how to apply eye shadow

Properly executed eye makeup helps to emphasize their natural beauty, make the look deep and expressive, and carefully hide existing flaws. The ability to handle cosmetics always guarantees a successful make-up, in perfect harmony with a holistic image.

How to apply shadow on the eyelids?

Eye make-up is a real art that requires constant improvement of skills and gaining experience. Proper application of shadows involves careful preparation for makeup:

  1. Carefully consider the shape and size of the eyes, identify existing defects, determine the makeup scheme.
  2. Choose the right range of cosmetics, focusing on the shades in the outfit, the color of the iris and hair.
  3. Clean in advance and select the necessary brushes for shading, prepare consumables – cotton swabs, sponges and napkins.

Before applying shadows, you need to properly treat the skin of the face. Before performing eye makeup, it should be well moistened, mask imperfections (pimples, spots) with color correctors, carefully hide dark circles and vascular networks with concealer. At will, contouring or sculpting is done, cheekbones are emphasized, convex zones are highlighted with a highlighter.

Shadow application technique

There are two popular methods for emphasizing the eyes – dry and wet. In the first case, it is important to adhere to the following recommendations on how to apply shadows correctly:

  1. The brush should glide easily over the eyelid, without pressure or rubbing, with soft and smooth strokes.
  2. Clear lines are not drawn by the described type of cosmetics, they need to be shaded as much as possible, creating imperceptible transitions from one tone to another.
  3. The combination of more than 4 colors in the make-up of the eyes is undesirable. This is only allowed for photo shoots, workshops or fashion shows.

Wet application of shadows gives the make-up brightness and durability, making it expressive and saturated. Performance:

  1. Moisten the brush or applicator with regular or micellar water, and not the cosmetics themselves.
  2. Having typed the shadows, gently apply them to the eyelid, do not smear or drive.
  3. It’s easy, but thorough, to blend makeup while it’s still wet.

Shading scheme

In the classic version of eye makeup, 3 shades are used:

  • basic (light);
  • contouring (medium);
  • accent (dark).

Here’s how to apply shadows beautifully:

  1. The lightest color is superimposed in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow arch.
  2. The contour of the fold of the moving eyelid is emphasized with a medium tone (approximately to the center). The outer corner of the eye is processed with the same shadows.
  3. The lash lines are styled in the darkest shade for maximum highlight.

The figure below shows schematically how to apply eyeshadow correctly. Each zone is marked with its own marker:

  • red – base;
  • green – contour;
  • blue is an accent.

Shading scheme

How to paint eyelids with shadows of two colors?

There is a more simplified version of the use of this type of cosmetic product. For daytime and business make-up, you can take a two-tone palette. In this case, the instruction on how to properly paint the eyelids with shadows is shorter:

  1. Cover the entire surface to be treated with a light tone.
  2. With a dark color, highlight the crease of the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye.
  3. It is good to blend cosmetics so that the transition of colors is smooth, like a gradient.

How to apply shadow on the impending eyelid?

The described problem is easily solved with the help of a make-up that masks this defect and corrects the shape of the eyes. How to apply shadows when overhanging the upper eyelid:

  1. Avoid clearness and color borders, shade funds very carefully.
  2. Do not apply mother-of-pearl, shimmering and iridescent shadows, use only matte textures.
  3. When drawing an arrow on the outer corner of the eye, move it slightly up.
  4. It is good to highlight the eyelash growth line, but not with an even neat line, but slightly shaded.
  5. Make out the inner corner of the eye with matte light shades without a shimmer.

The main trick on how to apply shadow on the eyelids with the feature in question is to process the crease. When overhanging, it is practically invisible, therefore, during makeup, it is added artificially. Having lowered the eyelashes, it is necessary to draw a line with the darkest color just above the natural crease, and diligently blend the cosmetics. This technique creates the illusion of an open eye, visually raises its center.

How to apply shadow on the eyelids step by step?

how to apply eyeshadow step by step

Mastering the makeup technique, you should start with the simplest or most basic design techniques. Applying shadows is easy to improve and complicate if you learn how to use small palettes of 2-3 shades. With this set, you can quickly perform daily, nude and business make-up. How to apply shadow correctly:

  1. Treat the skin with a base. Apply a base light tone from the selected range to the moving eyelid, blend.
  2. 1_how_to_apply_shadow_on_eyelids_step_by-step_first_step

  3. Draw a crease with a dark shade. Soften the line with a dense brush.
  4. 2_how_to_apply_shadows_on_eyelids_step_by-step_step_two

  5. With a black pencil, draw an arrow along the growth zone of the upper eyelashes. You can not strive for a neat and even line, it is better to make it with strokes.
  6. 3_how_to_apply_shadows_on_eyelids_step_by-step_step_three

  7. With the same pencil, emphasize the lower eyelid.
  8. 4_how_to_apply_shadows_on_eyelids_step_by-step_fourth

  9. Blend the lines with a thin and dense brush. Instead of a pencil, it is allowed to use the darkest shadows.
  10. 5_how_to_apply_shadow_on_eyelids_step_by-step_fifth

  11. Draw the inner corner of the eye in the most light, shimmering tone.
  12. 6_how_to_apply_shadow_on_eyelids_step_by-step_step_six

  13. Apply it under the eyebrow arch.
  14. 7_how_to_apply_shadows_on_eyelids_step_by-step_step_seven

  15. Make up eyelashes, remove minor defects and impurities.
  16. 8_how_to_apply_shadow_on_eyelids_step_by-step_eight_

How to apply eyebrow shadow correctly?

A good and high-quality make-up of the eyes provides not only a decorative underlining of the eyelids. Eyebrows play an important role in facial correction, so they should also be designed beautifully and neatly. For this purpose, there are many cosmetic products – pencils, lipsticks and other products. Modern makeup artists often recommend special shadows. They provide the effect of naturalness without graphic, which is already out of fashion. Before applying eyebrow shadows, you need to properly shape them. Even the most skillful make-up will not hide regrown hairs or crooked lines.

Applying shadows step by step

After eyebrow correction, plucking and antiseptic treatment, they must be prepared for makeup. The presented type of cosmetics tends to crumble, especially after a few hours. Before you paint your eyebrows with shadows, it is advisable to lubricate them with a special wax or gel, which ensures a secure fixation of the decorative product. Additionally, such products contribute to a better distribution of the pigment and its better shading.

Here’s how to apply shadow on the eyebrows correctly:

  1. With a hard beveled brush, draw the bottom and widest edge of the arc.
  2. 9_applying_shadows_steps_on_eyebrows_step_first

  3. Bring a straight line to the tail of the eyebrow (dark color).
  4. 10_applying_shadows_steps_on_eyebrows_step_two

  5. Do the same for the top line.
  6. 11_drawing_shadows_step by step_third

  7. Fill the resulting contour with a shade that matches natural hair. Brush strokes should be short and jerky, like strokes.
  8. 12_drawing_shadows_step_by-step_fourth

  9. Shade and comb through the eyebrows with a brush.
  10. 13_drawing_shadows_step by step_fifth

  11. Remove extra shadows from above, emphasize the border with concealer.
  12. 14_drawing_shadows_step by step_sixth

  13. Remove dirt from the eyelids, achieving the perfect shape.
  14. 15_drawing_shadows_step-by-step_step_seven