Lip tattoo - everything you need to know about the procedure and its disadvantages

Permanent makeup provides women with a well-groomed appearance around the clock and significantly saves time when applying decorative cosmetics. It helps to correct the shape of the lips, make them more symmetrical and voluminous. The quality and stability of the tattoo depends on the materials used and the skills of the master.

Is permanent makeup worth it?

The described technique for introducing pigment into the skin has serious advantages:

  • correction of the shape, contours and sizes of the lips;
  • masking of scars, moles or other minor defects in the treatment area;
  • resistance to moisture, solar radiation and any mechanical influences (kissing, eating or drinking, friction);
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • the ability to give the skin a more saturated and vibrant color.

Permanent lip makeup is not without its drawbacks:

  • the risk of introducing a viral or bacterial infection during the procedure;
  • the need to regularly update the pigment;
  • high cost of manipulation;
  • the rehabilitation period, during which the lips swell and become covered with unaesthetic crusts.

permanent lip tattoo

It is important to immediately turn to a highly qualified and certified master, an inexperienced and inept cosmetologist can ruin a tattoo. An incorrectly selected shade or a crooked contour will have to be redone, and the correction costs extra money and its results may differ significantly from the original wishes.

Types of permanent lip makeup

The art of micropigmentation is constantly being improved, and new types of dye injection are being developed. They are selected in accordance with the wishes of the woman and the desired results after the manipulation. Permanent lip tattoo is classified into the following forms:

  • watercolor technique;
  • contour stroke;
  • shading;
  • lip tattoo 3D technique.

Recently, another type of procedure has gained popularity – light kajal. It is a clogging of the contour with white or neutral skin color. This tattoo technique helps to give lips a seductive volume, make them bigger and plumper without injections of gel or botulinum toxin. A light kayal is only suitable for an ideal mouth shape without asymmetry and noticeable defects.

Types of permanent lip makeup light kajal

Watercolor lip tattoo

The type of paint injection under consideration is a special technique for driving the pigment under the skin. The master carefully works out all the folds and smooth epidermis with a needle, but not pointwise, but with thin small strokes of different directions. This is the most natural lip tattoo, it looks very natural and fresh. Using this micropigmentation technology, you can make your own color brighter and richer or give the skin a completely different, spectacular shade.

Watercolor lip tattoo

Lip tattoo contour

Previously, the stroke replaced the pencil for women, which is why they had to use lipstick of the same tone all the time. Modern tattooing technique has improved significantly and helps to correct or emphasize the contour of the lips – permanent makeup is performed in a shade identical to natural skin. Thanks to this micropigmentation, you can slightly increase the size of the mouth, focus on their shape.

Lip tattoo contour

Some masters offer a partially shaded contour lip tattoo, the natural color is “stretched” in short strokes by 2-3 mm to the center of the mouth. This approach gives volume, visually makes the lips more plump and sensual. It can be successfully combined with other spectacular ink injection techniques, watercolor micropigmentation or ombre.

Permanent lip makeup with shading

The described technique involves clogging the entire surface of the skin with one color. Lip tattoo with shading provides:

  • correction of the shape of the mouth;
  • masking defects and asymmetries;
  • changing the color of the lips, giving them saturation and brightness;
  • emphasizing the natural shade;
  • additional volume.

Permanent lip makeup with shading

The shaded lip tattoo can be carried out simultaneously with the stroke of the contour. The combination of these techniques helps to fill the skin with beautiful pigment and emphasize the shape of the mouth. Their combined use is recommended for women who want to make the mouth visually larger and plumper. If a light kayal tattoo is applied in parallel, the contour can be “lifted” by 2-3 mm.

Permanent lip makeup effect 3D super voluminous lips

Experienced masters practice progressive micropigmentation using the ombre technique. Another name is 3D permanent lip makeup. Tattooing is carried out in 2-3 stages due to the difficulty of clogging the skin. The lightest pigment is injected in the center of the mouth. The periphery of the lips is filled in with a watercolor method. To create a 3D effect, the tattoo specialist combines different shades (3-5 colors from the same gamut) and introduces them with short multidirectional strokes. The contour and 2-3 mm around it are clogged with the darkest paint.

Permanent lip makeup effect 3D super voluminous lips

Permanent lip makeup – contraindications

You will have to temporarily postpone the tattoo procedure in the following cases:

  • critical days or premenstrual period;
  • increased body temperature;
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
  • any infectious diseases;
  • damage to the skin of the mouth (especially if watercolor tattooing or shading is planned);
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • high blood pressure;
  • recurrence of herpes;
  • inflammation in the mouth.

Permanent lip makeup contraindications

Lip tattooing is absolutely contraindicated in such situations:

  • oncological diseases;
  • severe psychosomatic disorders;
  • low ability of blood to clot;
  • viral hepatitis;
  • history of HIV or AIDS;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • fragility of blood vessels;
  • acute leukemia;
  • diabetes;
  • moles at the injection site (prior consultation with a dermatologist is required).

How is permanent lip makeup done?

The cosmetic manipulation under consideration is performed identically to a classic tattoo. The master injects the pigment under the skin with a thin and short needle. Natural lip tattooing involves the use of only organic dyes that do not cause allergies and do not provoke inflammation. An additional difference between micropigmentation and classic tattooing is the shallower depth of needle insertion.

Does permanent makeup hurt?

On the eve of the procedure, the skin is necessarily treated with local anesthetics, but they do not completely relieve discomfort. The degree of soreness depends on the technique in which lip tattooing is carried out and the threshold of sensitivity. If only the contour is clogged, the client is a little uncomfortable, but these sensations are short-lived and tolerable. The most pronounced discomfort is accompanied by natural lip tattooing with shading and micropigmentation using the 3D or ombre method.

You can reduce pain with the following drugs:

  • Emla;
  • TKTX;
  • lightdeep;
  • Anestol;
  • Numb Deep and analogues.

How to care for lips after permanent makeup?

The described manipulation is the application of microtrauma to sensitive skin, which significantly weakens local immunity. Proper lip care after permanent makeup helps prevent infection and inflammation, and accelerate the healing of the epidermis. Strict adherence to the recommendations of the tattoo master ensures the desired result and a good aesthetic effect from micropigmentation.

Permanent lip makeup – care after the procedure:

  1. Refuse to visit the solarium, baths and saunas, beaches. When going out in the sun, be sure to lubricate the skin with an SPF cream.
  2. Apply regenerative preparations advised by a tattoo specialist (Bepanten, Solcoseryl and others).
  3. Do not drink hot and alcoholic drinks, use a straw.
  4. Lubricate the epidermis with creams against viral infections (Acyclovir, Gerpevir and analogues).Permanent lip makeup contraindications

How does permanent lip makeup heal?

Due to damage to the skin with a needle, small bruises and wounds can form on the lips. It is important not to accidentally spoil the performed lip tattoo – healing is accompanied by the appearance of crusts that cannot be removed on their own. They will gradually peel off and fall off over 7-14 days. Most women experience severe swelling after permanent lip makeup. This is normal, swelling will disappear without a trace within a few days.

swelling after permanent lip makeup

How is permanent makeup corrected?

After the first session of micropigmentation and complete healing of the skin, it is necessary to visit the master again. Early correction of lip tattoo is needed for the final formation of the contour of the mouth, correcting minor flaws and obtaining the desired result. Permanent makeup lasts 1-5 years, depending on the rate of skin renewal and personal characteristics. When the paint begins to fade and fade, you will have to do the tattoo (repeated) of the lips again. You can score an identical pigment in the technique you like or choose a completely different image and technique.

How to remove permanent makeup from lips?

How to care for lips after permanent makeup

If the result of the master’s work is unsatisfactory or you simply didn’t like the tattoo, you won’t be able to get rid of it right away. First, it is important to wait for the absolute healing of the skin, and then contact the office of a qualified dermatologist. Permanent lip makeup can be eliminated only by hardware – tattoo removal is carried out using laser cosmetic installations. During 2-8 sessions, the upper layers of the skin with pigment will be burned by radiation and gradually renewed.