How to determine the size of a bra and find the perfect shape?

The health of the mammary glands depends on the quality of the underwear that a woman wears. The bra should fit well to the body and fit the size of the chest. The function of the bra is to support the bust and maintain its shape, so it is important to be as careful as possible when choosing this piece of clothing.

Bra sizes by letters and numbers

Bra sizes by letters and numbers

To find the right underwear in the store, you must first determine two parameters:

  1. Girth (in cm) under the mammary glands. Find out the size under the bust, standing and lowering your arms along the torso.
  2. Maximum girth (in cm) of the breasts. The tape should go over the most protruding points of the mammary glands, including the centers of the nipples.

With the data obtained, you can easily determine the correct bra size – the table below reflects the correspondence of the indicated indicators to the standard marking of bras in numbers and letters. Before buying, be sure to try on the product. If you feel discomfort, you should ask the seller to show adjacent linen options, for example, 70C instead of 75B.

How to choose a bra size?

When buying a bra, many women determine the length of the belt and the letter value of the cup capacity separately. These parameters must be taken into account simultaneously. Cups of identical markings may have different capacities depending on the volume under the breast, which is clearly shown in the figure. The best way to choose a bra is to try it on. The mammary glands in the right underwear should not sag and squeeze.

How to choose a bra size

How to choose a bra for a large bust?

The main thing that owners of luxurious breasts should refuse is push-up. A lush bust does not need additional volume, and the tabs will create inconvenience, deforming the mammary glands. To choose bras of large sizes, it is necessary to determine and take into account both the letters and numbers in the marking. The chest should fit completely in the cup, but not “spread” in it. The ideal bra supports and lifts the mammary glands, emphasizing their shape.

Tips for choosing a bra for a large bust:

  1. Prefer wide straps. Lush breasts have considerable weight, which thin straps are not able to withstand.
  2. Choose bras with “bones”. Without these details, a large bust does not receive sufficient support, sags down and looks like a shapeless mass.
  3. Buy underwear with several hooks on the belt. A single clasp will not withstand the impressive weight of lush mammary glands.

How to choose a bra for a small bust?

The main mistake of the owners of a neat chest is to search for underwear only with a cup of AA, A or B. Women with small mammary glands should first pay attention to the girth of the belt. The recommendations of experts on how to determine the size of a bra indicate the need to subtract 10-15 cm from the obtained value. For example, if the volume under the breast is 75 cm, then the underwear is selected starting from the marking 60-65. In this case, the letter parameter can be either C or even D. Determine the size of a bra cup – find out its capacity, and not the volume of the chest.

Basic tips for choosing underwear:

  1. Measure bras. The shape of the bust is different, even if the size is correctly determined, the model may not fit. The mammary glands should not be squeezed, but voids in the cups are also undesirable.
  2. Prefer thin straps. Small breasts are not heavy, wide straps are not needed to support them.
  3. Choose bras with a comfortable push-up. The extra volume won’t hurt, but it shouldn’t interfere with the placement of the mammary glands in the cups and create extra space.

Silicone bra – how to choose the size?

silicone bra how to choose size

Butterfly bra – 2 soft translucent cups connected in front. It is attached to the skin with a sticky inner surface. “Butterfly” is suitable for owners of small or medium breasts, in other cases it will not withstand the weight of the mammary glands. The described type of linen is marked only with letters. Often they do not coincide with the usual designations, and women purchase an inappropriate invisible bra – the sizes corresponding to the standard mesh can be determined from the table below. Before buying, you need to check your parameters with the markings on the package.

silicone bra how to choose size table

How to choose the right bra in shape?

The chest can have a different shape, be widely spaced or with a narrow “fit”. Before determining the size of a bra, it is advisable to choose the perfect bra style. Underwear should not only support, but also beautifully “pack” the mammary glands, giving them a seductive silhouette. The existing forms of bras can be identified by groups:

  1. Classic. A closed cup made of several sewn parts (flaps).
  2. How to choose the right bra in the shape of a classic

  3. Plange. A low-cut bra for a graceful cleavage.
  4. How to choose the right plange bra

  5. Balconette. Support from below, the cup covers only half of the breast and lifts it.
  6. How to choose the right balconette bra

  7. Corbeil. A bra is similar to a plunge but is more open and sexy.
  8. How to choose the right bra according to the shape of corbeils

  9. Brassier. The figured cup collects a breast from sides and visually increases the size.
  10. How to choose the right bra according to the shape of the bracer

  11. Minimizer. A special bra for a magnificent bust hides excess volume.
  12. How to choose the right bra shape minimizer

  13. Molded cups. Seamless underwear with excellent support, gives the mammary glands a neat, rounded silhouette.
  14. How to choose the right molded bra

  15. Wonderbra. The bra is similar to a bra, but more closed, tighter collects the chest.
  16. How to choose the right wonderbra bra

  17. Shelf. The most sexy bra, does not even cover the nipples.
  18. How to choose the right bra according to the shape of the shelf

  19. Push up. Linen is completed with tabs that visually increase the size.
  20. How to choose the right push-up bra

  21. Bralette. A bra without pits and seams, more like a T-shirt with cups.
  22. How to choose the right bra in the shape of a bralet

  23. Station wagon or bendo (gang). The design is without straps and seams, can be supported in the form of a solid frame, lacing.

How to choose the right bandeau bra

Special bra

In some situations, none of the above models will work. Other underwear options are selected when individual breast support is needed according to special needs. It is important for every woman to know how to choose the right bra and determine the size for non-standard occasions:

  • gestation;
  • breastfeeding;
  • intense sports.

How to choose a maternity bra?

The mammary glands of the expectant mother quickly increase in volume due to the expansion of the ducts. In this situation, all the above rules for how to determine the size of a bra apply, but the parameters must be checked every 6-8 weeks. Special underwear with wide straps and adjustable cup volume can be purchased from the 6th month of gestation, if the breast has not started to grow earlier.

How to choose the right maternity bra:

  1. The bra of the expectant mother is made of natural fabrics, linen or cotton.
  2. The model should be without seams and ruffles that can damage the skin.
  3. Fully enclosed cups that support the bust and wide straps are preferred.

How to choose a maternity bra

How to choose a nursing bra?

The size of the described type of linen is easy to determine according to the previously indicated rules, it is marked identically (numbers and letters). It is more difficult to understand how to choose a nursing bra by design. There are the following types of bras:

  1. Front closure. Underwear instantly releases the mammary glands, but the breast is completely exposed during feeding and it is difficult to put it back.
  2. How to choose a nursing bra front closure

  3. Zippers on the cups. The bra fixes well, but can damage the skin. The zipper is easy to identify visually through tight clothing.
  4. How to choose a zipper nursing bra

  5. Strap button. The cup can be easily unfastened and lowered, all manipulations can be done with one hand.
  6. How to choose a nursing bra with a strap

  7. Elastic bra. The linen is simply pulled down, freeing the mammary gland. Comfortable option, but without proper support.

How to choose a nursing bra for elastic

How to choose a sports bra?

During intense training, especially those associated with aerobic exercise (running, jumping, fitness, and others), it is important to securely fix the chest, preventing oscillatory movements. This will help prevent stretch marks and sagging of the mammary glands. Tips on how to determine the size of a sports bra are identical to those for purchasing standard underwear. The main difference between the training option is the style and design.

How to choose a sports bra:

  1. The fabric is a soft synthetic material with the ability to absorb and remove moisture.
  2. The straps are mostly wide. Narrow straps are appropriate for yoga, Pilates and other static sports.
  3. Fit – A training bra resembles a wrestling shoe or top. From below it is equipped with a dense stretchable strip.
  4. Cup – completely covers the chest and keeps its shape, devoid of seams, ideal in size.

How to choose a sports bra

Compression bra after surgery

The type of linen under consideration refers to medical devices designed for correct recovery. A special bra after surgery should be selected by the doctor in accordance with the individual needs of the patient and the type of surgical intervention performed. Therapeutic bras are produced with varying degrees of compression (class 1-4), you cannot determine them yourself. When buying prescribed underwear, a woman should pay attention to the following bra parameters:

  • elastane in the composition of the fabric;
  • the presence of bones;
  • wide base and straps;
  • deep and dense cup;
  • comfortable fit.

Compression bra after surgery