How to remove black dots on the nose with the help of pharmacy and folk remedies?

It is better to choose a way to remove black dots on the nose with the help of a doctor, since it is important to take into account the cause of the disease and skin type. An excess of sebum provokes such manifestations, so that comedones are more characteristic of oily skin. Creams, ointments, gels, masks come to the rescue; in problem situations, grinding, laser treatment, and chemical peeling are used.

Black dots on the nose – causes

Before looking for methods on how to remove black dots on the nose, you need to figure out why they appear. This acne occurs when dead skin cells clog the hair follicles that produce sebum. The dermis on comedones diverges, their contents oxidize, the cork becomes dark, therefore such rashes are called black dots.

They separate open and closed comedones, in the first case, blockages form at the mouth of the follicle, they are immediately visible, in the second, they create tubercles under the skin, which are much more difficult to remove. The most common reasons why black dots appear on the nose:

  • hormonal disbalance;
  • abuse of fatty and sweet;
  • a thick layer of foundation or powder;
  • diseases of the internal organs.

What to do with black dots on the nose?

what to do about blackheads on nose

If the black dot on the nose is inflamed, you can deal with it with the help of creams or gels. When there are a lot of comedones, not spot treatment is needed, but special masks, steam treatment from herbal decoctions. You can pick up pharmacy ointments. It is impossible to steam the skin with wounds and severe irritations of the epidermis. Before applying a cream or scrub, you need to test the mixture by lubricating your wrist, if after 2-3 hours there is no redness, the product can be used.

Known ways to deal with black dots on the nose:

  • masks with egg white, milk and gelatin, white clay, lemon;
  • cleansing patch;
  • steam baths;
  • hot compresses.

best remedy for blackheads on nose

For the treatment of open comedones, many agents have been developed that reduce the activity of the glands that secrete sebum, heal the skin, remove defects, and relieve inflammation. When choosing, it is important to take into account the type of skin, since acne is typical not only for oily, but also for dry, normal and combination dermis.

In the list of remedies for black dots on the nose, you should pay attention to:

  1. Differin. Based on adapalene, an analogue of retinoic acid. You need to apply it every 2-3 days for about a month.
  2. Retinoic ointment. There are options with different dosages of isotretinoin – at 0.05% and 0.1%, for the treatment of black spots you need a second one. You need to apply 1-2 times a day, the course is designed for a month.
  3. Baziron. Developed as a gel with benzoyl peroxide, you need to start with a 10% concentration of the main substance. Apply pointwise, 2 times a day, not less than 30 days.

Nose blackhead scrub

Scrubs are considered the simplest solution to the problem of how to remove black dots on the nose. These mixtures clean micro-corks in comedones well, the composition includes exfoliating particles – powder from ground fruit seeds or polymer granules, absorbents that draw out dirt and dust, acids that destroy cellular bonds.

Recommended scrubs that remove open comedones:

  1. Clear Skin by Garnier. In the composition – salicylic acid with eucalyptus extract and zinc.
  2. Normaderm by Vichy. The product combines the properties of a cream-gel, mask and scrub, based on glycolic and salicylic acids, white clay.
  3. Soft scrub from La Roche-Posay. Designed for delicate and dry skin, hypoallergenic.

Nose blackhead mask

Medical masks will help to solve the problem of how to remove black dots on the nose, they qualitatively clean the pores and reduce the greasiness of the dermis. Beauticians do not recommend using them for dry skin, so as not to cause severe irritation. Masks are applied along the massage lines, from the bottom up, it is desirable to protect the skin around the eyes with cotton pads dipped in tea leaves.

Cleansing mask tips:

  1. If the mixture sticks, do not tear it off, but soak it with water.
  2. After the procedure, the skin should be refreshed with a piece of ice from herbal decoction.
  3. Do not go outside for 40 minutes. after the session.

On sale there are effective remedies for black dots on the nose:

  1. Black Head Pore Strip Mask. Includes bamboo activated charcoal, panthenol, glycerin, zest. Helps to improve the production of collagen, cleanses the skin.
  2. Mask-film Black Mask. In the composition – glycerin, activated carbon, marshmallow flowers, calendula, lotus leaves, castor oil. Quickly dissolves comedonal plugs, moisturizes the dermis.
  3. Pure Skin Mask. Contains salicylic acid, which qualitatively disinfects the skin.

Nose blackhead cream

If there are few open comedones, doctors prescribe special creams for blackheads on the nose, but they are effective only in the initial stages of the disease. Such a remedy can remove acne, but prevent the appearance of a new one – no, which must also be taken into account. You can apply the cream along with the film for the face.

Recommended treatment creams for blackheads:

  1. Klenzit. The asset of the product is retinol, it removes blockage of pores well, draws out dead cells. You need to apply once a day, about 12 weeks.
  2. Faberlic. In the composition – plant components, can be used for sensitive skin. It needs to be applied twice a day. The only negative is that the skin acquires a slight earthy tint after a couple of weeks, but after a course of treatment it disappears.
  3. Propeller. Draws out impurities from the pores according to the principle of vacuum, contains plant extracts. Suitable for all skin types, cleaning is carried out 2 times a day.

Nose blackhead patch

nose patch for blackheads

If you need a remedy, how to remove noticeable black dots on the nose on the eve of an important meeting, special patches will help. The procedure is a little painful, but effective, the contents of the comedones stick to the strips and are pulled out in one motion. Such patches are made of thin paper impregnated with a special composition, they are pressed only to wet, steamed skin.

How to apply strips from blackheads on the nose:

  1. Wash, clean the skin with a scrub, steam.
  2. Apply patch for 20 minutes.
  3. Pull off the strip sharply and gently.
  4. Wipe your face with a herbal ice cube or smear with an aloe leaf.

Pharmacy remedies for blackheads

If the problem is not only in open comedones, but also in severely inflamed facial skin, you need to look for a remedy in pharmacies. In such cases, dermatologists recommend special healing ointments that will pull the cork out of the pores, relieve tissue inflammation, suppuration. Some ointments contain antibiotics.

How to choose a remedy for black dots in a pharmacy:

  1. Ichthyol ointment. Helps to get rid of boils, acne. It is recommended to use 2 times a day.
  2. Zinc ointment. Removes excess greasiness, heals wounds, draws out pus.
  3. Effezel. Quickly removes comedones, thanks to adapalene, restores skin cells.

Folk remedies for black dots

There are also simpler ways to remove black dots on the nose at home using folk remedies. They use lotions from decoctions, homemade ointments and masks, all of which are effective when used correctly. It is very important to steam the skin before the procedures, but you can’t do it with steam for vascular “asterisks” and sensitive dermis. For cold steaming use lotions with a base of aloe or cacti.

The simplest recipes for black dots:

  1. A mixture of salt and soda. Improves blood circulation, removes oily sheen, cleans pores. Measure out 1 teaspoon of soda, salt and washing gel, slightly beat the gel, combine with other components. Lubricate the points, hold the mixture until dry, then rinse off.
  2. Lemon soda mixture. A good effect is given by lemon from black dots on the nose: it dries, regulates the acid-base balance, and whitens the skin. Mix 2 tbsp. tablespoons of soda with juice from halves of lemon and orange. The affected areas should be lubricated, hold the mixture for 10 minutes, rinse gently.

Nose blackhead removal

If black dots suddenly appeared on the nose, how to get rid of them? Doctors recommend products with vitamin A, which dissolve plugs in comedones, as part of masks and gels, you need to look for adapalene, tazarotene or tretinoin. In the case when comedones “neighbor” with large acne pimples, drugs with antibiotics and benzoyl are used, which not only rid the skin of greasiness, but also destroy microbes.

If the problem cannot be solved with the help of compresses and masks, you should resort to salon procedures:

  1. Hardware grinding – the dermis is freed from dead cells with the help of special nozzles.
  2. Chemical peel – corks are cleaned with acids.
  3. Laser cleaning – acne is treated with a laser beam.

Is it possible to squeeze black dots on the nose?

When asked whether it is possible to squeeze out black dots on the nose, dermatologists answer positively, but with an amendment. It is more reliable to turn to an experienced cosmetologist; it is not recommended to treat comedones on your own, because there is a risk of severe damage to the skin. You can not put pressure on the rash with all your might, your fingers must be disinfected or wrapped in a bandage. It is forbidden to use tweezers, since metal contact with the inflamed dermis can cause allergies.

How to press black dots on the nose?

Those who decide to remove blackheads on their own need to know that this procedure has contraindications. It is forbidden to clean with scars and scars on the face, bronchial asthma, hypertension, pregnancy, allergies, rosacea, any skin infection. The procedure should not be abused, once every 2 weeks is enough for high-quality cleaning.

How to squeeze out black dots on the nose:

  1. Cleanse the skin with lotion, cover the nose, without touching the nostrils, with a film.
  2. Press for 5-10 min. towel soaked in hot water.
  3. Wrap your fingers with a bandage, run up and down your nose, pressing firmly.
  4. Wipe the skin with an antiseptic.

How to squeeze out black dots on the nose – life hacks

how to get blackheads out of nose hacks

In order for cleaning to give the desired result, it is necessary not only to know how to remove black dots on the nose, but also to properly care for the skin after the procedure. It is important to treat your face with lotion or chlorhexidine every day, to make masks soothing the skin. For at least a week, you can not use powder and foundation, visit the solarium and swimming pool, sunbathe in the open sun. Washing is allowed only with warm water.

Tips on how to squeeze black dots on the nose without injury to the skin:

  1. Correctly position the fingers, they are pressed around the comedone, while gently fixing the top of the tubercle.
  2. Apply medium pressure, strong will leave deep wounds.
  3. Remove only those comedones that lend themselves, if the cork is too dense, it must be left until the next procedure.