Herpes on the lips - causes and quick treatment

Herpes on the lips is one of the most common types of the disease. Viruses that cause illness live in almost every body, but the immune system does not allow them to multiply. When the immune system fails, so-called colds can pop up on the lips.

What types of herpes are there?

There are many varieties of the virus. In humans, only 8 of them can be found in the body. the studied “human” types of herpes look like this:

  1. Type I – herpes simplex. In most cases, it causes the appearance of bubbles on the skin of the lips.
  2. Herpes type II. Because of it, as a rule, genital problems develop.
  3. Varicella zoster virus. The cause of chickenpox and shingles.
  4. Epstein-Barr virus. These microorganisms provoke the development of infectious mononucleosis.
  5. Cytomegalovirus.
  6. VI, VII and VIII types not well understood, but it is believed that they may be involved in the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome and sometimes cause a sudden rash. Some scientists even believe that these herpeviruses are directly linked to the development of schizophrenia.

Herpes on the lips – causes

herpes on lips causes

Upon initial contact with the first type of virus, a rash appears due to the unpreparedness of the body. Subsequent “meetings” are more restrained. If, in this case, there is a violent symptomatology, an examination of the immune system should be carried out. It is difficult to say unequivocally why herpes appears on the lips, but there are a number of factors that contribute to the problem. Among them:

  • hypothermia or overheating of the body;
  • a change in the physiological state of a person (the onset of menopause, pregnancy, lactation);
  • the presence of concomitant diseases that affect immunity;
  • taking immunosuppressants.

Herpes on the lip – what to do?

It is very important that removing herpes on the lips – external signs – it will not be possible to completely get rid of the problem. Viruses are embedded in the genetic apparatus of nerve cells, and therefore the disease will periodically make itself felt. In order to no longer require the ailment of herpes on the lips, it is advisable to avoid contact with virus carriers, support the immune system, give up bad habits, and review your diet.

How to quickly cure herpes on the lips?

The main thing is to recognize the problem in time and quickly begin to fight it. How to cure herpes on the lip in a day? Even before the first bubbles appear, you should start drinking Acyclovir or Gerpevir tablets or use the same drugs only in the form of an ointment. You need to take funds 2 times a day. If all the instructions are followed, the cold sore problems on the lips treatment will end quickly.

Sometimes at the initial stage it is not possible to eliminate the disease, and bubbles appear on the skin. It is very important not to damage them, so as not to increase the infectivity of the patient and prevent the penetration of a secondary infection. When the cold is covered with a crust – after self-opening of the bubbles – antiviral drugs are no longer necessary to use. The main thing at this stage is to prevent cracking of the wound.


How to treat herpes on the inside of the lip?

As a rule, herpes on the lips occurs from the outside, but sometimes it happens that the wounds begin to form on the mucosa. With such a problem, it is also recommended to take antiviral drugs – Zovirax, Famciclovir, Virolex and others. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen can help relieve pain. There are some features of how to treat herpes on the lips inside. It will be possible to defeat a cold on the mucosa by rinsing with analgesics – Chlorhexidine, Benzadamine. Lidocaine gel is also effective.

Ointment for herpes on the lips

ointment for herpes on the lips

Local remedies are very effective against the virus. The range of drugs is large, and it will be easy to find something suitable. Here is what experts recommend to smear herpes on the lips:

  1. Zovirax. One of the most popular medicines. It is necessary to continue therapy with Zovirax for 5-6 days. The ointment is applied to a cold five times a day. If after the end of the course the herpes has not gone away, the treatment can be extended for another 5 days.
  2. Fenistil. The tool helps to remove herpes that appeared on the lips in 4 days. It starts working immediately after application.
  3. Tromantadin. One percent ointment, which should be applied to the affected area immediately after the onset of the first symptoms in a thin layer three times a day for 8 to 10 days.
  4. Panavir. It consists only of natural ingredients and has almost no contraindications.
  5. Oksolin. Another effective cure for herpes on the lips. Apply during the day 3-4 times. It is not recommended to use Oksolin at night.

Herpes pills on the lips

Those who think how to quickly get rid of herpes on the lip should read the list of such pills:

  1. Acyclovir. An effective and affordable agent based on acyclovir with the addition of starch, calcium compounds, aerosil, galactose.
  2. Valtrex. Tablets of 500 mg. It is recommended to drink them one at a time twice a day for 10 days at the initial contact and 5-6 days at a relapse. The medicine is well absorbed by the body.
  3. Famvir. The composition of these pills and Acyclovir is very similar, but unlike the latter in Famvir, the main active ingredient is famciclovir. This is a new antiviral agent that is effective against all strains of herpes studied today.

Folk remedies for herpes

Alternative medicine also has a lot of recipes in stock. To relieve itching, for example, ice cubes can be applied to the affected area, chamomile or lavender oil can be rubbed.

How to cure herpes on the lips – effective remedies:

  1. A chicken egg works effectively, or rather a film on the inside of the shell – you just need to glue it to the place of the rash. Well proven and sulfur. You can apply a match head soaked in water to herpes, and the rash will disappear very quickly.
  2. Sulfur is sometimes replaced with camphor alcohol.

How to mask herpes on the lip?

According to the law of meanness, a cold appears at the most inopportune moment, when it is no longer possible to cure quickly. We have to think about how to hide herpes on the lip. This can be done with high-quality decorative cosmetics, but first the skin must be treated with an ice cube. After that, the lips should be blotted with sterile wipes with salicylic acid solution and only then make up.