hairstyles with long bangs

A beautiful hairstyle does not have to be complicated and intricate. Sometimes a good fit is enough. And it is not difficult for the owner of a hairstyle with a long bang to complete it. The main thing is to choose the appropriate option and get used to doing it.

How to style long bangs?

Experiments with the image in general and specifically with hairstyles are a common female weakness. Because of her, some of the fair sex have cut strands, which then have to be laid and organically fit into the overall style. It’s good if they are elongated, because with such a space for a flight of creative imagination expands significantly.

There are such ways of laying a long bang:

  • on the side;
  • directly;
  • to the crown;
  • with the help of an iron;
  • mousse;
  • on two sides.

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You should choose the right one individually, because long straight bangs and oblique strands fit differently. The ideal choice mainly depends on the shape and features of the face. Chubby women, for example, will not fit a straight cut. It visually reduces the face even more. And it is advisable for owners of a high forehead to refuse combing back, which will put the problem on display.

How to put a long bang on its side?

Before laying, it is desirable to prepare modeling agents: mousse, foam, gel, wax. Then:

  1. Wash your head.
  2. Dry with a hair dryer.
  3. Comb the strands to the side and secure with hairpins.

how to style long bangs

If time permits, long bangs on the side fit in a more complicated way. The head is pre-washed and dried. Separate strands are pulled out with a hairdryer, curled inward a little, lightly smeared with foam – they should be fixed and look natural – and laid out on one side. This option looks more voluminous, lush and thick.

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How to style long bangs on two sides?

To make everything perfect, you first need to wash your head. Or wet it if it’s already clean. Farther:

  1. Make an even cut.
  2. Dry each half thoroughly. And move it outward towards the temples.
  3. Spray the ends with varnish. A small amount is enough to not weigh them down.

how to style long bangs 2

Before you beautifully style a long bang, it does not hurt to decide on the general image – what it will be – solemn or everyday. For office everyday wear, the strands can be straightened, and for evening wear, they can be wound. It is only desirable that the curls be everywhere – the waves all over the head look much more harmonious and beautiful than individual curls.

Hairstyles with long bangs at home

It will not be difficult to do them on your own. And if the first result turned out to be imperfect – it’s not scary. It takes time to get your hands on it. But beautiful hairstyles with long bangs require sacrifice, so be patient, prepare a good comb, hair accessories, modeling tools and start learning.

Hairstyles with long side bangs

Laying the curls to one side is the easiest. But despite the elementary nature of execution, hairstyles with long bangs turn out to be cute and stylish:

  1. To comb, you need to slightly fluff the hair in the direction from the crown to the forehead, after which they are fixed (with a hairpin, “crab”, hoop, ribbon, braid).
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  3. Shortened strands can be twisted and beautifully fixed with invisibility. This hairstyle is suitable for a variety of everyday looks.
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  5. Long bangs for long hair goes well with a wet effect. Apply foam or gel to a wet head. Squeeze the curls, and then dry them with a hair dryer to fix the chaotic shape. The same is done with bangs, which are then laid to one side and fixed.
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Short hairstyles with long bangs

They look best on those with thick hair. Such lucky women don’t even have to do anything special to make their head look well-groomed, stylish and beautiful. Women with thin curls can also come up with a short hairstyle with long bangs. But you need to tune in to the fact that you will have to work constantly to put them in order – and more specifically, to achieve spectacular volume.

Styling a short haircut with long bangs has one important advantage – it can be done in a few minutes. Thick and heavy hair only needs to be washed and dried by pulling out with a comb. Weakened ones can also be made thick quickly. There is a secret – clean before going to bed, they need to be braided into not too tight pigtails, and in the morning unwind and fasten.

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Hairstyles with long oblique bangs

They look fashionable and unusual and at the same time do not seem daring and defiant. Among the simplest options is a flagellum. Divide the curls into two bundles and twist them with each other several times. In each subsequent turn, pick up loose bundles from the head. Fasten the end of the braid securely. A few strands that have fallen out can be left. So the image will turn out moderately serious, but with a slight ease.

how to style long bangs 7

Long oblique bangs look good in a pigtail or spikelet. Divide one bunch into three parts and weave them into a pigtail, gradually adding a small strand on both sides. The result should be something like a spikelet. For expressiveness, weaving strands are recommended to be slightly stretched. To prevent short hairs from being disheveled, fix them with an invisibility or varnish.

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