Eyebrow pencil - how to choose the best and apply it correctly?

Eyebrow pencil is such a cosmetic that you need to use once, so that you can no longer imagine your life without it. It helps to perfectly complement the image, emphasize the dignity of the face and hide possible flaws, but there is one caveat – the pencil must be correctly selected.

Eyebrow pencil – types

Until you delve into this topic and do not realize that there are actually many different pencils. So to the question of how to paint eyebrows every day, it will not be easy to give an answer to an unprepared person. Let’s try to shed light on this problem and talk about the main types of pencils, which are as follows:

  1. Soft. This is ideal for women with dry skin and those who can protect themselves from the rain – hiding in the car or staying at home during the rain, for example.
  2. Solid. This eyebrow pencil is more stable, so it is better to use it for those ladies whose skin is prone to oily.

eyebrow pencil types

In addition to classification by hardness – softness, cosmetics are divided into the following types:

  1. Powder eyebrow pencil is better than others in inhibiting secretions from the sebaceous glandsthanks to which the facial hair looks much better – greasy shine disappears from the hairs.
  2. Wax products are needed to fix the hairs. Such pencils will be useful to owners of hard and naughty eyebrows.
  3. Permanent eyebrow pencil stays on the face for a long time and retains a presentable appearance for a long time. This is used, as a rule, by those women who do not want to spend time every day painting hair on their faces.
  4. Sticks are suitable for those who are just learning to use such cosmetics. The wide applicators of such pencils, among other things, perfectly find control over thin and sparse eyebrows and, better than many other means, mask their shortcomings.
  5. The microblading brow pencil helps to visually improve the shape of the hairs. After use, his face looks like the owner has just left the browist’s office.
  6. Gel pencil moisturizes well and makes the vegetation more brilliant.
  7. Highlighter pencil works as magically as microblading cosmetics – he skillfully hides all sorts of flaws, even deep scars.
  8. Liquid pencil applies quicklybut if you use it incorrectly, at the most inopportune moment, the paint may leak.
  9. Felt-tip pencils – a godsend for bright ladiesbecause they give a very rich color.

The variety is great, but this is not all the categories, because there is also an automatic eyebrow pencil, mechanical, double-sided, with a brush, with a thread or a brush. All of them are designed to make life easier for fashionistas. It is advisable to try each of these products in order to understand their advantages and disadvantages and be able to choose your ideal cosmetics.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil?

In addition to different types, there are also excellent shades of eyebrow pencils, and in order to look spectacular, you need to guess not only with the type, but also with the tone of cosmetics. When do you need to use such cosmetics?

Eyebrow pencil is a must-have tool if:

  • the hairs are too thin or almost colorless;
  • eyebrows are plucked very strongly;
  • I want to create the perfect make-up;
  • there are gaps between the hairs, and they are conspicuous.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil for blondes?

When choosing cosmetics for eyebrows, fair-haired women must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Eyebrow pencil for blondes should be a couple of tones darker than natural vegetation – that is, ashy or red.
  2. It is better to tint completely colorless hairs with a light pencil.
  3. Golden blonde goes well with warm shades.
  4. Beige-gray pencils are better for a wheat shade.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil for brunettes?

how to choose an eyebrow pencil for brunettes

The secret of how to choose an eyebrow pencil for brunettes is as simple as possible: dark hairs – the same dark cosmetics, but with owners of fair skin there are certain nuances. They should replace the “crow’s wing” shade with less radical dark gray tones. Chocolate hair color looks best with dark brown eyebrows.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil for brown-haired women?

Owners of this hair color are categorically not suitable for gray and black colors.

They should pay attention to a cosmetic pencil of one of these colors:

  • golden chestnut;
  • reddish brown;
  • terracotta.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil for fair-haired?

Cold shades love gray tones:

  • for wheat hair, a gray-beige eyebrow pencil is suitable;
  • ash blond will look favorably against the background of a graphite shade;
  • blond with a light redhead perfectly complements the warm brown color.

How to choose a red eyebrow pencil?

The most suitable eyebrow pencil for redheads can be found in the palette of these colors:

  • terracotta;
  • golden chestnut;
  • brown-red;
  • other shades of brown.

Eyebrow pencil – rating of the best

The issue of choosing cosmetics is sensitive. For each person, the best eyebrow pencil is different, but it will most likely be on the list below.

The best pencils:

  • Pupa Eyebrow Penci;
  • Brow Satin by Maybelline;
  • Oriflame Perfect shape;
  • Eyebrow designer Essence;
  • Ideal Brow by Eva Mosaic;
  • Fatal crayon sourcils Letual;
  • Couleurs nature by Yves Rocher.

How to paint eyebrows with a pencil?

When the choice is made, you can think about how to paint eyebrows with a pencil.

This procedure takes place in several stages:

  1. 20-30 minutes before doing makeup, soften the skin with a nourishing cream.
  2. On top of the cream – tonal foundation or powder.
  3. You need to make a couple of strokes with a pencil at the beginning and at the end of the eyebrow.
  4. Comb the hair with a specially designed brush.
  5. With a sharp pencil, you can start making strokes according to the growth of hairs, moving from the head to the temple.
  6. Shading the entire surface, the eyebrows should be brushed again to remove excess pigment.