Leshmaker - who is it, what does it do, and how to prepare before going to the master?

To understand what kind of profession a lashmaker is, who it is, what it should be able to do, it is worth understanding the features of the art of eyelash extension itself. The popularity of this service is growing every year, and the pluses are that it’s really possible to learn the wisdom in six months, having the ability and desire. Although the lashmaker does not appear in the official classifier of professions, there is already a demand for training.

Leshmeyker – who is it and what does it do?

If who is a lash maker is understandable, then his tasks should be mentioned separately. A specialist must not only master the craft, but also be able to determine the characteristics of the client, select the best materials, take into account the wishes, combining them with the possibilities of building. And he is also obliged to master the inconspicuous adjustment of the shape and color of eyelashes, decorating them with rhinestones, sparkles and colored stones.

Responsibilities of a lashmaker

lashmaker duties

At first glance, there is nothing complicated in what a lash maker does, you can master the science from numerous training videos. But this is not so, in order to become a good specialist, it is important to choose a reliable school where experienced masters will teach. After all, learning to choose materials, put a hand and master the basics of different techniques is really only in practice, under experienced guidance.

A good master lashmaker should:

  • be able to advise on all issues of interest and fashion novelties;
  • know the basic techniques, make extensions on different types of eyes;
  • be able to correct and remove eyelash extensions;
  • correctly select materials;
  • perform care and recovery procedures;
  • be able to correct eyebrows, color and laminate;
  • master the art of basic make-up.

But these are basic, mandatory skills. A good specialist is also distinguished by the ability to:

  • communicate on various topics;
  • maintain delicacy in different situations;
  • speak your mind tactfully.

How to choose a lashmaker?

If a couple of years ago women were surprised to clarify what a lash maker is, who it is, now they are wondering where to find a good specialist in this field. After all, working with eyes is very complex and delicate, it requires skill, and clients are also interested in the quality of materials, the experience of the master. For example, it is important to monitor the position of the patch, this is a substrate under the lower eyelid, which does not allow eyelashes to stick together. A knowledgeable specialist will always make sure that the substrate fits perfectly, does not prick or rub.

What a novice eyelash master should demonstrate when working with clients:

  • high-quality materials and hypoallergenic glue;
  • cleanliness in the workplace and in tools;
  • the ability to select the best option for long and thick eyelashes, so as not to harm relatives.

What should a lashmaker have?

what should a lashmaker have

Knowing what kind of profession a lash maker is, who it is, and what it should be able to do, you can choose an experienced master even during the meeting over the phone. The second aspect that you should pay attention to is what an eyelash extension master needs, and whether he has everything necessary for high-quality work. In large salons, this is strictly monitored, but if a specialist accepts at home, the client needs to know such nuances.

A good specialist will certainly have:

  • glue for eyelash extension;
  • degreaser for natural eyelashes;
  • primer, needed in the preparation of hairs;
  • remover;
  • mixes of eyelashes with different bends, C and D are considered standard.

Lashmaker’s workplace

If the experience that a lash maker has, who it is – a guy or a girl, which is important for some clients, these are already questions that have been clarified, the master’s office will become a kind of answer about the skill level. And if a specialist who receives at home can adapt his sofa under the patient’s couch, and a bedside table under the table, then there are other items that are difficult to replace.

What should a lashmaker’s cabinet contain:

  1. In addition to the mentioned couch and table, you will need a pillow, and not quite the usual one. Experienced craftsmen use a horseshoe or orthopedic pillow, which relaxes the muscles of the neck and back. In extreme cases, an inflatable one will do.
  2. Blankets – warm to light to cover the client, taking into account the temperature in the room.
  3. Container and means for sterilization of instruments.
  4. A lamp, better from a series of professional equipment, but a high-quality table lamp is also suitable.

Lashmaker tools

lashmaker tools

Tools are needed for work, it is not necessary to buy goods from a well-known company in order to prove your skill. But cheap things are not of high quality either, so at first you can’t do without investments. The main device is tweezers, you can work with two curved or straight and curved. If possible, it is worth buying 2 sets at once so that there are spare ones.

Tips for what a lash maker needs to work:

  1. In addition to tweezers, you will need a stone for glue, jade or glass. You can buy plastic pallets.
  2. A tablet for eyelashes, it fixes the size range that is needed when building. It is better if it is with boxing.
  3. Brushes for combing, take nylon or silicone, the latter are convenient for working with thin eyelashes. They also need to be taken with a margin.
  4. Fan. Necessary for drying eyelashes during extension.
  5. Scissors, manicure for such work are not very suitable. With their help, you can trim the eyelashes to the desired length.

Hike to the lashmaker

Eyelash extension is a procedure that requires periodic visits to the master, it is better if it is carried out by the same lash maker, but who will do it is the choice of the client. Hair grows in 2-3 weeks, both those that were thin during extension, and on which artificial hairs were not placed. Therefore, it is necessary to correct.

An experienced eyelash extension master immediately notices which eyelashes have grown and how to work with them. The client can:

  • make a new extension in a month;
  • immediately appoint a correction procedure by making an appointment with the master for a period of 2-3 weeks.

How to prepare for eyelash extensions?

how to prepare for eyelash extensions

The extension is so popular because it gives all girls the opportunity to realize their dream – thick and beautiful eyelashes that make the look mysterious. With a correctly performed procedure, the length, volume, color, bend change, these nuances must be discussed with the master before the correction begins.

On the part of the client, preparation for eyelash extensions is also required:

  1. Before the procedure, do not paint the eyes and do not curl the cilia.
  2. If your hairs are light, but dark ones are planned, they need to be dyed a couple of days before the procedure.
  3. Select the desired types and effects in advance, and the wizard will help you decide on a more suitable option.
  4. It is better to replace contact lenses with glasses or remove lenses during the procedure.

How does the master increase eyelashes?

In addition to choosing a master, it is worth deciding on the technology, there are 2 of them – eyelash and beam. In the first case, 1-2-3 artificial ones are glued onto 1 eyelash, this procedure is also called 2D or 3D extension. An experienced master has both double and triple eyelashes in stock. But beam provides for gluing ready-made artificial beams, they are attached to the upper eyelid or only to the outer corners. The only disadvantage of this method is that the beam falls off along with the eyelash on which it is attached.

What the masters in the eyelash extension salon are trying to warn about:

  1. Light hairs are best dyed dark.
  2. The thickness of artificial eyelashes should not be much larger than real ones.
  3. Wide-set eyes can be corrected by focusing on the inner or central side of the eye.
  4. Do not apply very long eyelashes to small eyes and vice versa.

How to become a lashmaker?

how to become a lashmaker

The profession of a lash maker is attractive because you can work at home, not depend on the whims of your superiors, serve as many clients as you have time and energy for. But before you think about changing your specialty, you should take into account future costs not only for courses, but also for tools, think about a place for an office.

Tips on how to become an eyelash extension artist:

  1. Choose a good center for learning, with a personal approach to students.
  2. Arrange an internship with an experienced master.
  3. Purchase a good quality beginner’s basic set for work.
  4. At first, work only with 2-5 clients who will become permanent.
  5. Think of your own system of discounts.
  6. Improve your skills in various courses, both live and online, follow the latest fashion.