Lip mask - the best ready-made products and homemade recipes

Lips are a part of the face that people around always pay attention to. Taking care of the condition of the skin, for some reason, few people pay attention to them, as a result of which problems such as dry lips, cracks, and inflammation may arise. A lip mask will help eliminate or prevent these troubles.

How to care for lips?

Well-groomed lips adorn the face, making it younger, attract the attention of the male. Since there are no sebaceous glands on the skin of the lips, it is practically devoid of a protective mechanism, therefore it reacts sharply to various adverse external factors. The beauty of the lips is short-lived, and with age they lose their elasticity, volume, clarity of contours, brightness.

No matter how old a woman is, it is never too late to start giving them proper attention. To maintain the beauty, freshness and elastic shape of the lips, it is not enough to use hygienic lipstick or decorative cosmetics with caring components from time to time. Proper lip care at home should be systematic and include the following main components:

  • obligatory cleansing of the lips from decorative cosmetics before going to bed;
  • the use of balms with sunscreen when outdoors;
  • daily lip massage;
  • use a lip scrub 1-2 times a week;
  • application of lip masks 1-3 times a week.

Lip mask at home

Based on natural products that can be found on the kitchen shelves or in the refrigerator of every housewife, you can prepare effective masks for the skin of the lips. Any homemade lip mask, the recipe of which is discussed below, will not only help make lips supple and soft, but also allow you to apply decorative lipstick more evenly so that your makeup looks flawless. In addition, with regular use of masks, lips will look bright and appetizing without lipstick.

lip mask at home

Nourishing lip masks at home

To saturate the tissues of the lips with vitamins and useful microelements, in which their need may be felt, a nourishing lip mask is recommended. It will be a salvation for such problems as the loss of brightness and smoothness of the lips, the appearance of deep wrinkles on them, and noticeable fading of tissues. Even if the skin of the lips is in good condition, regular nourishment will be an excellent prevention of such troubles.

Honey Lip Mask


  • liquid honey – 1 tsp. a spoon;
  • ground oatmeal – 1 tsp. a spoon;
  • olive oil – half a teaspoon spoons.

Preparation and application:

  1. Connect components.
  2. Apply to lips for a quarter of an hour.
  3. Wash off with chilled water.

Banana Lip Mask


  • banana puree – 1 tsp. a spoon;
  • butter – 0.5 tsp. spoons;
  • potato starch – a pinch.

Preparation and application:

  1. Mix ingredients.
  2. Lubricate the lips with the composition.
  3. Remove after 15-20 minutes with a sponge moistened with water.

Moisturizing lip masks

If there is dryness, roughness of the tissues of the lips, their cracking and roughness, you should use recipes for masks with a moisturizing effect. In addition to the fact that such lips do not look aesthetically pleasing, if there are cracks, they are the “entrance gate” for infection. A lip mask from peeling and cracking should not only moisturize, but also disinfect tissues.

moisturizing lip masks

Sour cream lip mask


  • fat sour cream – 1 tsp. a spoon;
  • olive oil – 1/3 tsp. spoons;
  • tea tree essential oil – 1 drop;
  • honey – 1/3 tsp. spoons.

Preparation and application:

  1. After mixing everything, apply the composition on the lips.
  2. Withstand 20 minutes.
  3. Rinse with cool water and apply any vegetable oil.

Vaseline lip mask


  • vaseline – 1 tsp. a spoon;
  • beeswax – 1 tsp. a spoon;
  • aloe juice – 0.5 tsp. spoons;
  • olive oil – 1/3 tsp. spoons.

Preparation and application:

  1. Melt the wax in a water bath.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Apply to lips all night.

Anti-peeling lip mask with peeling effect


  • castor oil – 0.5 tsp. spoons;
  • lemon juice – 0.5 tsp. spoons;
  • candied honey – on the tip of a knife.

Preparation and application:

  1. Combine ingredients.
  2. Apply to lips, lightly massaging and rubbing.
  3. Wash off after 15 minutes and apply butter.

Recipe for a lip mask for cracks with sea buckthorn oil


  • sea ​​buckthorn oil – 1 tsp. a spoon;
  • honey – 0.5 tsp. spoons;
  • rice flour – 0.5 tsp. spoons.

Preparation and application:

  1. Mix everything thoroughly.
  2. Apply to lips for half an hour.
  3. Rinse and lubricate lips with vegetable oil.

Masks for lip augmentation at home

Plump lips are the dream of many women. If at a young age the natural volume of the lips is maintained due to the normal level of metabolic processes, then at a more mature age it leaves much to be desired. Some girls naturally have thin lips, and are forced to use various tricks to visually enlarge them. Homemade masks have a good effect. The result that they give is short-term, so they are recommended to be used if necessary as an express method.

Peppermint Lip Mask


  • mint essential oil – 2 drops;
  • water – 1 tsp. a spoon;
  • sugar – 1/3 tsp. spoons;
  • cotton pad – 1 pc.

Preparation and application:

  1. Make a solution with sugar and ether.
  2. After cutting the cotton pad in the shape of the lips, moisten it in the solution.
  3. Apply to lips for 2-3 minutes.

Scrub mask with cinnamon


  • olive oil – 0.5 tsp. spoons;
  • ground cinnamon – 1 pinch;
  • sugar – 1 tsp. a spoon.

Preparation and application:

  1. Connect components.
  2. Apply to lips and massage with a toothbrush for a couple of minutes.
  3. Wash off with water.

The best lip mask

Ready-made lip masks of various effects are on sale, suitable for those women who do not want to spend time making home remedies. They come in several types: creamy, collagen, gel and hydrogel, mask-patches on a non-woven basis. The most popular and demanded leaders are collagen lip mask and hydrogel lip mask.

Collagen Patch Lip Mask

A collagen mask is intended to increase the lips, soften, give them elasticity, smoothness. In addition to plant collagen, such products may contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins, herbal extracts, amino acids, colloidal gold, etc. In addition to a beneficial effect on the tissues of the lips, they have a beneficial effect on the skin around the lips, smoothing out wrinkles. Examples of masks with collagen:

  • Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch;
  • Faberlic Sweetkiss;
  • Pilaten.

hydrogel lip mask

Hydrogel lip mask

Produced on the basis of a hydrogel that quickly dissolves under the influence of body temperature, this lip mask has a powerful moisturizing and toning effect that lasts for a long time. As active components, peptides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, extracts from herbs and fruits, vegetable oils, vitamins, microelements can be added. Here are a few brands of such funds:

  • SkinFood Pomegranate Collagen Lip Mask;
  • bioaqua.

Lip mask – how to use?

Each purchased hydrogel, collagen lip mask with biogold, hyaluronic acid and other components is very easy to use. To do this, remove the protective film and apply the mask to cleansed lips for 10-20 minutes. During the period of exposure to the mask, it is better to take a horizontal position, do not talk. After removing the mask, it is not necessary to wash off the remnants of it, they can be gently rubbed with your fingertips or removed with a napkin.