How beautiful to remove bangs

Walking with the same hairstyle every day is boring, women like to change images or bring novelty to them. Bangs in any haircut are a stable element that requires constant styling and straightening, but they can be styled and hidden in several ways. This helps to save time on preparations and give an ordinary hairstyle a fresh and unusual look.

How beautiful to stab bangs?

The easiest way to hide the presence of this haircut element is to comb the strand back or to the side, then use the accessory you like. A few more ways to remove bangs beautifully:

  • hide under a scarf or ribbon;
  • braid curls in a braid;
  • twist a tourniquet from a strand;
  • perform custom fitting.

Hairpins for bangs

In the “arsenal” of a woman, there should be several types of hairdressing decorating elements in order to be able to often modify the haircut. Suitable for this:

  1. Invisibles. With their help, you can discreetly fix bangs or create a decorative composition – several nearby bright hairpins, crossed invisibility and other options.
  2. Clips, combs, flat or voluminous hairpins and “crabs”. In everyday life, it is better to use small and discreet devices that are in harmony with clothing. For evening outings, another way is recommended, how to beautifully remove bangs – to purchase bright and sparkling jewelry inlaid with stones and pearls, decorated with feathers and fabric, made in the form of flowers and butterflies.
  3. Thin elastic bands and hairpins. These are additional items that are used for elongated strands after they are weaved or twisted into a bundle.
  4. Headbands, ribbons, scarves or headbands. The listed jewelry is positioned as hairpins for short bangs, but they look great with any size and shape of the hairstyle element in question. The main thing is to choose the right shade of the device so that it enters the color scheme of the outfit and makeup.

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How beautiful to remove a long bang?

The described type of strands is easier to hide than others, they can not even be braided or used accessories, but included in the bulk of the curls. Stylists practice such options as laying the bangs on two sides, combing it to the side, or simply laying it behind the ear. To add solemnity and elegance to the hairstyle, you can comb the elongated front curls and collect them at the crown, forming a voluminous “tuft”.

Other methods on how to beautifully remove bangs below the eyebrows:

  • braid the “spikelet”;
  • make a retro wave and make it invisible;
  • stab with a spectacular accessory;
  • weave into a French braid along the bottom hairline;
  • twist the harnesses on the sides.

How beautiful to remove bangs of medium length?

The standard type of front strand suggests that it ends approximately at the eyebrow growth line. It is more difficult to hide than a long one, but there are several good options for how you can stab your bangs beautifully. Below we will consider the easiest methods that do not require special skills, a lot of time and expensive accessories.

First way:

  1. Comb the bangs to one side and start weaving a classic braid out of it.
  2. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 1

  3. Continue adding side hair.
  4. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 2

  5. Finish weaving at the bottom of the ear. Fix the end of the pigtail behind it with the help of invisibility.
  6. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 3

Second way:

  1. Make a tight tourniquet out of bangs.
  2. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 4

  3. Continue twisting using the hair at the temple.
  4. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 5

  5. Fix the tourniquet with invisibility, cover it with loose curls.
  6. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 6

Third way:

  1. Before you beautifully remove the bangs, you need to comb its upper layers. To give more volume, you can pre-treat the strands with varnish.
  2. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 7

  3. Remove the lush hair back, cover it with the bottom layer of the bangs and collect in the center of the head.
  4. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 8

  5. Fix the “tuft” with a hairpin or invisible.
  6. how to beautifully remove bangs of medium length 9

How beautiful to stab a short bang?

In this case, neither weaving nor harnesses can be made. Invisibles, “crabs”, clips and hairpins are also not needed, they have nothing to hold on to with this type of haircut and they will simply fall. The only option how to beautifully remove a short bang is to hide it with an interesting accessory:

  • fabric scarf;
  • bandanas;
  • wide rim;
  • satin or silk ribbon;
  • false strands of hair or braids;
  • bandages.

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The listed devices are noticeable and large, so it is important to choose them correctly. Hairstyle decoration should not only look like a woman and look appropriate, but also be in harmony with the whole image. Simple accessories without a pattern and decorative elements are suitable for sports activities, going to work and everyday activities. For celebrations, parties and holidays, it is better to wear something bright and shiny that attracts attention.

How to put bangs?

Convenient and beautiful accessories are not always at hand, so women should learn some haircut styling techniques that allow you to remove the front strand from your face. Experienced stylists recommend such methods as laying the bangs on the side or on top, dividing it into two parts along the parting, winding it up. The choice of option depends on the length and quality of the hair, the type of haircut.

How to style the bangs you are growing out?

This situation is characterized by a different level and position of the strands. During growing, they are not cut, so the curls do not look very neat. It is better not to focus on this element of the hairstyle until it reaches the length of the total mass of hair. You should use the tips on how to lay regrown bangs:

  1. Comb the strand to its side and hide it behind the ear with the help of invisibility.
  2. Make a Hollywood or retro wave.
  3. Secure the hair on the side with a large hairpin.
  4. Comb the bangs and secure it at the crown.
  5. Straighten the entire volume of hair along with the front strand, after dividing it in the parting.

How to style long bangs?

In this case, it is easy to make a hairstyle, because the graduation in the haircut is almost invisible. The most acceptable way to style a long bang beautifully is to include it in your hair:

  • twist the harnesses for the “Malvinka”;
  • weave into braids;
  • wind for careless curls;
  • neatly arrange a wave in a retro style;
  • comb at the crown;
  • make a “tuft” for a punk or grunge hairstyle;
  • lay behind the ear;
  • collect in the tail;
  • comb back with the rest of your hair.

There are still methods on how to beautifully remove elongated bangs using accessories. You can weave satin ribbons or cuts of translucent fabric into braids, decorate them with pearl or shiny threads with artificial stones, rhinestones, decorate them with feathers and small flowers. A well-chosen decor will complement the image and emphasize its uniqueness, especially if it is in perfect harmony with the clothes.

How to style short bangs?

If you do not wear a scarf, headband or bandana, there are few options left to achieve your goal. The only successful way to beautifully lay the bangs above the middle of the forehead is to comb it up and sprinkle it liberally with varnish or fix it with another means (gel, wax, foam). The ends of the strands must be slightly separated with your fingers, creating randomly located “needles” or “feathers”. They look luxurious with ragged short haircuts and pixies. You can give the image individuality with the help of unusual coloring or highlighting.