only what will be used. When buying brushes, you need to understand that they will cost more individually than a set.

Makeup brushes – natural or artificial?

Without too understanding the question of which makeup brushes are best, some people think in vain that only natural brushes should be in the cosmetic bag of every self-respecting woman. In fact, sometimes only natural materials are required, and sometimes, on the contrary, only artificial ones. So, natural makeup brushes are required where it is necessary for the powder (shadows) to lay down well in a dense layer, because the product does not crumble from such a pile and gets where it is needed. Synthetics are required where thick application is required, followed by shading with natural material.

Makeup brushes – how to choose a pile?

High-quality pile of makeup brushes will not fall out from one touch to it. Lightly pulling on the villi, it is important to notice that there is not one left in the hands. In addition, it should be borne in mind that for certain application techniques, perfect different types of natural pile may be required, which have different properties that are not visible offhand to the layman. Stuffing comes from:

  • squirrels – the pile is tender and soft;
  • pony – dense and smooth;
  • goats are hard and wavy.

The best makeup brushes – ranking

The best makeup brushes, which are preferred by professionals, are ranked as follows:

  2. Chanel.
  3. Urban Decay Pro.
  4. Erborian.
  5. Yves Rocher.

How to use makeup brushes?

To get beautiful makeup, you need to learn what each brush in the set is suitable for. Although, with a little ingenuity, you can easily replace one with another. Eye makeup brushes can be successfully used for shaping eyebrows and applying lipstick, and a tone brush can be used for powdering. Brushes must be properly stored in special cases or in a vertical stand.

How to wash makeup brushes?

how to clean makeup brushes

Without fail, the owner must know how to clean makeup brushes. If this is not done, microbes can develop in them. Eye and face makeup brushes intended for liquid products should preferably be washed with shampoo after each use. After thorough rinsing, they are laid out on a horizontal surface until completely dry. Artificial brushes need to be cleaned every two weeks.