Eyelash curlers - the best mechanical and electrical devices

Women strive to make their eyes more expressive and open, to visually enlarge their eyes. Long, thick eyelashes with a beautiful bend help to cope with these tasks. Not all of them are twisted by nature, so you have to use a special accessory.

Eyelash curlers – the benefits and harms

This device is a tool that looks like scissors, with two curved plates at the ends. The inner side of the arches is covered with soft rubber pads. Eyelash curling is carried out by pinching the hairs between the plates for a few seconds along the entire length. The fixation of the resulting bend provides the application of mascara.

Do eyelash curlers help?

The accessory in question does not bring any benefit to the health and condition of the hairs. The eyelash curler is designed solely to create a curl. It can be used daily if you follow the technique and provide the hairs with additional care in the form of applying burdock or castor oil. Eyelash curlers lift them up at the roots and curl them. This makes the look more attractive and touching, visually lengthens the hairs and enlarges the eyes.

Are eyelash curlers harmful?

A high-quality mechanical clamp does not spoil anything even with constant use. Cheap eyelash curlers cause significant harm. Low-grade instruments are produced without rubber pads on the plates or with plastic substitutes. Such an accessory damages the hairs and breaks them. Thermal exposure is also not useful, so electric curlers are not recommended for daily use.

The best eyelash curler

In cosmetic stores, there is a huge range of described devices, manual and electric, from various eminent and little-known manufacturers.

To choose a good mechanical eyelash curler, you need to evaluate it according to several criteria:

  • production material – medical steel;
  • rubber or silicone pads on the plates;
  • the clamp is strong, with a tight fit of the arcs.

Electrical Appliance Requirements:

  • ceramic curling iron;
  • convenient handle-holder;
  • temperature adjustment.

Mechanical eyelash curler

Mechanical eyelash curler

This version of the accessory is the simplest and safest, therefore it is most popular.

You can choose an eyelash curler from the following models:

  1. Shu Uemura. Made from high quality steel. The bending of the plates is smooth and accurate, at the ends there are silicone pads.
  2. NYX Professional. Medical steel eyelash curler. The arcs are equipped with silicone pads, do not injure the rod.
  3. Kevin Aucoin. An accessory with a universal bend that will twist even short and sparse hairs. Soft silicone pads.

Electric eyelash curler

There are 2 types of heated curlers. The first option looks like a mini curling iron with teeth. The second is an analogue of a mechanical clamp, also with silicone pads on the arcs. Any thermal styler for curling eyelashes produces the desired effect. The choice of the shape of the device depends only on personal preferences and ease of use.

Good eyelash curlers:

  1. DiorShow Heat Curl. The case is durable and high quality, made of metal. The curling iron is made of ceramic, so it minimally damages the hairs. There is a temperature control function, overheating protection, a light signaling device. There is an additional nozzle for combing eyelashes.
  2. Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler. One of the first devices, characterized by simplicity and efficiency. The tongs heat up quickly, the curl is pronounced and resistant, lasts all day, especially when fixed with good mascara.
  3. Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler. Clip-on device with silicone pads. Perfectly lifts the hairs at the roots without damaging them. There is a heat indicator light.

How to use an eyelash curler correctly?

The purchase of a high-quality mechanical accessory or an electric curler is not a guarantee of the desired result. To get a beautiful and long-lasting curl, it is important to know how to use an eyelash curler correctly. The curling procedure is always performed before applying mascara. Hair must be clean and dry.

Curling eyelashes at home with clip-on forceps:

  1. Lightly warm the accessory with a hairdryer. An electric curler does not need this step.
  2. Place the upper plate near the moving eyelid, and the lower plate near the roots so that it does not touch the skin.
  3. Squeeze the arcs, hold for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Move to the middle of the length. Repeat manipulation.
  5. Twist the ends in the same way.
  6. Fix the result with ink.
  7. With electric curling irons in the form of a curling iron, you just need to comb the hairs several times.