how to remove bangs beautifully if it is short

Every woman sometimes wants to experiment with the look and style, including the hairstyle. With a long haircut and bangs, this is done quite simply. At a minimum, it can simply be parted and mixed with the main volume of hair. But with other hairstyles, you have to look for extraordinary ways to remove the bangs beautifully – if it is short, it is almost impossible to fix it with a hairpin or, for example, weave it into a pigtail.

How can you beautifully remove bangs if it is short?

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the image that you want to embody, as well as the wardrobe.

So, if a hairstyle is supposed to be done without the use of accessories, you should stock up on styling products:

  • foam;
  • gel;
  • wax;
  • strong hold varnish.

You will also need some styling tools, at least a hair straightener.

In other cases, it is important to have the following devices on hand:

  • invisible;
  • hairpins;
  • rims of different widths;
  • silk or cotton scarves, ribbons.

Applying various accessories, you need to make sure that their colors are combined with the chosen outfit.

How to remove short bangs in a hairstyle?

The techniques considered depend on the length of the entire haircut. If it allows you to collect strands up or make a tail, then the bangs can simply be treated with wax or gel and combed back along with the entire volume of hair. So that it does not accidentally fall out of the hairstyle, you should additionally fix the styling with varnish.

A great option in this case is a retro style with soft curls. You need to apply foam on the bangs and comb with the main strands. Then, using curlers or ironing, create large curls and gently lay them in cascading waves.

Other methods:

  1. Make a glamorous hairstyle. To do this, it is necessary to generously lubricate absolutely all the hair with a gel with strong fixation and shine, and then comb it back, smoothing it with the palm of your hand. Let dry and spray with varnish.
  2. Hide short bangs in a braid (only suitable for strands below the shoulders). Weaving should be done along the hairline above the forehead, gradually moving to the side sections.

Ways to remove short bangs using accessories

Decorations make the tasks much easier. With invisibility, you can easily stab the bangs on the side or top. Such hairstyles look interesting when thin strands of bangs are pre-twisted into small bundles.

If you have a solemn event and you need to make a festive styling, beautiful hairpins with flowers, artificial stones, beads, feathers, pearls are well suited. Such accessories will decorate any hairstyle and help to discreetly hide short bangs.

A very fashionable and popular option was the use of headbands of various widths and fabric scarves. It is especially advantageous to use them on vacation or, if necessary, quickly put yourself in order, since you can remove a short bang back with the help of these devices without styling products. It is enough to comb well and put on a headband or tie a wide silk scarf along the hairline. In addition, accessories are in perfect harmony with the outfit in any style, if matched to match the clothes.

How to remove very short bangs?

The hardest thing to hide bangs with haircuts such as gavroche and pixie or “under the boy.” In such situations, hairdressers are advised to make an unusual styling, randomly tousling all the strands. The bangs can be lightly treated with mousse to maintain volume and lifted up. Of course, it will not work to completely remove it, but to open the forehead and face are quite real goals.