Facial massage for wrinkles - 10 best rejuvenation techniques

Skin aging is inevitable, but there are effective ways to slow it down. If contouring and surgical interventions seem radical methods, then facial massage is the best option. You can visit a beauty salon or perform the procedure at home on your own.

Does massage help get rid of wrinkles?

“Erase” skin folds, especially deep and old ones, the presented manipulation is not capable. Any rejuvenating facial massages produce a complex effect with the following results:

  • stimulation of lymph drainage;
  • elimination of puffiness;
  • tightening and improving the oval;
  • smoothing small mimic wrinkles;
  • improvement of complexion;
  • increase in skin elasticity;
  • reduction in the severity of “bags” and dark circles under the eyes;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • activation of blood circulation.

Thanks to the listed effects, the face looks fresher and well-groomed, rested and radiant. The quality of the skin improves, especially if the procedure is combined with proper care, hydration and nutrition. Wrinkles become less noticeable, but do not disappear completely. It is desirable that the manipulation be performed by a specialist who has an understanding of the structure and work of the muscles, but you can do a facial massage yourself. There are several simple variations of manual action that are easy to learn and use at home.

Facial massage technique against wrinkles

There are many methods of the procedure under consideration with different intensity and duration. Rejuvenating facial massage is selected individually, depending on the thickness and type of skin, the tendency to the appearance of vascular “asterisks” and rashes, the severity of wrinkles. The higher the sensitivity, the softer and shorter the manipulation should be.

Classic facial massage for wrinkles

This is one of the simplest techniques, but performing the procedure on your own comes with certain risks if the technique is wrong. Cosmetologists strongly advise you to first watch video tutorials so that facial massage for wrinkles at home has a rejuvenating effect, and does not provoke irritation, rashes, ptosis and other unpleasant consequences.

The basis of the technique is the impact on the skin along special lines, which are shown in the figure below. A standard facial massage for wrinkles lasts about an hour, it includes actions such as:

Classic facial massage for wrinkles

  1. Stroking – the lightest possible movements only under the weight of the hand.
  2. Trituration – more intense impact with a little pressure, which helps to warm up the tissues.
  3. kneading – rhythmic movements aimed at smoothing wrinkles. Strong pressure, a little painful.
  4. Vibration – oscillatory effects that improve lymphatic drainage are made with the edge of the palm.

The sequence of the massage:

  1. Preparation – cleansing, applying oil or cream.
  2. Procedure – manual effects on the skin, listed above, are performed only along the presented massage lines.
  3. Completion – gentle soothing strokes and rest for 10-15 minutes.

Vacuum facial massage for wrinkles

This type of manipulation is considered intensive; with weak capillaries, small hematomas and vascular “asterisks” may occur. For this reason, facial cupping is not recommended for women with sensitive skin. It is better to choose less traumatic techniques with a mild impact. This massage is excellent for wrinkles on the forehead and shallow folds around the mouth. Additionally, it improves and tightens the oval, instantly eliminates puffiness.

There are 2 types of vacuum cans for facial massage:

  • silicone – solid;
  • glass – jars with an attached pear.

Devices are sold in sets containing accessories of different diameters. The smallest cups are designed to work with sensitive areas (around the mouth and eyes). Facial massage for wrinkles is simple:

  1. Prepare the skin – wash, apply non-comedogenic oil.
  2. Perform the procedure – squeeze the jar or pear at the base, attach to the treated area, and unclench. Inside the device should “suck” the skin (up to 1 cm thick). Drive the jar strictly along the massage lines indicated in the figure. It cannot be removed from the skin. To unpin the jar, you need to squeeze it again. The duration of the manipulation is individual, until the tissues become permanently reddened, often about 8-10 minutes.
  3. Finish the massage – it is easy to stroke the skin along the lines with your hands. The remaining oil can be left to absorb or removed with a napkin.


Buccal facial wrinkle massage

Buccal facial wrinkle massage

A unique technique developed by a French biochemist. The described facial massage against wrinkles involves not only external, but also internal effects on tissues, from the oral cavity. The correct execution of the buccal procedure helps to quickly and noticeably tighten the oval, even sculpt it – to make the cheekbones more defined, reduce the size of the cheeks, remove the “flews” and highlight the chin.

This facial massage for wrinkles requires professionalism and special skills. The person performing the manipulation must know the location, understand the structure and functions of the muscles of the skull, and take into account individual characteristics. For this reason, it is important to perform buccal procedures only with an experienced master; independent attempts to master the technique are dangerous. Incorrect execution is fraught with deterioration of the skin condition, ptosis, deepening of folds.

Acupressure facial massage for wrinkles

A very simple and fast procedure that provides amazing results. Home acupressure for wrinkles, carried out in a course of 2 weeks, helps to significantly rejuvenate the face, correct the oval and remove excess fluid from the tissues. There are many variations of this effect, but Shiatsu is considered the most popular and accessible for self-study. The massage is based on the theory that biologically active points are located on the face, when pressed, lymphatic drainage and cell renewal are stimulated.

Execution rules:

  1. The duration of the session is a maximum of 10 minutes.
  2. You need to press on the points strictly perpendicular to the skin.
  3. The duration of exposure is 4-7 seconds.
  4. There should be no pain, only tingling and warmth.

Japanese massage for wrinkles

A more familiar name for the procedure in question is Asahi. The presented Japanese rejuvenating facial massage belongs to the sculpting lymphatic drainage techniques, so it is often used by celebrities and top models. Asahi can be mastered independently and performed at home, but it is important to carefully study the rules for performing manipulation by watching video tutorials. An incorrect massage technique will lead to disastrous consequences, wrinkles will become more pronounced, and the oval will “float”, rashes may appear.

Tibetan massage for wrinkles

A few features:

  1. Each movement is repeated 3 times, in problem areas – 4-5.
  2. When exposed to areas with lymph nodes, the pressure must be relieved.
  3. It is advisable to do Asahi daily at the set time.

Tibetan massage for wrinkles

A complex technique that involves the acquisition of professional skills over several months of training. Tibetan rejuvenating facial massage is a deep study of muscles and soft tissues. In the process, the master uses both palms and fingers in different variations, not only standard methods of influence are used, but also pinching, patting, and strong pressure. It is not recommended to perform Tibetan facial massage for wrinkles on your own. Even improper hand placement can provoke health-threatening consequences, including inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Chinese face massage for wrinkles

This group of procedures includes dozens of techniques – exposure to warm and cold spoons, myofascial guasha (special scrapers), Taoist and other variations. Any Chinese anti-aging massage produces a pronounced effect due to the work with deep layers of tissues and muscles, but it is advisable to perform it by a specialist. The oriental approach to wrinkle removal and lymphatic drainage refers to intensive manipulations, in order to carry them out correctly, you must have extensive knowledge of anatomy.

At home, you can master Chinese guasha massage, you just need to purchase special accessories. The execution procedure resembles the classical technique, only all actions are performed with scrapers, and not with hands. These devices must be driven along the massage lines on the face and neck with light pressure until the epidermis turns red. At the end of the manipulation, a slight kneading of the scalp is performed.

Indian massage for wrinkles

The described procedure is a myofascial deep study of the muscles and the dermal layer. Indian rejuvenating facial massage requires not only knowledge of anatomy, but also training from professionals, experience. Manipulation includes:

  • twisting;
  • kneading;
  • pressure;
  • vibrations;
  • impact on biologically active points;
  • trituration.

During the massage, the master works with the face, neck, décolleté and scalp. This helps to increase blood flow, remove fluid from tissues, eliminate edema, and smooth wrinkles. Visually, the results of the procedure are noticeable after the first session. After 10-12 visits, there is a significant tightening of the oval, the features become clearer, and the skin is supple and fresh.

Jacquet massage

Jacquet massage

The impact has two features – plucking technique and dry work, without applying oil or cream. Cosmetologists do not recommend using this anti-wrinkle facial massage at home. The procedure according to the Jacquet method was invented by a dermatologist to restore the skin after serious diseases. It involves intense tweaks that affect the deep layers of the dermis. Incorrect technique can lead to the formation of hematomas, damage to the epidermis, infection.

The described facial massage helps against shallow wrinkles and early age-related changes. He will not cope with chronic folds, but he can tighten the skin, give it a rested and fresh look, improve and even out the tone, and relieve swelling. It is important to find an experienced master who has been professionally trained to perform the presented manipulation.

Massage Jim

This procedure was invented by Italian dermatologists. The anti-wrinkle massage in question is originally called GYM, like a gym, because it is a complex of effects similar to fitness. Thanks to separate techniques of deep study of each muscle of the face, they are alternately subjected to intense stress and relaxation. Such a “training” helps to smooth the skin, increase its tone, eliminate ptosis and puffiness, and even get rid of the second chin. Manipulations should only be performed by an experienced and trained specialist.


How to do facial massage for wrinkles?

Different types of impacts have their own nuances, but general recommendations must also be observed. How to do facial massage correctly:

  1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly.
  2. Wash your hands well.
  3. Apply oil or cream to all areas.
  4. Prepare your face with stroking movements.
  5. Massage from wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, near the lymph nodes to do “softer”.
  6. After the session, rest for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Apply makeup after 1-2 hours.
  8. With lymphatic drainage, pay attention to the neck, décolleté and scalp.

Facial massage – contraindications

Even sparing techniques for working with the dermis and muscles are not suitable for everyone. There are cases when wrinkle massage is contraindicated:

  • inflammation;
  • open wounds;
  • papillomas, suspicious moles;
  • fragile capillaries;
  • neuritis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • sinusitis;
  • hypertension of the 3rd degree;
  • pathology of the blood coagulation system;
  • hernia in the cervical spine;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • recent peelings, mesotherapy and other traumatic procedures;
  • pregnancy.