Eyebrow pomade - a roundup of the best luxury and budget brands

Properly selected eyebrow pomade will help emphasize a beautiful pattern, the products differ significantly in composition, shades and even shape. The basis uses a dense substance for coloring, it is applied with a special, beveled brush. Convenient, because it can also be used as an eyeliner and as a base for shadows.

What is an eyebrow pomade?

If someone else does not know what eyebrow lipstick is, it’s time to get acquainted with the popular novelty. Its feature is a creamy texture, which is well applied and shaded, filling the voids, thus creating a clear and beautiful pattern, with a natural shade and an expressive bend.

Why do you need brow pomade?

why do you need brow pomade

The novelty was developed taking into account the fact that to maintain color saturation all day, regardless of the weather, heat, rain, snow should not affect the stability of makeup. Many women have already appreciated the strengths of this novelty, in addition to the proposed sculpting. The new development took into account all the requirements of master colorists, added reflective components, which makes the hairs more natural.

Why do you need eyebrow lipstick – briefly about the pros:

  • dyes the hair in the desired color;
  • emphasizes and strengthens the form;
  • hides flaws;
  • fixes for the whole day;
  • makes sparse eyebrows thicker.

Which is better – eyebrow pomade or shadow?

When the novelty appeared on the cosmetics market, many women still doubted what was better – eyebrow pomade or shadow? Is it harmful to the skin of the face, is makeup easily removed, is it smeared after rain or sweat? The shadows have a dry structure and successfully fill the space between the hairs, but not for long, and the contour is very blurry. With heavy traffic, they crumble, even if they are applied in several layers.

In this aspect, brow pomade is preferable because:

  • does not roll or run off the face, even with oily skin, sweating during heat, sports;
  • looks natural;
  • securely fixes hairs for the whole day.

Which is better – eyebrow pomade or pencil?

If we talk about whether eyebrow lipstick replaces a cosmetic pencil, then makeup artists agree with confidence. And they even emphasize the beneficial advantages of the novelty, which the usual remedy does not have. A pencil makes the drawing too bright and graphic, less natural, while lipstick guarantees a natural version.

How to choose lipstick for eyebrows?

how to choose lipstick for eyebrows

This novelty is a particularly advantageous purchase for ladies who are often on business trips. Properly selected lipstick easily replaces the shadows, and the base under them, and eyeliner. First you need to decide what consistency you need – cream or gel, the first is thicker and tougher.

The main composition is divided into:

  • gel – dries longer, but does not require additional fixation;
  • cream – more waterproof, but it is more difficult for them to draw, in the black – no need to fix;
  • pencil – practical, but can be smeared, lasts no more than 6 hours.

To get an excellent result, it is important to choose the right shade, there may be a choice of 3-4 in the palette, but not all of them are ideal in color. It is easy to verify the effect by making a few strokes on the hand, pressing either hard or not, focusing on hair color and skin tone. It is better to experiment in daylight.

Tips on how to choose the right eyebrow lipstick:

  1. For cold blondes, shades of ashy and cold blond are suitable, avoid any tone of yellowness.
  2. For warm blondes, caramel, brown colors are good, better – not too saturated, then naturalness will remain.
  3. Dark-haired people should buy a black, dark ash, dark brown shade.
  4. Brunettes will go for strongly saturated colors.
  5. Redheads are recommended to buy chocolate or warm brown fondants, cold tones give the effect of a heavy look.

Eyebrow lipstick – shades

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the composition, a quality eyebrow pomade contains cosmetic wax for fixation, oils for care and soft texture, coloring pigments for color, light-reflecting particles for a light, shimmering effect, which creates the impression of naturalness. Preservatives such as parabens increase shelf life.

What are the main shades of lipsticks for eyebrows:

  1. Brown. The most popular option, there are colors from light, almost blond, to dark, close to black.
  2. Blonde. They differ in the type of “warm” – “cold”, can be presented in the options “soft brown” or “muted golden brown”.
  3. Brunette. Colors vary from rich dark to dark brown, there are shades of cold brown.
  4. Black. Its developers rarely offer it, since this color scheme quite successfully replaces cold or rich brown.

Eyebrow pomade – rating of the best

Given the rich selection of palettes and developments from different companies, it is difficult to decide which lipstick for beautiful eyebrows is best. Here you need to focus not only on the manufacturer, but also on the options for shades, it happens that budget products are better suited for skin type and hair color than offers from more expensive companies.

Ratings have been compiled repeatedly, which are the best eyebrow pomades. The quality of products, composition, range of shades and set of kits were taken into account.

Various companies offer such options:

one. Pomade for eyebrows Navel. Waterproof, does not wash off with water, comes with a brush, a range of shades – 5 warm and cold. “Dark chocolate” with a cold undertone is considered universal.

navel eyebrow pomade

2. Maybelline brow pomade. Designed like a thick, mechanical pencil that doesn’t need to be sharpened. Makes the eyebrow voluminous, the texture is dense creamy, lays down evenly, but there are no saturated pigments in the set.

maybebelline brow pomade

3. Nyx eyebrow pomade. The texture is creamy, light, with a matte finish, fixes the hairs well. Presented in 5 shades, good for eye makeup. It is recommended to apply with a thin brush.

nyx brow pomade

four. Eyebrow pomade Estrade. The composition is gel, with a thick texture, very resistant, a large selection of shades for hair color.

estrade brow pomade

The developers of new products and leading companies have also thought about the fact that the cosmetics market still needs budget pomades for eyebrows.

This list is worth a look:

one. Essence. The texture is dense, waxy, does not spread, holds well in any weather. It does not fix the hairs, only colors due to pigments.


2. just. The texture is gel, very light, but resistant, especially to contact with water. The choice is in 9 shades of the most popular colors, it is also good for eyeliners, shadows and emphasizing the contour of the face.


3. freedom. Delicate texture, increases volume while maintaining naturalness, resistant to water. Shades provided 6 – for blondes and brunettes.


Eyebrow pomade – how to use?

To make your eyebrows look beautiful, you need to apply lipstick correctly. Just swiping with a brush or pencil is not enough, you still need to prepare the skin. The pencil is a little more difficult to apply, it is thick in the shaft, so it is much more difficult to draw thin eyebrows. By color, it is selected 1-2 tones darker than hair. Blondes are advised to buy products with a brush to work on the shades.

How to use eyebrow pomade:

  1. Before applying make-up, treat the skin and let it rest.
  2. Shape your eyebrows and then apply lipstick.
  3. Do not draw from the head, you need to retreat 5-7 mm from the beginning of hair growth, since the first stroke is always more saturated.
  4. Rinse off only with a two-phase agent, waterproof lipstick is weakly amenable to tonics and milk.

How to paint eyebrows with lipstick?

how to color eyebrows with lipstick

It is better to choose a synthetic eyebrow lipstick brush of medium hardness, soft does not give clear lines. It is advisable to keep cotton swabs on hand in order to immediately correct the pattern by soaking it in tonic. If the make-up is evening, it is recommended to paint in 2-3 thin layers, adding brightness gradually.

How to color your eyebrows with lipstick:

  1. Cleanse and degrease the skin with lotion.
  2. Comb the hairs in the direction of growth.
  3. Mark 3 main points of the picture.
  4. Grab a little product, spread along the edge of the contour in a thin line, then from the bottom line up the hair growth.
  5. Move the upper and lower borders, fill in the voids inside the contour.

What to do if the eyebrow pomade is dry?

So that the lipstick does not dry out, the jar must be carefully closed, stored in a dark place. Do not leave in the sun, otherwise it will crack and lose quality. If this happens, and the eyebrow pomade has dried up, you can help the trouble by diluting the mixture. Almond oil is best, add 1-2 drops, mixing with the top layer. It is not necessary to completely shovel, the fat will be absorbed on its own.

How to make pomade for eyebrows?

how to make pomade for eyebrows

If suddenly the usual and necessary remedy is over, and there is no way to buy a new one, you can try to make it yourself. Mixing eyebrow pomade at home is very simple, you need dry shadows and a liquid make-up fixer. It is important to keep in mind that brunettes should have eyebrows a tone lighter than hair, and blondes should have 1-2 tones darker. It is permissible to combine different shades of shadows.

How to make fondant:

  1. Rub the shadows into powder.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of fixative, mix.
  3. Transfer to a separate container.