Facial Gymnastics - Top 10 Facebook Building Techniques

In an effort to preserve beauty and youth, women are ready to endure any painful procedures, from subcutaneous injections and the introduction of threads to full-fledged surgical interventions. Facial gymnastics is considered an alternative to these manipulations. There are many methods for its implementation, but experts advise choosing exercises individually.

How useful is gymnastics for the face?

The effectiveness of Facebook building and other areas in the field of cosmetology under consideration is still controversial. Some experts actively recommend exercises and assure them of their effectiveness, calling them a worthy alternative to plastic surgery, while others argue that facial gymnastics is not only useless, but can also harm. The “golden mean” in this case is an individual selection of rejuvenation classes. A well-designed set of exercises produces the following positive effects:

  • lifting the oval and improving its contours;
  • smoothing wrinkles on the forehead, bridge of the nose;
  • raising the eyelids and eyebrows;
  • increase in muscle tone and skin elasticity;
  • pronounced clarity of the cheekbones;
  • elimination of the second chin;
  • raising the corners of the mouth, giving it a beautiful outlined shape;
  • reduction of nasolabial folds;
  • fighting puffiness and dark circles around the eyes;
  • reduction in swelling of the cheeks.

Facebook building for the face – exercises

Each session focuses on training different muscles. Depending on the individual characteristics and problems, the structure, completeness and mimic activity of a particular person, appropriate exercises are selected. The main conditions for achieving the desired results are the correctness, regularity and consistency of training. Facebook building for the face is important to perform at least 5 days a week for several months. The load on the muscles should be systematically increased, because the tissues quickly adapt and cease to be included in the work.

Gymnastics for the face from wrinkles

If signs of aging are just beginning to appear, you can perform a simple complex every day that smoothes the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles on it, improving the oval. Such facial gymnastics is practiced by many celebrities who are a little over 30. For example, singer Natalya Ionova (Glucose), in her video blog about beauty and youth, offers effective morning exercises for 15 minutes, which provides firmness and skin tone, helps to remove wrinkles on the forehead, bridge of the nose and in the lip area.

Gymnastics for the face from wrinkles

Simple exercises for wrinkles for the face (repetitions of 10 times minimum):

  1. Fix the eyebrows with index fingers. Fake surprise by holding the skin and not allowing the forehead to wrinkle.
  2. Close your eyes tightly, open your eyes sharply and wide.
  3. Close your lips tightly and stretch them out with a “tube”. From this position, open your mouth as wide as possible, feeling the tension of your cheekbones, and return it to its original position.
  4. With closed lips, draw an imaginary circle to the right and left.
  5. Massage the skin and scalp and ears. Warmth or a slight burning sensation should be felt. Move your ears, as if pulling the skin from your face to the back of your head.
  6. Wrap your lips inward and, without relaxing them, try to smile, working your zygomatic muscles.
  7. Push the lower jaw and chin forward, stretching and straining the neck. You can simultaneously stroke the skin from the bottom up, improving blood circulation.
  8. Work out the muscles under the chin, pressing the lips against each other, and moving them back and forth, as after applying lipstick.

Facial exercises for nasolabial folds

The described area is considered the most difficult area for correction due to active facial expressions during a conversation, smiles and laughter. Gymnastics for the center of the face in order to eliminate nasolabial folds is aimed at strengthening the areas around the mouth, cheeks and cheekbones. The last indicated muscle group is especially important, it is responsible for the tone in the area under consideration.

Facebook building exercises for the face at home from the “nasolabial” (repetitions 10-15 times):

  1. Pull out the mouth, as if pronouncing the letter “o”. The area around the lips should be tense, but without folds and wrinkles.
  2. Open your mouth and stretch it out with a “duck”. Lips should be slightly stretched.
  3. The starting position is identical to the first paragraph, try to smile, contracting the zygomatic muscles.


Double chin exercises

The basic condition for getting rid of the presented problem is the normalization of weight. In parallel, you can perform simple Facebook building exercises daily, which will take only 5-7 minutes.

From the second chin (15-20 repetitions each):

  1. Pigeon. Sit straight, straighten your shoulders. Stretch your chin forward and pull it back, pushing the back of your head as far as possible.
  2. Pigeon with turns. The principle of operation is similar to the previous exercise, only you need to stretch to the right and left alternately.
  3. Wave. Describe a semicircle with your chin from the bottom up, as when diving.
  4. Turn. Slowly and relaxed make a circle with your head clockwise and counterclockwise.
  5. Piston. Rest with two fists on the chin from below. Open your mouth and press on your hands, resisting them.

Facial exercises for sagging cheeks

Facial exercises for sagging cheeks

The formation of “flews” indicates a low tone of the corresponding muscles. They run from the corners of the lips to the lobes of the ears. Special gymnastics for the face will help strengthen these broad muscle tissues and pull them up. Additionally, it is desirable to do exercises aimed at training the cheekbones.

Gymnastics for the face at home from the “bryl” (repeat 25 times):

  1. Open your mouth, folding it into an oval. Straightened index fingers should be placed parallel to the row of lower teeth. Press them on the skin from the inside, resisting the buccal muscles.
  2. Identical starting position. The index fingers are placed under the upper lip towards the ears at an angle of about 45 degrees. Press on them with the muscles around the mouth.
  3. Stretch your face, lowering your chin as much as possible, lips folded with the letter “o”. Contract the zygomatic muscles, as if trying to squint.

Facial exercises for edema

Puffiness and swelling of soft tissues, especially in the morning, signals the incorrect functioning of the lymphatic system. To normalize it, you need not only facial gymnastics, exercises to combat puffiness begin with the legs. Immediately after waking up, cosmetologists recommend doing 50 slow toe lifts. After 8-14 days, the problem will significantly decrease or completely disappear.

Targeted gymnastics for the face, relieving puffiness in a few minutes:

  1. Sit down, straighten your back, chin parallel to the floor.
  2. Open your mouth, lower your jaw down, relax your lips.
  3. Alternately quickly pronounce the letters “o” and “a” (60 repetitions). The mouth folds into an ellipse and a circle.

Gymnastics for the face and neck – tighten the oval

Strengthening the zygomatic muscles will help resist gravity. Their study is provided by gymnastics for the oval of the face.

Exercises (10-30 repetitions each):

  1. Pull the lower jaw down, fold the lips with a “tube”. Raise the nose, as if wrinkling it from an unpleasant odor. You should feel tension in the apples of your cheeks.
  2. Wrap the lips inward, the corners of the mouth as close as possible to each other. Squint and look up. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.
  3. Sit up straight, with a straight back. Roll the lower lip inward, push the jaw forward and move it up and down like an excavator.

Facebook building – the most popular exercises

Facebook building the most popular exercises

Many cosmetologists and dermatologists have studied the structure of facial muscles and mastered the described methods of rejuvenation. Most trainers develop their own rejuvenation techniques. Thanks to this, women can choose an individually suitable face-building, facial gymnastics is offered by such reputable specialists:

  • Carol Maggio;
  • Anastasia Burdyug;
  • Galina Dubinina;
  • Evgenia Baglyk.

Gymnastics for the face Carol Maggio

The presented trainer has been producing sets of exercises designed for different ages and levels of training for more than a decade. It is better to start with basic classes. Gymnastics for Carol’s face involves not only working with muscles, skin and fingers, but also mental concentration on the result. In the process of training, the specialist advises to focus on the energy flowing in the affected areas. Thanks to the proposed gymnastics, you can:

  • smooth out wrinkles;
  • raise eyelids and eyebrows;
  • remove puffiness;
  • get rid of jowls, nasolabial folds;
  • make lips more plump and symmetrical;
  • turn up the tip of the nose.

Gymnastics for the face of Anastasia Burdyug – 13 exercises

This complex is also called synergistic, since not only facial muscles are involved in the process of training, but also lymphatic, blood vessels, and dermal layers of the skin. There is a basic scheme for beginners, which was developed by Anastasia Burdyug, facial gymnastics includes 13 exercises that provide:

  • strengthen the neck and décolleté;
  • adjust the oval;
  • outline the cheekbones;
  • reduce cheeks;
  • open your eyes;
  • remove nasolabial folds;
  • get rid of puffiness and dark circles on the eyelids;
  • smooth out wrinkles;
  • prevent the tip of the nose from falling down;
  • eliminate the second chin;
  • lift the corners of the lips.

Galina Dubinina – gymnastics for the face

This trainer previously founded her own School of Youth, having developed her own face-forming technique. The initial gymnastics for the face of Galina Dubinina resembled exercises from Carol Maggio, and was designed to strengthen and pump up muscles. Later, the inventor of faceforming changed her direction of activity. The last lessons of Dubinina are based on the opposite technique – revitonics. With its help, the elimination of hypertonicity occurs, and not the study of muscles.

Facebook building with Evgenia Baglyk

Most women prefer this trainer because of the most detailed and accessible explanations of the structure of the face and the work of various muscles, gymnastics, and the mechanisms of its action. On the Internet, it is easy to find Facebook building with Evgenia Baglyk, the specialist provides the most popular exercises for free, showing not only the correct version of their implementation, but also common mistakes. Gymnastics also resembles Carol Maggio’s technique, with the exception of working with energy flows and mental concentration.