How to choose foundation

Foundation is a real lifesaver for modern women. With it, you can hide almost all skin imperfections: bruises and bags under the eyes, shallow wrinkles, age spots, acne, etc. But it is important to know that applying the first concealer that comes to hand on the face is not a solution to problems with the skin of the face, but rather an aggravation. Visually, this can be represented as follows: the darkest tone of foundation was applied to the face of a fair-skinned blonde. It would look ridiculous, to say the least. That is why it is so important to know how to choose the right shade of foundation.

How to choose a good foundation?

Let’s start with the fact that tonal creams differ not only in color and shade. The color performance of the cream is already a secondary factor. First of all, you need to choose a foundation that suits your skin type and serves to solve your particular skin problem.

There are three types of foundation creams:

  • cream “camouflage”. This cream is used very rarely. It has a very rich color and serves to mask difficult skin problems: scars, moles, bright age spots, etc. This cream requires some skill in application, due to its structure it is difficult to evenly distribute it over the face. But it also has its advantages – this cream stays on the skin for a long time, and it can be washed off only with special means. Camouflage type foundation is hard to find in retail;
  • thick creams. These are in all cosmetics stores, their purchase will not be a difficulty for you. These creams contain a large amount of coloring matter, and allow you to create a fairly good disguise for skin imperfections. Applying a thick foundation is also a difficult task that requires some practice;
  • light creams. These tonal creams are made on the basis of silicone oil. The advantage of these creams is that they are easy to apply and also easy to wash off, have an affordable price for everyone and are easy to buy in the store. Although these foundations are not able to make your skin look like the skin of a model from a glossy magazine, but hide fine wrinkles, even out the skin and tone of the face, make the skin velvety – all this can be done with a light foundation.

Therefore, before you start choosing a foundation, you need to decide what task your cream has to solve. And, of course, we must not forget that each type of foundation is developed in several versions: for oily, normal and dry skin. Buy only the one that suits your face type.

How to choose the color and tone of foundation?

When you come to a cosmetics store for foundation, the sales assistant will almost certainly offer you to try its color on your wrist. This is not the most correct way to select foundation. But at the same time, this does not mean at all that the seller you got is not experienced. It’s just that most women who buy a cream come to the store with foundation or powder already applied, and it’s impossible to try this or that tone on their face. Therefore, if you do not know what tone you need, then come to the store without makeup. The seller will offer you several tones, and you will apply them directly to your face. Evaluate your reflection in the mirror from different angles, and make a choice. Foundation should be almost invisible on your skin.

Which foundation is better to choose?

Which foundation is better to choose

Today, in the assortment of our perfumery and cosmetics stores you can find a wide selection of foundations: Maybeline nonstop, Lancome, YvesRocher, Maxfactor, MaryKay, Cleanmake-up from COVERGIRL, L’OrealAirWear, Vichy, Lumene, Oriflame, Black Pearl, Nivea, CristianDior and many others.

But according to a survey of direct consumers of foundation creams of the above brands, the undisputed leader is the foundation from Maxfactor. But the creams of the brands Vichy and Lancome are not far behind him. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to buy foundation from these manufacturers, then you can be sure of your choice.