french cosmetics

France is a globally recognized leader, a benchmark in the production of cosmetics and perfumes of the highest quality, and has maintained its leadership for more than a hundred years. It was here that the most famous cosmetic brands were “born”, which, in the manufacture of cosmetics, adhere to traditions and value their reputation, therefore, consumers have no doubts about the quality of their products.

Availability of French cosmetics

Unfortunately, today, more and more often, instead of the original French cosmetics, you can buy a fake, and, perhaps, you can have a 100% guarantee of naturalness only by buying it in France itself, in company stores. At the same time, any woman who has been using French cosmetics for a long time can easily distinguish the original from the fake by smell and appearance.

The popularity of French cosmetics and the credibility of it are deserved not only by successful advertising and the right methods of promoting products on the market. To a greater extent, this was achieved by many years of painstaking work of many French cosmetologists, dermatologists, laboratory assistants, scientists who are working on the creation of new, most effective products, conducting numerous studies and testing. The only disadvantage of cosmetics from France is its high cost, but many good brands produce mass-market product lines that are available to a wider range of consumers.

French cosmetics for the face

Cosmetics for facial skin care, perhaps, form the basis of the cosmetic arsenal of any woman, because it is the skin of the face that needs special care, because is the most sensitive, the most susceptible to negative factors. It is very important to choose the right cosmetics that can satisfy all the needs of the skin and solve its various problems.

It is equally important to decide on the brand of the product, but this is already much more difficult, because we are all individual, and the products of the same brand can affect the skin of different women in completely different ways. Therefore, it remains to look for the best option for yourself by trial and error, although, choosing the original products of French brands, you can remain confident in their quality. By the way, it is worth noting that experts advise not to frequently change brands of cosmetic products and give selected products more time to show their effect, using jars to the end.

The most popular brands of French face cosmetics from the mass market category are:

  • L’Oreal Paris;
  • Garnier,
  • Yves Rocher;
  • Bourjois;
  • Maybelline and others

Luxury lines are represented by such leading manufacturers as:

  • Christian Dior;
  • Chanel;
  • Estee Lauder;
  • Guerlain;
  • Lancome;
  • Yves Saint Laurent etc.

French professional and medical cosmetics for the face are widely represented, the famous brands of which are:

  • payot;
  • La Mer;
  • Christina;
  • Academy;
  • Uriage;
  • Bioderma etc.

Particularly noteworthy are the brands of natural French cosmetics, which include only natural, environmentally friendly substances:

  • PHYT’S;
  • Kae;
  • L’occitane;
  • Florame etc.

French hair cosmetics

No less than facial products, hair care products made in France are valued. As a rule, it is also manufactured according to reference technologies, and the quality and effectiveness of such products are confirmed by numerous studies. The following French brands can be called leaders in this area:

  • Laboratoire Ducastel;
  • Kerastase;
  • Phytodess;
  • Kydra;
  • Rene Furter;
  • Loreal Professional, etc.