how to choose bangs

Do you want to change something in your appearance? The simplest thing is to change the hairstyle, or just bangs. One way or another, bangs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to change a permanent look. However, you need to know how to choose a bang that is right for you – after all, this element of the hairstyle has a completely different effect on different types.

How to choose bangs according to the shape of the face?

To create a spectacular and feminine look, you need to know how to match the bangs to the face of your type. Bangs, as you know, are different – short, lush, smooth, fringed, curly. If a simple straight bang will give charm to one girl, then to another she will break the harmony of her face and appearance as a whole. In order to choose the right bangs according to the shape of the face, it should be remembered that it should balance the advantages and disadvantages of appearance as much as possible, emphasizing the former and hiding the latter. You should also correctly observe the unity of the styling of both the bangs and the rest of the hairstyle.

Consider the main forms of the face:

  1. Oval face. If you have a classic head shape, then you are lucky – in this case, you practically do not have to rack your brains on how to choose the right bangs – almost any will do. Nuances should be chosen based on individual facial features and personal preferences. A smooth bang above the eyebrows is suitable for a high forehead, a lush one for a low forehead.
  2. Round face. It is important here not to make it even rounder and shorter than it already is. Therefore, elongated or fringed bangs with thinning, as well as short (to the middle of the forehead) graduated bangs are suitable for this face shape. Such a bang will visually stretch the face and give it charm and style.
  3. Triangular face. Here, soft, smooth, slightly curled bangs below the eyebrows, the ends of which closer to the temples can be slightly elongated, will help to balance the sharp proportions. It is also worth remembering tips on how to choose the shape of the bangs in combination with the hairstyle. Such a bang looks good with a bob or elongated bob hairstyle.
  4. Rectangular face with pronounced cheekbones, an elongated or oblique bang will decorate, which will visually soften sharp forms. A multi-stage graduated elongated bang will also be good, which always looks especially stylish (but its appearance must be maintained by styling).

As you can see, tips on how to choose the right bang shape mainly follow from the shape of the face and its features. To create a balanced harmony of the image, you should take into account all these nuances, as well as make hairstyles based on your bangs – for example, if you wear smooth bangs to the eyebrows and below, you should be careful with small curls and volume.