Eyebrow wax - what is it for, how to choose and how to use it correctly?

Many women are familiar with the long history of styling eyebrows. But recently, stylists and makeup artists have expanded their collection with an innovative tool that allows you to forget about the problems of unruly hairs. Eyebrow wax very quickly gained recognition and popularity. Now it is not only a method for hair removal, but also a method of fixation and long-term styling.

What is eyebrow wax for?

For what and why eyebrow wax is needed, you can figure it out by studying the purpose and composition of the product. The method is aimed at women who take care of their appearance and are not ready to appear to others in an inappropriate way. Wax is used both to get rid of excess hairs, and to create styling and perfect shape. Having tried this miracle remedy only once, most women can no longer refuse it.

According to its purpose, wax is divided into two types:

  1. Modeling. This type is used by specialists to give the eyebrows the necessary shape. The general picture of the visual perception of the face depends on the state of the eyebrows. Previously, tweezers were used to trim and correct the shape of the eyebrows. But plucking hairs is long, energy-consuming and painful. Therefore, eyebrow wax was so quickly accepted and loved.
  2. Fixing. More recently, wax was perceived as a means to remove unwanted hairs, but cosmetology does not stand still, and every day models new methods. So, wax has become a styling tool that allows you to lay hair to hair in a short time frame. It is produced in the form of a pencil and gel, which is especially convenient for independent use.

Wax for depilation of eyebrows

Eyebrow waxing has a number of pros and cons. In this way, the hair is easily and painlessly removed and does not appear for several weeks, while after tweezers, the hairs grow quickly. Eyebrow wax used for shaping and is available in the following forms: hot, low temperature and cold. The tool is selected according to personal preferences and requests.

eyebrow fixing wax

Eyebrow wax

Modeling eyebrow wax is available in the form of a gel and pencils. Means are presented both in tinted form and in transparent. If there is no exact certainty in the required shade, it is better to purchase a transparent wax. After applying the modeling component, you need to wait a few minutes, during which time the layer will completely fix. Make-up is removed with the usual means, the wax is water-soluble and there will be no problems with its removal.

There are several types of modeling wax:

  1. Tint. Here are brown, black and dark shades. You can purchase such a tool only when there is confidence that the selected shade is suitable.
  2. Transparent. The perfect choice for absolutely everyone. A transparent tool is universal, it is able to fix the color of shadows and lipstick.
  3. Therapeutic. Such wax is enriched with vitamins and Panthenol, which nourishes and restores hairs.
  4. Dry. A popular tool that can fix hairs without gluing.

eyebrow wax composition

How to choose eyebrow wax?

Everyone determines the best eyebrow wax for himself, but you can rely on some criteria:

  1. Internet selection. You can read reviews and ratings and, trusting the experience of others, choose a tool for yourself.
  2. Purchase funds only in official stores. This way you can get quality products.
  3. Studying the composition at points of sale. After reading the composition, you can understand whether the product is suitable for you or not.
  4. Brand choice. Well-known brands value their reputation, so they can be trusted.

Eyebrow wax – composition

Manufacturers do not conceal what eyebrow wax is made of because the main ingredient of the product is the wax itself. Additionally, components of different types of resins, often pine, are added. And as emollient ingredients, various oils are included in the composition. When choosing a brand of product, the main thing is to focus on the sensitivity of the skin. Incorrectly selected cosmetics can lead to irritation and discomfort. If this happens, stop using it immediately.

eyebrow waxing

Best eyebrow wax

Which wax is better for eyebrows, no specialist will definitely answer you. Each person is individual, and it is impossible to find a universal remedy that suits absolutely everyone. It is necessary to carefully study the composition of the wax and try different options, only in this way you can choose the ideal composition. It is better to choose treated products with vitamin content, because in this way you can nourish the brows and give them vitality.

The most popular eyebrow waxing products:

  1. Brow Shapers Shurgi Wax – American eyebrow wax, made in the form of superciliary arches. The curved look helps remove hard-to-reach hairs. The set contains strips for all parts of the eyebrow. Price: 274 rubles.
  2. Parissa Brow Shaper – wax strips made of hypoallergenic material for quick hair removal and maintaining the shape of the eyebrows for up to 6 weeks. Cost: 1450 rubles.
  3. RuWeye Wax Kiss – film wax, the use of which provides painful hair removal. The ideal choice for those who carry out depilation at home. Price: 720 rubles.

The best brands of wax for eyebrows with fixation:

  1. Eye Brow Shaper by Nyx (US manufacturer) – a pencil for styling eyebrows. Application guarantees fixation for the whole day, grooming and shine. The price is only 550 rubles.
  2. Brow Fix by Anastasia Beverly Hills (USA) – pencil fixing color and hairs. This is a multifunctional brow wax that sets the color of shadows and lipstick, and has the ability to hide fine lines. Cost: 2100 rubles.
  3. Brow Shaping Pencil by Inglot (Poland) – modeling pencil. As part of vegetable oils and several types of wax. Due to the texture, it is easy to apply, does not tighten the skin and gives a natural shade to the eyebrows. Price: 920 rubles.

Eyebrow wax – how to use?

To determine how to use eyebrow wax, you can only understand what result you expect from this procedure. It is used for both styling and depilation of hairs. In the first case, it is necessary to apply wax after shaping the eyebrows with shadows or a pencil. In the second – carefully prepare and act carefully, stopping at each step so as not to remove the desired hair.

Eyebrow waxing

what is eyebrow wax for

Eyebrow waxing involves a few simple steps:

  1. Before proceeding with depilation, it is necessary to powder the skin around the eyebrow. This will provide tenacity and anesthetize the area.
  2. The strips are applied against hair growth and held for a couple of seconds.
  3. When the eyebrow wax has hardened, the strip is removed with a sharp movement along the hair growth. The procedure is repeated several times if necessary.
  4. Remaining wax can be removed with a sponge dipped in olive oil.

Eyebrow waxing

How to use eyebrow wax with wax, learn from the following instructions:

  1. The first step is combing the eyebrows to secure the desired shape. Before applying wax, it is necessary to paint over the eyebrows with shadows. Wax allows you to retain not only the shape, but also the color for a long time.
  2. You need to start painting over the hairs from the outer corner, moving in small strokes to the middle. The main thing is not to go beyond the contour.
  3. If the eyebrows are too light or uneven, you first need to draw a contour, and then fill them in with strokes.

What is a substitute for eyebrow wax?

If you are not ready to apply wax on your face and walk with it, then you should find out how you can fix your eyebrows. There are no more universal remedies, but many use mascara to fix. This is not the best choice because the mascara cannot provide durability and the maximum that you get as a result is glued hairs and stains on clothes. If you are the owner of pronounced eyebrows, then shadows or a pencil will suit you. But when choosing one or the other, you must stop touching your face, because touching will remove the shade.