Foot massager - types and rating of the best devices

A foot massager is an ideal device for quick relaxation, relieving fatigue and heaviness in the legs. It can also be used for therapeutic purposes, with certain diseases of the feet and legs. Keep in mind that devices that look the same can have different effects.

Foot massager – benefits

Such devices are a kind of unique invention. With proper use, it is possible not only to alleviate well-being, relieve heaviness and swelling in the legs, but also improve the general condition. This is explained by the fact that a large number of points are concentrated on the feet, the stimulation of which has a positive effect on the work of internal organs and systems.

Regular use of the device, you can get rid of some diseases. For example, a foot massager with flat feet can not only reduce pain, but also strengthen the muscles of the foot, which has a positive effect on its arch. Among the positive effects of the use of a massager can be called:

  • rapid removal of fatigue, pain, heaviness in the legs;
  • reduction of swelling of the legs;
  • prevention of varicose veins;
  • getting rid of unequal tension;
  • normalization of sleep;
  • activation of the body’s defenses.

How to choose a foot massager?

First you need to decide on the type of device. Depending on how the device works, there are mechanical and electrical massage devices. So, the electric foot massager is fully automatic, powered by mains or batteries. Such devices have many programs, by changing which it is possible to achieve a different therapeutic effect.

Mechanical foot massagers are simple devices that are actuated by rubbing against the surface of the feet. They are easy to use, affordable, and the effect of their correct use is almost the same as electronic devices. Given these features, when choosing a foot massager, you must consider the following parameters:

  • the number of programs available;
  • the presence of applicators and nozzles;
  • place of manufacture of the massager.

Types of foot massagers

It is impossible to unequivocally name the best foot massager from a variety of devices. Experts say that the ideal device is the device from which the patient receives the expected effect (fatigue is relieved, pain disappears). All existing foot massagers, as noted above, are usually divided into mechanical and electrical. Among the electrical devices, the following types of devices are distinguished:

  1. Hydration – outwardly resemble a foot bath, with a corrugated or roller surface.
  2. Compression – the principle of operation is based on changes in the pressure exerted by a special pillow on the surface of the legs.
  3. Vibrating – look like a vibrating platform with small protrusions. They work in several modes, alternating which you can achieve a quick effect.
  4. Vacuum – when placed on the surface of the skin, it creates a vacuum effect, which helps to increase blood circulation and relieve swelling.
  5. Combined devices – can have several types of impact at the same time (roller, compression and vibration massage).

Lymphatic drainage foot massager

A compression massager for the legs is a device in the form of a chamber with a special recess for the legs or boot. It completely covers the leg up to the knee. When used, a simultaneous effect is made on the foot, lower leg and lower thigh. The number of airbags may vary. Compression devices have a gentle, gentle effect on the tissues and skin of the legs.

They help relieve fatigue, improve blood flow in the lower extremities. With constant procedures, it is possible to completely get rid of puffiness, even if you spend the whole day on your feet. However, such a device does not provide a deep study of the muscles, does not affect the biological points on the surface of the feet. Due to the high cost, you can use such a foot massager in a clinic.

Vacuum foot massager

Vacuum massagers are designed to improve blood flow in tissues, thereby enhancing metabolism. As a result, patients can quickly get rid of pain in the legs, relieve fatigue and swelling. The method has a positive effect on vascular tone. Given this, doctors often prescribe vacuum massage for varicose veins. In addition, an active vacuum-type submersible foot massager can also be used for:

  • cellulite and obesity;
  • constant physical fatigue;
  • during the rehabilitation period after plastic surgery.

foot massager wooden roller

Wooden foot massager

A well-known wooden foot massager, roller is one of the most common and simple devices. It is driven mechanically. For all its simplicity, the device is an effective method in the treatment of flat feet and foot diseases. By acting on bioactive points, the massager perfectly relieves fatigue after a working day, relieves pain in the legs. The constant, systematic use of this device contributes to the activation of the body’s immune system.

foot massage bath

Hydration, water foot massager in appearance resembles a small container. At its bottom there are small spikes and rollers that are set in motion after being connected to the network. Some models have special holes through which air enters the water during operation – a whirlpool effect is created.

The hydromassage performed by the foot massager has a pronounced relaxing effect, helps to quickly relieve fatigue and eliminate swelling in the ankle area. An additional effect can be achieved by adding special salts, herbal infusions, essential oils to the water. Some models are equipped with the function of contrasting temperature effects on the feet.

water foot massager

Foot massage mat

This simple device is characterized by the complete absence of mechanisms and electronics. It does not require electricity to operate, so you can use it anywhere. Due to its compact size, the rug can be easily transported: take it with you on trips, to the country. Such foot massagers at home can quickly eliminate fatigue and swelling of the legs after a busy day at work.

Due to the effect on the biological points of the feet after the massage mat, many note an improvement in overall well-being. With regular use, chronic fatigue disappears, insomnia, pain in the legs go away. In addition, due to the strengthening of the muscles of the arch of the foot, the problem of flat feet is solved. Through effective peeling during the procedure, the skin of the foot is rejuvenated: permanent calluses and corns are a thing of the past.

foot massagers at home

Needle foot massager

Needle home foot massager is one of the most famous devices for relieving tired feet. It consists of two convex-shaped plates, which are fastened with four rollers. Each is divided into 4 independently rotating parts covered with numerous needles. There is a magnet inside. The massager is activated by the movement of the feet. During the procedure, the patient feels slight tingling in the feet, as a result of which biological points are activated. Constantly using such a foot massager, people with a sedentary job can get rid of swelling.

home foot massager

Foot Massage Slippers

This foot massager looks like slippers. Inside the device there are artificial irregularities in the form of small bumps, spikes. Thanks to these features, the creators of these slippers managed to achieve the effect of orthopedic shoes. Even wearing them periodically helps to reduce the load on the arch of the foot, relieve tension from the muscles of the feet. An excellent relaxing effect ensures the elimination of fatigue and soreness in the feet. The use of such shoes has a positive effect on the nervous system, minimizes the effects of stress.

foot massager

Foot brush

This foot massager is manual and is a simple device. The brush is equipped with a large number of bristles of various lengths and stiffness. Such design features allow you to achieve a pronounced therapeutic effect. After the procedure, the intensity of pain is significantly reduced, swelling is reduced and puffiness is eliminated. In addition, as a result of use, it is possible to improve the condition of the skin of the feet: corns, corns in patients using the massager no longer appear.

foot massager manual

Vibrating foot massager

Vibrating type foot massager helps to quickly normalize blood circulation. The device has a cavity in which special massage rollers and holes are located through which excess air is removed from the system. Due to this, the effect of vibration is achieved. The patient immerses the legs in a special working container, after which the device is turned on and the procedure begins. According to the sensations and the effect, the massage resembles a manual massage, and no effort is required from the outside. An example is Casada, a vibration-type foot massager.

best foot massager

Foot massagers – rating of the best

Many designs, device features, cost do not allow to objectively compare foot massagers and name the best one.

Based on user feedback, pricing, and device availability, we have come up with the following list of popular foot massage devices:

  1. Vibrating: Casada, BodyKraft FM-6, Takasima TK-528, Rongtai RT, Sensa RT-1882.
  2. Roller – foot massager “Bliss” from Bradex, UsMedicaAngelFeet, YamaguchiHybrid – “Yamaguchi”.
  3. Hydro massagers – Rowentats 5511, Bosch pmf 2232, Anatomico at 123 Shiatsu, SCARLETT SC-208.
  4. Compression – Air Massager, Zimber ZM-10877, boots for the feet iRest Legs Beautician, OTO Power Foot PF-1500, Canoo 3 (“Kanu 3”).
  5. Combined – Acupuncture FM-70, Marutaka foot massager, Actiwave, Terraillon Aqua spa plus peach, Gezatone Massage magic AMG711, ZENET TL-FMQ-F.

Foot massager – contraindications

According to experts, almost everyone can use a massager. However, there are a number of diseases in which the device can be harmful to health. So, a foot massager for varicose veins of the lower extremities is prohibited to use. Among other contraindications:

  • oncological diseases;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • high body temperature;
  • damage to the skin of the legs.