How to care for lash extensions

Long fluffy eyelashes are the dream of every girl, but nature has not endowed everyone with such wealth. And in order to correct the situation, we often spend hours looking for magic mascara or we build up these very eyelashes. And after the procedure, questions begin, how to care for eyelashes, how to wash your face with extended eyelashes, how to wear them in general? Many do not dare to undergo such a procedure, because they think that they need to treat eyelash extensions like crystal ones. But it’s not that hard! Yes, there are some rules for taking care of eyelash extensions, but they are not so difficult to follow.

How to care for eyelash extensions – general rules

Eyelash extensions should be touched as little as possible. Ideally, no more than 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening when washing. It is impossible to clean the eyelids and eyelashes with greasy makeup removers. Also, do not lubricate the eyelids with oil or greasy cream, since any fat dissolves the glue with which the cilia are strengthened on the eyelids. In general, the easiest way to remove eyelash extensions at home is to apply a greasy cream or oil to the attachments. Apply in the evening, and in the morning the whole pillow will be in the cilia. So, if you want to take care of your eyelash extensions, choose creams and makeup removers as carefully as possible. Now you need only the lightest products, with a minimum content of fat and oils.

Do not curl eyelash extensions, there is a risk of breaking them. True, they are already a little twisted, so no additional manipulations are required.

You need to sleep with eyelash extensions carefully and only on your side or back. Burying your face in the pillow in the evening, in the morning in front of the mirror you will find your gorgeous eyelashes broken.

You can comb the extended eyelashes, like natural ones with a special brush, but you need to do this very carefully.

How to paint with extended eyelashes?

The question is generally quite strange when it comes to mascara. Why did you build up eyelashes so that they were long, thick and fluffy, right? Well, that’s how it worked out, right? So why use mascara? No mascara will make your eyelashes more beautiful than they are now. And its daily use will only shorten the life of eyelash extensions. Yes, and removing makeup from the eyes, you will lose much more eyelash extensions than if you began to wash them as usual with water without using milk and rubbing your eyelids. As for other cosmetics (shadows, eyeliner), then you need to use it carefully, trying not to touch the fasteners. And of course, you also need to wash off makeup with caution.

Can you wet eyelash extensions?

Many girls doubt whether it is possible to wet eyelash extensions. Throw away anxiety, there will be nothing for such cilia from exposure to water. So you can wash with them, but you need to do it carefully, like all manipulations with extended eyelashes. It is necessary to avoid rubbing the cilia during washing, but otherwise you can wash as usual. Even a bath, sauna, pool or beach is not forbidden to visit. But only after washing the cilia can be gently combed with a brush and left to dry.

Do I need to do eyelash correction?

Even with the most careful handling, artificial eyelashes still fall off. This is due to the fact that natural cilia How to wash eyelash extensionsalso not eternal and approximately every 20-25 days are replaced. As soon as our own eyelash falls out, the extension falls out with it. The correction will consist in the fact that a new one will be glued to the place of the dropped eyelash. After each loss, it is probably not worth visiting the master. But when the eyelashes begin to lose their “presentation”, it’s time to contact a specialist, well, or remove the eyelashes altogether. You decide.

As you can see, no special care is required for extended eyelashes, so if you really want to clap long eyelashes, you can safely build up, just keep your hands away from your eyes.