hairstyles with long bangs

Long bangs can be a serious obstacle to doing a variety of hairstyles. Often, it is all the hair that is needed to create a hairstyle, so girls who choose a haircut with bangs are a little limited in their choice. But at the same time, this means that they are more likely to create an unpopular and original hairstyle, a copy of which cannot be found on the street. What variety does a long bang suggest in choosing a hairstyle, we will find out further.

Short hairstyle with long bangs

A short hairstyle with tied up hair is usually required for evening or formal occasions. An unshakable French shell is suitable for these purposes, and it looks especially elegant in combination with a bang. Moreover, both short and long bangs, as well as oblique and straight bangs, are combined with a shell.

Hairstyles with long oblique bangs

Slanting bangs go well with a babette – a diagonal parting dictates this proportion, and therefore a torn slanting bang will go well with a hairstyle in which the back of the head is raised with a roller.

Also, oblique bangs suggest asymmetry, which is realized in hairstyles with abstract elements – chaotic curls, compositionally decorated with flowers.

If a babette can fit into a daily look, then boucles and rich decor are meant exclusively as an evening option.

Hairstyles with long straight bangs

Hairstyles with straight bangs are not numerous, but are always relevant and interesting. For example, as an everyday hairstyle, you can pin up the side strands at the back of your head, decorate them with an original hairpin, and leave the rest of your hair loose.

Bangs also help create a festive, theatrical retro look: you need to tie your hair with a ribbon and make a bow at the crown, and twist the bangs and hair ends inward with a wide diameter curling iron.