How to paint eyebrows

Everyone knows that unkempt eyebrows can ruin even the most perfect look. That is why many ladies are interested in the question of how to learn and the better to paint eyebrows. Choosing an eyebrow tint is simple, it all depends on what result you want to get. Would you like not to waste time on daily touch-ups? Then you need an eyebrow tint. If you are afraid of such coloring, but you want clear lines, then a pencil will suit you. If you only need to slightly darken the eyebrow, then it is better to use shadows. And how to properly paint the eyebrows with paint, pencil and shadows, we will consider below.

How to paint eyebrows with paint?

For some, the question of how to properly paint eyebrows with paint may seem funny. Instructions for use are attached to each paint, you just need to follow it and you will get the desired result. Still, it’s worth remembering the precautions. Do not forget to lubricate the skin around the eyebrows with a greasy cream before painting, the cream should not get on the hair either. Apply the mixture prepared according to the instructions with a cotton swab on the eyebrows according to hair growth. After 10 minutes, wipe the paint with a dry cotton pad and rinse with warm water. As you can see, it is not so difficult to color your eyebrows on your own, the main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of color. Black color is suitable only for real brunettes, if your hair color does not reach burning black, then it is better to choose one of the shades of brown for eyebrow coloring or mix brown paint with a drop of black. But it is better for blondes not to do chemical coloring of eyebrows, there is a risk of getting too dark a shade, so it is better to use a pencil or shadows.

How often can you color your eyebrows with paint? Experts say that it is better to do this no more than once every 2-3 weeks. The composition of eyebrow dye, which is more gentle than that of hair dye, but does not cease to be chemical, and is quite capable of causing damage to both eyebrows and the skin around them with frequent staining.

How to paint eyebrows with a pencil?

Before you figure out how to paint eyebrows with a pencil, you need to choose it. It is better that it be a hard, sharply sharpened pencil, with its help it will be possible to achieve the most natural look of the eyebrows. Not everything is simple with color either, classic black is only suitable for black-haired ladies. Brown-haired women and redheads are better off choosing some shade of brown for themselves, but blondes need to choose dark beige, ash or light brown shades. It’s a good idea to use two pencils of the same color, but shades close to each other. The eyebrows at the bridge of the nose are painted darker, the lighter one is used to color the rest of the eyebrow. Before coloring, comb the eyebrows down, draw the missing strokes parallel to the hairs and carefully comb the eyebrows. So the pencil strips are shaded and will be almost invisible.

How to color eyebrows with shadowsHow to paint eyebrows with shadows?

If you decide to paint your eyebrows with shadows, then be prepared for the fact that the shadows are not quite stable, and therefore you will have to tint your eyebrows during the day. But, shadows have one big advantage, with their help you can make your eyebrows softer and more natural, and it’s also easier to choose a shade than with a pencil or paint. The main thing is not to use shadows with golden hues, with shine for eyebrows, it is better that the shadows are matte. After applying the shadows, the eyebrows should be lightly combed with a brush, giving them the desired shape.

Often blondes fall into two extremes: they use too dark or too light shades for eyebrows. Dark colors look unnatural, and very light colors make the eyes less bright. Therefore, the choice of shade must be given special attention in order to achieve the perfect color of the eyebrows and get a complete look.