How to keep a tan after the sea for a long time with the help of vitamins and creams?

Many are puzzled by the question of how to keep a tan after the sea for a long time, because the bronze skin tone looks great. It practically does not show cosmetic defects. In addition, the chocolate color of the skin is an extra reminder of an unforgettable vacation. That’s why I want to prolong this “pleasure”.

What can I do to keep my tan?

To understand this issue, you must first consider the mechanism of “staining” the epidermis in a bronze hue. The fact is that people have melanin in their skin cells. This chemical compound performs a special task: it absorbs ultraviolet rays and immediately converts light energy into heat. In other words, melanin protects the skin from burns. Moreover, the longer a person basks in the sun, the more this coloring pigment is produced. It accumulates in the cells of the epidermis, coloring the skin in a bronze hue.

However, sunburn at sea is short-lived. Over time, epidermal cells saturated with melanin are replaced by new ones. As a result, there is no trace of a bronze tan. The process of cell renewal can take a different time.

The following factors influence how long the skin after a chocolate-colored tan will be:

  1. type of epidermis. The owners of very light skin tan lasts only a couple of weeks. Dark-skinned people in this case are more fortunate. They have a bronze tint that can last up to 6 weeks.
  2. Age. The younger the person, the faster tissue renewal occurs in his body. In youth, the tan “leaves” after 20-30 days. After 40 years, it can last 5-6 weeks. For those over 50, the renewal of skin cells is delayed up to 8-10 weeks.

In addition, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation plays an important role in how to maintain a tan. So, the result obtained from staying in the shade is more durable than if a person were under the scorching rays of the sun. This effect is quite understandable. An intense effect on the skin is perceived by the body as a microburn, so it seeks to restore damaged tissues as soon as possible.

How to keep a tan on the body longer?

You need to worry about this in advance: a few more weeks before the intended vacation.

The following recommendations will help with this:

  1. It is necessary to cleanse the skin, rid it of dead cells. For example, peeling can be done 3-4 days before visiting the beach. The secret is that a tan “lays down” better on a flat surface. And yes, it lasts longer.
  2. You should take care of moisturizing the skin, because under the influence of the sun it will begin to dry and peel off. As a result, the tan will fade quickly.
  3. It is necessary to stimulate the production of melanin in the body. Properly organized nutrition will help with this. The SPF diet includes foods rich in lycopene (coloring pigment) and antioxidants that protect cells from the effects of free radicals. These substances are present in eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, citrus fruits, strawberries.

In addition, it is important to sunbathe properly. To get an even, beautiful shade, you should go to the beach after applying a cream with SPF on your body. However, it is better to lower the protection factor figure gradually (from 50 to 15). Otherwise, the body will simply burn, and then the skin will begin to peel off. As a result, the cells of the epidermis will be intensively updated. At this moment, not a single piece of advice on how to maintain a tan after the sea will save the situation. It is equally important to properly help the skin recover after being on the beach.

how to keep a tan on the body longer

What to do after sunburn:

  1. Sea water dries the epidermis, so after bathing you need to take a shower.
  2. To wash the body, it is desirable to use products that do not contain aggressive components, for example, SLS.
  3. After showering, apply a moisturizer to your skin.

How to keep a tan on your face?

how to keep a tan on your face

Each skin type has its own characteristics, so the beautician can give the best recommendations. More often you can hear the following advice:

  1. Perform skin peeling a week before the holiday.
  2. Actively moisturize your face.
  3. Use cosmetics with SPF.
  4. After visiting the beach, apply a restorative agent to your face (it is advisable to give preference to one that contains aloe).
  5. A tan on the face will last longer if, after returning home from a vacation, you use gentle cleansers. For example, it can be peelings based on jojoba oil.

Best tanning products

best tanning products

Cosmetic brands have taken care of this need as well. They developed and released tanning products. In order for the skin to enjoy a luxurious bronze color after rest, you will have to stock up on a whole arsenal of prolonging agents:

  • cream;
  • milk;
  • masks;
  • oils;
  • vitamins.

Sun cream

Among the products of this series, you can find both budgetary and professional products. Thanks to this, a beautiful tan is an achievable dream for everyone.

A quality tool simultaneously performs the following tasks:

  1. Restores the water balance of the skin.
  2. Keeps the tan.
  3. Protects the skin from photoaging.

In how to maintain a sea tan, a huge help will be:

  • cream-gel Floresan;
  • soothing agent Dr. Konopka’s;
  • refreshing cream from Garnier;
  • SOS remedy from Nivea;
  • Cream Deora.

Milk for tanning

Such a cosmetic product will saturate the skin with moisture and nourish it with a vitamin-mineral complex, which is vital for it. Milk, unlike cream, has a lighter texture. It absorbs faster and does not create a film on the surface. The beautician will give the best recommendations regarding the choice of milk. He will tell you in detail how to keep your tan longer after the sea.

In practice, such experts often advise using the following cosmetics:

  • milk Youth Lotion After Sun Body;
  • restorative product Yves Rocher;
  • milk Garnier Ambre Solaire;
  • oligothermal agent Biotherm;
  • soothing milk Sublime Sun.

Sun protection oil

The products of this group not only enhance the bronze tint, but also give the skin a beautiful look. After applying them, the epidermis becomes silky and shines with health, so the question of how to keep a tan after the sea for a long time is solved by itself. Cosmetic companies produce professional products in this series.

In how to keep a tan for a long time, a huge help can be:

  • Garnier Ambre Solaire oil complex;
  • Sun Care brand Nivea products;
  • Caribbean Oil by Floresan;
  • Sun Flower is the brainchild of Levrana.

Sun protection mask

Such funds have a prolonging effect. In how to keep a sea tan longer, professional moisturizing masks will be a real help. When choosing them, it is important to take into account the needs of the skin, because each type of epidermis has its own characteristics.

The “experts” in how to keep a bronze tan after the sea for a long time are the following masks:

  • “Aevit” from Librederm;
  • Avene products;
  • moisturizer brand La Roche-Posay;
  • mineral mask from Vichy;
  • product containing sakura petals, brand Shu Uemura.

Vitamins for tanning

To enhance the effect, it is important to properly nourish the epidermis from the inside. Vitamins and minerals will help with this. However, they must be prescribed by a doctor. Self-medication is dangerous!

A huge help in how to maintain a southern tan after a vacation are the following elements:

  • vitamin A (stimulates the synthesis of melanin);
  • ascorbic acid – accelerates the healing process of tissues;
  • vitamin D (promotes cell regeneration;
  • tocopherol – enhances the effect of tanning and increases the tone of the epidermis;
  • iron (saturates the skin with oxygen);
  • selenium – prevents premature aging;
  • zinc – restores damaged epidermis.