eye gel

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin. Due to the absence of fat and muscle tissues under this layer of the epidermis, it is prone to stretching. This is where the first wrinkles appear. Such signs of eyelid skin aging appear in both women and men. To preserve youth for a longer time, use eye gel. It has an amazing effect on the skin.

Gel for the skin around the eyes

So that even in adulthood, the eyelids do not give out age, they need to be cleaned, toned and moisturized daily. These three tasks are best handled by eye gels. They differ from creams in a lighter and more delicate texture. In addition, the eye gel does not create the effect of a “compress”. On the contrary, it perfectly copes with puffiness and retains its effect for a long time. After absorption of this cosmetic, a thin film forms on the skin around the eyes. It is she who creates a barrier that prevents the evaporation of moisture and other valuable substances.

You need to choose a cream-gel for the eyelids, taking into account the characteristics of the skin and your age. In the second case, you should focus on the following points:

  1. 20-30 years old. At this age, the first mimic wrinkles may appear. Cosmetologists recommend that girls give preference to eye moisturizers with a tonic or soothing effect. Usually they contain chamomile extract, lemon or juniper essential oil. Such products will protect the eyelids not only from the first wrinkles, but also from black circles that appear after violent festivities at night.
  2. 30-35 years old. It is still too early for young ladies of this age to use anti-age cosmetic products. During this period of life, the ideal option would be to use a moisturizer that contains flower extracts and carrot oil.
  3. 35-40 years old. Cosmetologists advise women of this age to apply a moisturizing elixir with a tightening effect to the skin near the eyes. Such a product should contain hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil and other restorative components.
  4. 40-45 years old. The skin around the eyes becomes thinner, loses its elasticity and becomes dry. Well visible wrinkles appear. To improve the condition of the eyelids, in addition to the moisturizing series, you need to use an anti-aging one. These products contain retinol, collagen, SPF.
  5. eye gel

Apply the eye gel as follows:

  1. The amount of funds should be minimal (only 1 drop per eyelid).
  2. Distribute the product with gentle tapping movements.
  3. Do not use at night, as there will be severe swelling in the morning.
  4. Make-up remover must be done before applying cosmetics.

Gel from bruises under the eyes

Before you start the fight against dark circles, you need to carefully consider them in the mirror. “Bruises” can be of different shades:

  1. Brown color indicates hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C copes with this problem. It produces collagen production. It is also good to choose products containing caffeine (tones the skin) and hydroquinone (whitens).
  2. Purple or bluish bruises are a sign of weakened capillaries. To eliminate this problem, you need to use an under-eye gel containing retinol and vitamin K. Ceramides may also be present in the composition of such a product, moisturizing the eyelids and giving them elasticity.

Eye bags gel

This cosmetic product has a tightening effect. But it is not completely absorbed, so the remnants should be blotted with a napkin. The following products are popular:

  1. Dioptigel, which needs to be used for a long time (at least a month).
  2. Lyoton – gel for hemorrhoids from bags under the eyes.
  3. Curosin-gel, which acts slowly, but the effect lasts for