hair growth lotion

After an unsuccessful dyeing or haircut, and if you want to return the natural color of the strands again, a hair growth lotion will be a good helper. Depending on the manufacturer and the components of the product, in just 3-5 months of regular use, you can increase the length of the curls up to 15 cm. The main thing is to choose a high-quality and safe product.

Lotions activators for intensification of hair growth

There are quite a few options for cosmetic products of this kind, but only a few are popular among women:

  • Renewing hair lotion “Growth Activator” from the French company Garnier Fructis;
  • lotion “Activator of Hair Growth” from the research and production holding MedikoMed;
  • Dercos Technique Neogenic from the French Vichy Laboratories;
  • “Hair growth activator” Exiderm from the society “KorolevPharm”;
  • “Hair growth activator” from the Riga company DNC.

The listed lotions for hair growth can be used at home without an official doctor’s prescription, they are freely available. But there are also more potent drugs that are sold exclusively by prescription.

Steroid-containing hair growth lotions

In various forms of alopecia associated with serious diseases, trichologists recommend the use of topical steroids to achieve quick and sustainable results. Lotions with hormones, despite their amazing effect, do not belong to safe medicines, so they can only be used under the supervision of a specialist.

Prescribed drugs:

  • Finasteride;
  • Latanoprost;
  • Chlormadinone;
  • Bimatoprost;
  • Cyproterone;
  • Travoprost;
  • Dienogest;
  • Tafluprost.

The course of steroid therapy does not last long, it is designed to temporarily improve the condition of the hair and scalp, eliminate the symptoms of alopecia. During this period, it is important to treat the root cause of the loss.

Minoxidil Hair Growth Lotions

Another group of drugs with the effect under consideration are drugs based on ingredients that enhance blood circulation, including minoxidil and its derivatives. Such substances expand the capillaries in the scalp, stimulating the activity of the hair follicles and activating the “sleeping” follicles.

Lotions with minoxidil:

  • Beautyssima Capixyl;
  • dualgen-5;
  • Rogaine;
  • Azelofein;
  • Kirkland;
  • Azelomax;
  • Ideal Image Solutions;
  • Minomax;
  • Spectral DNC;
  • Revita;
  • Dandrene;
  • hair growth lotion

  • Revivogen;
  • Spectral RS;
  • Minox;
  • Revivexil;
  • minoxidine;
  • Alerana.

As a rule, a 2-5% concentration of minoxidil in any of the listed products is sufficient. In severe cases, the use of 15% drugs is allowed.