How to take care of yourself in South Korea

Korean women are famous for their graceful forms and youthful appearance. But their main advantage in appearance is flawless snow-white skin. The secret of Asian beauties lies in multi-step daily care with an emphasis on thorough cleansing and intensive moisturizing. Popular beauty products in South Korea include various whitening products. You can learn more about the Korean care system using the example of Dermaheal, professional cosmetics from Caregen.


A little about South Korean beauty standards and how to achieve them

Korean women devote several hours a day to skin care. Since the local cosmeceutical industry is constantly evolving, women do not use the same products all the time. The eternal pursuit of new products gives a positive result: the skin remains receptive to the ingredients of cosmetics. Korean preparations contain many natural ingredients: phytoextracts, vegetable and essential oils, extracts from algae and caviar. Mucin is often present – a snail mixture rich in collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, vitamins A, B, E. Even basic skin care cosmetics often include SPF filters. They prevent photoaging, the appearance of age spots. The main components of Dermaheal cosmetics are recombinant proteins and peptides.

High-quality care cosmetics provide smoothness, softness, cleanliness and even porcelain color of the skin. Adequate hydration allows you to achieve the effect of mulguang, which means “watery glow” in Korean. Another standard of female beauty in Asia is long hair and thick eyelashes. To improve the condition of the hair, Korean women use various shampoos, growth activators, serums, nourishing masks, gels. Along with everyday home care, salon procedures are in demand: injection and apparatus mesotherapy (meso-cocktails, boosters, Dermaheal biphasic cell media), electroporation (Ultra Galva series).


What means help Korean women to stay young and beautiful?

In South Korea, hydrophilic oils for washing, special cleansing wipes for the skin of the eyelids and lips, and skin-refreshing toners are popular. Instead of a foundation, moisturizing BB and CC creams are used – hybrids of care and decorative cosmetics. The inventions of the Asian beauty industry include a tissue mask, which is a cotton base soaked in a concentrate solution.

In the care of the skin around the eyes, gel patches with collagen or blepharo mask-fillers for the eyelids are actively used. Koreans prefer emulsions and fluids to traditional heavy creams. The unconditional hit of such a plan is Hydro Balance Fluid from Dermahil. Along with serums and concentrates, women use essences – liquids in vials and ampoules with a high content of nutrients.


Features of Asian skin care for the face and eyelids

The basic (daily) care of the skin is thorough cleansing, toning and intensive moisturizing. The face is cleansed in stages: makeup is removed with hydrophilic oil, washed with soft foam. At the end of the procedure, the skin is scrubbed. The cleansed face is treated with toner, serum, concentrate or essence is applied (Wrinkle Skinceutical Serum, Vitalizing Serum). For primary moisturizing, an emulsion is used. At the end, the main cream is applied: first, an eye cream (Vitalizing Eye Tension Gel, Ultra AW 500 Eye Cream), and after half an hour, a face cream (Vitalizing Cream).

Basic care products are also moisturizing masks (Vitalizing Mask, Clean Pore Mask, Skin Delight Mask). They are made every morning. Normal hydrobalance of the skin during the day is maintained with the help of thermal water. Home peels (Aqua Peel) are done every 3-4 days. No more than once a week, delicate exfoliation is carried out with a rolling exfoliant. Korean women pay a lot of attention to sun protection. So, Dermahil sunscreen has the highest concentration of SPF filters – 50+.